Cilvia Monsters is an upcoming Nintendo 3DS game developed by Beanstalk Inc.. It is an RPG that takes place in a land called Cilvia.



Fire Type

Fire type monsters use fire attacks. They are most commonly found in Magma Meadows, and more rare in other worlds.

  • Embon: a large dragon-like monster with a flaming tail
  • Flambee: a beelike creature with large red wings
  • A small red lizard with a long flaming tounge
  • ...more to come

See this page for Upgraded Fire Type monsters

Air Type

Air type monsters use wind attacks. They are most commonly found on Hurricane Peak, among other places.

  • Beasky: a transparent huge bird with teeth
  • ...more to come

Water Type

Earth Type

Earth type monsters use natural attacks. They are found in every world, but most of all in Sandy Grotto.

  • Armadig: an armadillo with gaint claws and a long, scaly tail
  • A wingless dragon with a large ball at the end of its tail
  • ...more to come

Balance Type

Balance type monsters use standard (e.g. punches, kicks) attacks.

  • Birlong: a large flightless bird that is all white with a long, thin beak
  • ...more to come

Mystic Type

Mystic type monsters use all elements of attack. A few are found in Ancient Ruins, and the others are found in the unlockable worlds.

  • Fropho: a phoenix that controls frost
  • ...more to come


Through out the game, you will ecounter many worlds. 14 Worlds are avalable for exploration this game (Including the Tag World) World names marked with an * are unlocked after the main storyline is complete. World names marked with ** are unlocked after the second storyline is completed, and world naesmarked with *** are unloced after the third storyline is complete. The world name marked with **** is a multiplayer (2-4 players) world only accessed on the multiplayer modes.

Magma Meadows

Magma Meadows is a peaceful, green meadow resting on a dangerous inactive volcana. You can explore both the grassy fields and the broiling lava pits below.

Hurricane Peak Isle Cilvia Sandy Grotto Bland Forest Ancient Ruins Frosty Village* Windswept Desert* Cloudy Falls** Underground Tunnels** The Golden Dimesion*** Icicle Town*** Majestic Castle*** Tag Team Planet****

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