Chubby Legends is a game for the 3DS.


There is a planet in a faraway galaxy. It is known as Caloriefat. On the planet, the species only get stronger by getting fatter.  Chubby, a little Chubling, has heard about a legend of a fat hero that will one day save Caloriefat. One day, an evil tyrant named Sodalite removed most of the junk food, making most of the Chublings weak. Only Chubby can save Caloriefat.


  • Chubby - A grand hero who eats to get stronger. Starts at 1 Calorie.
  • Gummer - A Chubling that can stick to red platforms. Starts at 50 Calories.
  • Big Eatie - A humongus Chubling that can throw iron objects. Starts at 1000 Calories.
  • Guppi - A fish that has powers similar to Chublings. He can swim in water. Starts at 50 Calories.


  • Cookie - An item that boosts Calories(5). Max Calories 999999.
  • Cupcake - An item that boosts Calories(50). Max Calories 999999.
  • Omega Cake - A gigantic cake that boosts Calories by 1000. Max Calories 999999.
  • Giga Dessert - An ultimate dessert that maxes the Calorie Count.

(Note that calories increase power. The more you have, the more powerful and bigger you get. When you get to Max Calories, you are the size of a house.)


  • Chubless - A ghost that is the most iconic enemy.  Seen in every area.
  • Red Chubless - A Chubless that breathes fire. Not seen in ice levels.
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