Developer(s) NovaOSLogo
Publisher(s) NovaOSLogo
Platform(s) Nova Store
Release Date(s)
Story Mode, Multiplayer, Online
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Shoot 'em up strategy game
Media Included Nova Game

Circuit Laser is a top-down shoot 'em up strategy game for the Nova Store, compatible with the G-Nova, the G-Laptop and the G-Tablet. It is centered around computers and technology, with the main protagonist being programs combating a virus that is infesting a wide number of desktops in a computer network.


The game's gameplay splits in two: Battle and Traveling.


In the traveling mode, the player controls Allegreta, and is able to interact with NPCs, travel around the Desktop Network, shop, and explore deep mazes. In the traveling mode, the top-down view and 2D HD-Graphics still appear, but weapons cannot be used.


The battle mode has a top-down shoot 'em up 2D gameplay with full-HD graphics in a cartoony style. The gameplay consists of shooting, slashing or casting magic at enemies, depending on the character you're using, during a level full of traps and darkness. The player starts on the center of the level, the "Computer Core", and has to protect the four Centauri Recovery Nodes that spawn around it. If all four of them are destroyed by the Viruses, the game is lost.

The player can aim and shoot with the mouse or, in case of the G-Tablet, with a touch. Most viruses spawn from red, dark spawners, which can be destroyed by bullets, lasers, slashes or magic. However, after spawning a great amount of enemies, they will break. The player will win if there is at least one Centauri Recovery Node active, all Spawners are broken and there are no enemies left.


Even if the Desktop Network had always been secure thanks to the Centauri Antivirus System, one day, a swarm of viruses attacked the Server Computer. As the guards couldn't defeat them all, a lone Virus called The Axionocthema infected the system, and caused the entire Desktop Network to fall into darkness...

However, four heroes with troubled pasts heard about this, and ran to try and help their world... And one day, on the main streets of the Server Computer, they meet with each other. After seeing they had the same interests and wanted the same for their world, they united onto a team, the Recovery Squad.

The Recovery Squad started fighting virus and attacking the Swarms, and eventually reached the main Internet Server, clearing out the Desktop Network, just to find out the swarm had expanded onto the entire worldwide web. They were uploaded onto it to help stop the swarms before it was too late.

However, a virus swarm composed of Trashers caught them off-guard, sending them back to square one: the Recycle Bin, where they found all the trash that was left from other previous deleted programs, and their body parts. They eventually tried to climb up out of it, and along with some helpful androids, jumped straight out of it. They found out the Internet Swarm had gotten bigger, and The Axionocthema had spreaded among the Cloud. They quickly were uploaded back, and started to attack the remaining viruses.

After a long, long journey through the shattered Internet, they finally found The Axionocthema, and challenged him to a battle. However, when they were having the upper hand, The Axionocthema released a big amount of small viruses from his body, and locked the group on a giant folder.

When the squad managed to break out of it thanks to a system error, they finally meet up with The Axionocthema, hurt from the previous fight. However, he still had something planned: he activated a program hidden deep inside Razor.exe, the virus that originally had infected him and made him dangerous: it got once again activated.

Razor became a robotic creature filled with shadows and hatred, and attacked his fellow companions. The Axionocthema quickly was defeated, but Razor was still contaminated by his virus: Burz attacked him, as nobody was willing to kill his friend, and tried to stab him with his staff, but Razor took it and destroyed Burz and himself with it. The group took them and quickly went back to their network, having defeated the virus, but with two dying companions.

Razor was able to survive and the virus was taken out of him, but Burz's AI was damaged in the proccess. They managed to retrieve a copy of it, a new robot was born, taking Burz's place. However, Nova.dll would never fill the spot Burz left in everyone's metallic hearts....

The Squad was still united, and prepared to fight any following swarms.


Playable Characters

Artwork Name Format Description Properties
AllegretaMP3 Allegreta .mp3 Allegreta is a music file who rebelled and became a guard at the Server Computer. When the virus started invading, she left the Computer thanks to an Internet Upload and started defending the Desktop Network.</span>
  • Skilled in the use of her laser cannon.
  • Quite speedy and capable of fast theft.
  • Able to move in the battlefield twice as fast as the others.
RazorEXE Razor .exe Razor is a damaged program created to analyze and eliminate corrupt files on the database. However, one day he got infected by a virus and was hunted down by the Defense Nodes. He had to run away and become an outcast.
  • Has the most powerful normal attack of the four characters, using his laser sword.
  • Can go on Berserk Mode, sacrificing movement for attack.
  • Has the slowest speed.
BurzDLL Burz .dll Burz is an old library file that once was part of the Desktop Network's Antivirus, Centauri Recovery. However, now, he simply wanders around the world, bringing his knowledge of security and technology with him.
  • Uses magical technology, and is able to craft Pyra, Fria and Tundra attacks.
  • Can go invisible for a few seconds.
  • Has the lowest attack power, but the greatest defense.
DelliaPNG Dellia .png Dellia is the Photo Princess, a tomboy girl who loves taking shots with her camera and enjoying all kinds of pictures. However, when the Virus Attack started, she suddenly disappeared and tried to save the media files hidden deep within the database.
  • She is able to fire her gun twice as fast as the others would.
  • Can repair one Centauri Node per match.
  • Has the longest range.
  • Has the smallest health bar.


Artwork Name Format Description
VirusNode Virus Node .scr Virus Nodes are files that threat to the system and try to infect it. They normally attack the Defense Nodes and try to make them explode to avoid being caught. They are common and weak.
TrojanCL Trojan Horse .bat Trojan Horses first appear as Defense Nodes. If the player gets close to them, their disguise breaks, but they quickly multiply, to a max of five copies. They are quite troublesome.
WormCL Worm .vbs A worm normally blocks a path on the system. However, when the player attacks one of them, the players' movement slows down, and, if in the Internet, the screen is blurried out a bit.
BombCL Formatting Bomb .exe Virus Nodes sometimes appear along with Bombs: when a Virus Node who holds one is attacked, the Bomb might explode and spread a great amount of viruses around the area. The Formatting Bomb explodes whenever attacked.
SpamCL Spambot .rtf The Spambot appears randomly on the screen and follows the player's character. If attacked, the Spam eMails spread through the floor, and if the player steps on one, it explodes.
SpywareCL Spyware .dll The Spyware Droid is often invisible, but sometimes shows itself. If the player sees it, it will write on his notebook and then disappear again to another point of the floor. Each time the player sees it and doesn't kill it, the AI of enemies gets increased.
TrasherCL Trasher .exe The Trasher often wanders through rooms aimlessly. If the player steps into one of them, his character will be knocked off and change onto another one of the four. They don't follow the player and are unbeatable, but easy to evade.


Artwork Name Format Description
HealingNode Defense Node .exe Defense Nodes are files that are able to repair and heal other files and block Virus from coming through. However, a powerful enough swarm of viruses can destroy them and null the defenses of the Server. They can heal the player's character.
CentauriRecoveryDroneDLL Centauri Recovery Node .dll The Centaury Recovery Nodes are healing, nice nodes that are part of the Antivirus System that help the Server Computer. They spawn around the Computer Core, and will heal the players if talked to. If all four of them are destroyed, the round is lost.
ArtificalIntelligenceBAT Artificial Intelligence .bat The AI controls the Server Computer, and all other Desktops in the Network. It controls every action and movement the Files do, and has became somewhat of a control freak and mastermind. However, he is still a nice and kind file, trying to help defend the Desktop Network from the Virus Attack.
MediaPlayerGammaAVI Media Player Gamma .avi Gamma is an action-loving girl with a passion for acting, theater and movies. She is always willing to give anyone one of her movies, and tries her best to make the seventh art as widely recognized as the others. She shows the player cutscenes he has lived if asked to do so, and also plays the game's soundtrack.
EpsilonShopkepperEXE Epsilon Shopkeeper .exe Epsilon is a wandering shopkeeper who sells accesories, equipment and weapons to files. He is also known to sell upgrades to operating systems, and might be required for lots of quests.
CentauriGuardEXE Centauri Guards .exe Centauri Guards try their best to protect the Server System from any possible virus attacks, and most times, success. However, they aren't invencible, and can be defeated by incredibly large swarms of viruses.
OldTomBMP Old Tom .bmp Old Tom was once the go-to guy for images, drawings and other files. However, as .pngs and .jpgs started to appear, he became forgotten, but still likes to help anyone that may come by.
HyperactiveSeraphPGIF Hyperactive Seraph .gif Hyperactive Seraph is a .gif image file that is always running, moving and doing activities. He cannot stop walking, and when not doing anything, even if for just a second, gets bored.


Artwork Name Format Description Appearance
N/A Flashback .flv Flashback is a Trojan that specializes in attacking a certain variety of computers. It is able to control time and animation, and attacks using clocks and cogs. Chapter 1 - The Swarm
N/A Chernobyl .bat CHERNOBYL, also known as CIH, is a fully operating AI implanted on a bomb capable of resetting all the desktop computer's hard drive at once. It is able to detonate various TNT and bomb-like projectiles, and can only be defeated by cutting down its circuits. Chapter 2 - The Desktop Network
N/A reset ??? reset is a virus capable of paralyzing the whole Internet using a complex system. It cannot be defeated from outside, having an heavy armor, and as such needs to be attacked from inside. Chapter 3 - The Worldwide Web
N/A ILoveYou .vbs ILoveYou is a virus that quickly spreads to other computers via eMail and contacts, and has tons of remnants hiding on the Recycle Bin. For it to not continue attacking, it needs to be destroyed completely. Chapter 4 - Recycle Bin
N/A The Axionocthema ??? The Axionocthema is the powerful leader of all viruses that have infested the Desktop Network, and the mastermind behind the Trasher attack that sent the Squad back to the Recycle Bin. Chapter 5 - Mastermind & Chapter 6 - The Folder
N/A Razor .exe The virus that once attacked Razor got again activated by the Axionocthema, and now, his friends have to fight him. However, only Burz decides to attack him, with the rest of the group staying away, and he challenges Razor for a final duel... Chapter 7 - Activation and Traition
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