Several Chuchus
Rarity Common
Alignment Evil
Average Behavior Oblivious
Habitat(s) Caves, Dungeons, Forests, Fields
Ability/ies Physically attacking
Weapon(s) Body
First Appearance Majora`s Mask
Latest Appearance Skyward Sword
Various Coloured Chuchus

Fire Chuchus

Ice Chuchus

Metal Chuchus

Black Chuchus

Notable Members
Big Green Chuchu

Big Blue Chuchu





Chuchus are a species of gelatinous creatures that live throughout Hyule and Termina that can crawl, bounce, or drop from cielings to reach people and attack them. Most Chuchus will drop some kind of liquid or item. There are many variations of the Chuchu, including Chuchus such as:


Chuchus appear as simple Liquid Goo creatures. They have a different design in most appearances with some appearing more comical while others lack eyes. The original versions had teeth although this has been the only time teeth appeared and may be Termina's version of the creature.

Common Variations

Red Chu

Normally drops health. In most games, Red Chuchus are the most common and sometimes the only coloured variation to appear that isn't Elemental.

Blue Chu

Normally drops Health + Magic Potions. There are some Blue Chuchus that are electrified, they are the most common colour of Electric Chuchus.

Green Chu

Normally drops Magic Potions. After Red Chuchus, Green Chuchus are the most common Chuchus appear very often and usually appear in large groups with Red Chuchus.

Yellow Chuchu

Normally drops Arrows. These Chuchu are usually the least common of the Main variants

Elemental Variations

Fire Chu

Uses fire based attacks, lives near lava, and sometimes drops fire  based items.

Water Chu

Uses water attacks and usually live near or in water.

Ice Chuchu

These Chuchus are cold to the touch and upon contact can freeze the player. They are commonly a very light shade of Blue and emit a faint mist.

Electric Chu

Usually lives in deserts and attacks with electricity. They are sometimes Blue although can also be Yellow or very rarely other colours.

Rare Variations

Gold Chu

Extremley rare Chuchu that sometimes drops invincibility potions.

Sky Chu

A Chuchu that lives in the sky.

Orange Chu

This rare Chuchu drops Orange Rupees (500) or the highest value rupee.

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