Chrono Trigger: Mii also known as Chrono Trigger: A mii retelling released on 2019 follows the story of Chrono Trigger, a classic SNES JRPG title but uses the Mii characters instead also uses the Miitopia 2 engine. After a deal with Square Enix, Chrono Trigger was chosen to be retold in Mii style due both games dealing with time travel, thus assets could be remodeled and retextured to fit the Chrono Trigger story.


Being a recreation of the original Chrono Trigger, the story is the same, but it removes some aspects of the story such as Crono's death and revival, instead being replaced by the Crono mii realizing that the "Sacrifice" did not work and flees combat. Also everything is more direct. Finding and fixing the Masamune is much easier thanks to the world map pointing to the right direction.


The gameplay attempts to recreate Chrono Trigger's. It still has the same aspects of a classic Miitopia game but some parts have changed.

-Encounters are different. Each enemies have a set intro similar to Chrono Trigger. Goblins will jump out of trees, Gato robots will re enable themselves and get battle ready, also your party will jump into battle position and zoom the camera out. All emulating how Chrono Trigger's encounters go by.

- Classes are bogged down to the generic Warrior (merges with magic blades), cleric, thief,and Mage, with additionals such as robot, ape, and Inventor, they've been rebalanced. Cleric can't hit as hard, and thieves can utilize traps better, allowing them to set one for other party members. These shortage of classes are to follow the Chrono Trigger series better as most of these jobs the source characters are.

- Similar to Mii2, some characters don't do well as certain jobs as some others.

Marle is more healer oriented, is average when comes to magic, but isn't as good of a melee player. Cleric is what she is best as

Lucca is more magic and support oriented so she works best as an Inventor

Crono is a versatile character so he works best as a Warrior.

- Each class can do a duel skill together. This is automatic and increases the chances based on relationship rating.

Cleric + Mage

The mage will hold up their wand, the cleric will cast a healing spell on it, mage sets it on fire and shoots it at the enemy dealing Holy Fire damage.

Warrior + Inventor

Sets a warrior's sword on fire and begins to slash at the enemy

Warrior + Warrior

Does a cross shaped slash at the target.


The game had mixed reactions. Fans believed that Square enix was going down hill for letting Nintendo remake Chrono Trigger with the miis instead of making a complete remake of Chrono Trigger. However, this was wrong. It lead up to a Chrono Trigger remake.

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