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Chrono Trigger Special 3D is a remake from DS version of Chrono Trigger , but was cancelled.


The story is same.


RPG Conference 2010

Vs. Nizbell II

Vs. Nizbell II in RPG Conference demo.

n the 3DS was annouced, Topline Studios and Square-Enix start make a remake for 3DS, in RPG Conference 2010 , as revealed the game , in start the game was called "Chrono Trigger Ressurection" , the demo only have a dungeon of Nizbell II and also a Nizbell 2 boss fight. The demo is released in the internet and he's called, "Chrono Trigger 3D Beta RPG".

GameShow of Second Millenium 2010

End of Time

End of Time in GameShow demo

.Two short months between RPG Conference and GameShow , during this time , Topline and Square-Enix make a new demo , this demo have a first quest (to go back in time and save Marle) and after complete this quest , the player automaticlly goes to End of Time , one portal have , this portal called "Nizbell's Dungeon". This demo is suposse to be released in EShop in 2011 but the was cancelled.

Fools' Day Demo 2010

.In April 1st

April 1st Demo

, in Square Enix site was released a "PC version" of game , but it's a lie , the demo only have the developers (from game) talking about for you enjoy other games. This demo is the only demo for don't be playable on 3DS.

E1+E2 2011

.E1+E2 is a Topline/Square Event in Disney , this demo reveals the real name of the game "Chrono Trigger Special 3D" and a message from creator of the game : Takashi Tokita , he says :

  • He want make the perfect Chrono Trigger , we will do what we can't in DS and PS1 , a Chrono Trigger smell game.

Brazil RPG Conference 2011


Vs. Zomboir

.In this conference , the Zombor boss battle are revealed. This boss battle also reveals another thing 4 players linked.


The game have cancelled , because Square Enix finds the idea a little about lame. However , internet fans mixed up the demos and form Chrono Trigger Special 3D - Half-Game.

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