ChronoBrawl is a crossover turn-based RPG, featuring characters from multiple gaming franchises, released for the Nintendo Switch on [???]. The game features many different playable characters from all of gaming history, no matter how popular or obscure, with only one condition: the character must not be a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The game's story is a continuation of the Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The game features multiple explorable worlds hailing from many different universes in a 3D environment.


Despite its strong link to Super Smash Bros. Brawl, this game is not a fighting game; it is instead a turn-based RPG. Every character gets up to 8 attacks. Final Smashes are also available, which deal huge damage but can only be used if the battle has gone on for long enough. All Final Smashes are transformations.

In battle, players are placed in a battlefield with a grid, in which they can move around in. There are 2 main types of attacks that can be used: upfront and ranged. Ranged attacks can be done from anywhere in the battlefield except for if an enemy is adjacent to the character performing the attack. Meanwhile, upfront attacks can only be done if the attacker is 2 or less squares away from the target, but they deal more damage on average than most ranged attacks. Most attacks can knock opponents into the squares behind them, meaning that characters can't spam the same upfront attack as soon as they get close to an enemy.

Outside of battle, the player can explore 3D areas with full freedom of movement. While exploring, the player can talk to NPCs, visit shops and train up their abilities, among other things. Attacks can also be used in the overworld during special situations to uncover secret items and secret areas.

Story Mode: Return of the Subspace Army

Main article: ChronoBrawl/Story Mode: Return of the Subspace Army


Devil World Icon
Devil World logo DSSBDebut: Devil World (5 October 1984)

Tamagon is the main character of a forgotten NES game that never released in North America due to its heavy religious imagery. In his debut, Tamagon attacks the Devil World, where he navigates through a series of mazes patrolled by monsters. He can touch crosses to power up and summon the ability to breathe fire and eat dots in the maze. His main objective is to obtain 4 Bibles and put them into a seal. Outside of his debut game, Tamagon has made appearances in Melee as a trophy, in Brawl as a sticker, and in Ultimate as a spirit.

Tamagon can use his wings to fly a short distance, allowing him to move to more squares and to avoid most upfront attacks.
Holy Light
All of Tamagon's attacks deal extra damage to devil-like and hellish opponents.

Upfront attacks
Sacred Symbol
Tamagon slams a cross in the square in front of him, sending a small shockwave to the squares surrounding him.
Sacred Book
Tamagon pulls out a Bible and opens it, releasing light magic in front of him. The Bible can also be used to reflect ranged attacks.
Boa-Boa Dots
Tamagon erects a wall of Boa-Boa dots in front of him, which he can use to protect himself from attacks. He can also eat the dots to heal himself.
Tamagon rises up and bites forwards with his teeth. His wings also create a small gust of wind that can lightly damage opponents behind him.

Ranged attacks
Sacred Flame
Tamagon spits out a fireball from his mouth, causing anyone hit by it to be burned.
Egg Launch
Tamagon spits out an egg, which, upon contact with the enemy, splats all over them and reduces their speed for 3 turns.
Sacred Beam
Tamagon opens a Bible, which releases a beam of light that can only be shot horizontally, dealing continous damage every time it hits.
Dragon Gust
Tamagon flaps his wings, which creates a gust of fiery wind that deals continous damage to opponents for 3 turns.

Final Smash
Sacred Dragon
Tamagon consumes multiple Boa-Boa Dots and becomes gigantic, with his spikes sharpening, his wings gaining more detail and his tail growing out scales. In this form, Tamagon can only breathe enormous fireballs. However, he also does damage every time he moves and he can stomp on enemies if he walks over them.

Composite Primid
Super smash bros logooihDebut: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (31 January 2008)

The Primids are a race of low-level goons in the Subspace Army, and are the most frequently encountered enemies in the Subspace Emissary. The Primids are pretty weak by themselves, but stronger as a collective, and have the widest range of attacks out of any species in the Subspace Army. This Primid specifically, however, is a combination of all types of Primid, created as a prototype for mass production. The Composite Primid escaped the Subspace Bomb Factory and rushed towards the entrace to Subspace, before running into Tamagon...

The Primid is more susceptible to knockback than normal fighters. Its light weight also allows him to move to more squares than normal.
Shadow Bugs
Any upfront attacks dealt to the Primid cause the attacker to become infected with Shadow Bugs, dealing light darkness damage for 5 turns. This attribute also makes the Primid more resistant to darkness attacks.

Upfront attacks
Rapid Punch
The Primid punches in front of itself repeatedly, racking up damage but dealing barely any knockback.
Acrobatic Stomp
The Primid jumps and then lands with both of its legs together, stomping any opponents cauught under it.
Beam Sword Spin
The Primid pulls out a beam sword and begins to spin in place, dealing damage to any opponents in the squares surrounding it.
Boom Slash
The Primid pulls out its blade boomerang and swings it forwards, slashing any opponents in front of it.

Ranged attacks
Scope Shot
The Primid pulls out its bazooka and fires a charged shot horizontally, which deals large knockback.
Scope Barrage
The Primid pulls out its bazooka and fires 3 rapid shots that can also pierce foes. This can be aimed horizontally and vertically.
Boom Throw
The Primid throws its blade boomerang, which can pierce opponents and deals more damage upon returning to it.
Fire Burst
The Primid releases a burst of fire from its "mouth", which deals damage all around him and covers a decent range of 4 squares. Deals continous damage and has a chance of burning opponents.

Final Smash
Big Primid
The Primid grows into a Big Primid. In this state, the Primid can only use its Rapid Punch and Acrobatic Stomp attacks, but these deal a lot more damage and a lot more knockback. It also moves very slowly and can walk over opponents, stomping them for huge damage but no knockback.

Pretty Bomberman R-0
Pretty Bomber
Bomberman series logo DSSBDebut: Super Bomberman 2 (28 April 1994)

Pretty Bomber is a recurring character from the Bomberman series. She is a member of the Five Dastardly Bombers, first appearing in Super Bomberman 2. Originally one of the main antagonists of the series, over time she became an ally and even a love interest of Bomberman. She relies on her charm to confuse and trap foes. She's also known to be an excellent singer, and even has a song in the end credits of Super Bomberman R.

Every single one of Pretty Bomber's attacks has heart effects, dealing extra damage to darkness characters.
Bomber Charm
All of Pretty Bomber's upfront attacks have a chance to stun enemies for 1 turn.

Upfront attacks
Heart Bomb Smash
Pretty Bomber slams the enemy with a Heart Bomb, dealing large knockback.
Karaoke Bomb
Pretty Bomber places down a Karaoke Bomb that explodes if an opponent gets too close.
Bomb Leap
Pretty Bomber places down a Heart Bomb below herself and blows it up, launching her in the air before landing up to 6 squares in front of her. The bomb blast can damage any opponents that are nearby.
Bomber Kick
Pretty Bomber kicks in front of herself, launching opponents horizontally but dealing no damage.

Ranged attacks
Heart Bomb
Pretty Bomber throws a Heart Bomb, which hovers for a brief moment before slamming down and exploding, sending out straight lines of explosions in 4 directions.
Spinning Heart Bombs
Pretty Bomber releases 2 spinning Heart Bombs that move horizontally across the battlefield in 2 different directions. Less knockback and damage than the regular Heart Bomb, but covers a wider area.
Bomb Pump
Pretty Bomber places down a Heart Bomb and begins pumping it, making it larger. The bomb can only be pumped once per turn. The more it is pumped, the more radius it'll cover. Explodes automatically after 5 turns, or if Pretty Bomber uses this move again if she's at a considerable distance from the bomb.
Mini Bomber
Pretty Bomber releases a Mini Bomber, which moves one square per turn in a random direction each time. If it collides against an object or an opponent, it'll explode.

Final Smash
Elegant Dream
Pretty Bomber gets into her giant robot (Elegant Dream), giving her the ability to release up to 3 giant slow-moving Heart Bombs that deal massive damage and knockback. However, these bombs can also hurt her allies, so use them carefully.

Secret Characters

These characters can only be unlocked in the Story Mode's post-game. The universes these characters hail from have no Companion Souls.

Demille SSB
Tomato Adventure Icon
Tomato Adventure logoDebut: Tomato Adventure (25 January 2002)

DeMille is the protagonist of the obscure, quirky, Japan-exclusive JRPG, Tomato Adventure. Known as a "Dropper", he lives in a broken school bus in Kobolei Village, located in the Ketchup Kingdom. Everyone in the kingdom has one thing in common - they like tomatoes! That is, everyone except for the residents of Kobolei, who, by order of King Avila, are given the label of "Dropper", banished to the village, and locked inside until they change their ways and learn to like tomatoes.

Every single one of DeMille's attacks has a short minigame, mostly involving pressing certain buttons in a certain pattern. Depending on how well this minigame is played, the stronger DeMille's attacks will be.
Tomato Hater
DeMille's attacks deal extra damage to plant-based opponents.

Upfront attacks
DeMille pulls out a Chomper and makes it bite the opponent. This can rack up damage if the A button is pressed repeatedly.
Glove Punch
DeMille punches twice, and, if the minigame is done correctly, he deals an uppercut with an image of a dragon surrounding his fist, knocking the opponent back.
Noisy Face
DeMille smashes down the Noisy Face in front of him, dealing massive damage if the minigame is beaten. This also sends a small shockwave into the squares surrounding him.
Tanooki Tail
DeMille puts on a Tanooki Tail and spins around, dealing damage to all the squares surrounding him. Deals more damage if the enemy is directly in front or behind him.

Ranged attacks
Linear Glove
The Linear Glove appears on DeMille's hand, and begins charging. When released, DeMille shoots the Linear Glove off of his hand, shooting across the battlefield horizontally The longer the minigame is played, the more damage it'll deal.
Mr. Volcano
DeMille places down Mr. Volcano in front of him, who shoots out a flaming boulder towards the nearest opponent. Mr. Volcano disappears after 3 turns. If an opponent touches Mr. Volcano, they will be burned.
DeMille puts a small pyramid hat on, puts his hands together and closes his eyes. When this attack is released, triangles will appear around the opponent, lightly damaging them and making them flinch.
Paper Crane
DeMille brings his head down and vows, releasing the Paper Crane, who shoots multiple lightly damaging flower petals to all opponents.

Final Smash
Tomato Robot Mk. II
DeMille is sucked upwards by a beam of light and reappears inside of the cockpit of the Tomato Robot Mk. II. In this form, DeMille can shoot out multiple heart-shaped projectiles that deal massive damage but no knockback. However, he is also incapable of moving.

Companion Souls

During the game's story mode, characters from many different universes will assist you and give you a piece of their souls to assist you during battle. Each soul has an effect and an attack that can be used during battle and, occasionally, in the overworld.

Subspace souls

Big Primid (ZG)
Big Primid
Super smash bros logooihDebut: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (31 January 2008)

The Big Primid appears and stomps on any opponents in front of the user, trapping the opponent in the ground and rendering that square unsteppable for 3 turns.

Big Primids are some of the most powerful enemies in the Subspace Army. Although they are identical to normal Primids in appearance and function, they are much larger and far stronger. Additionally, they do not tend to appear in big groups, often appearing in pairs, or with 2-3 smaller enemies to support.

How to Obtain:
Defeat the Composite Primid in Story Mode.

Boom Primid (ZG)
Boom Primid
Super smash bros logooihDebut: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (31 January 2008)

The Boom Primid throws its boomerang forwards, piercing opponents and then returning to it, dealing more damage on return.

Boom Primids are a type of Primid in the Subspace Army. They wield a yellow, blade-like weapon that functions as both a sword for melee attacks and a projectile for long range attacks. A Boom Primid will regularly throw its boomerang if the opponent is not too close, which can be reflected back at it to do damage. Boom Primids, like normal Primids, are low in endurance and can normally be taken out in a couple of hits.

How to Obtain:
Defeat the Composite Primid in Story Mode.

Fire Primid (ZG)
Fire Primid
Super smash bros logooihDebut: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (31 January 2008)

The Fire Primid shoots out a small burning fireball, dealing light damage but having a 100% chance of burning the opponent.

Fire Primids are red Primids who can breathe fire. They are somewhat different from other Primids by the fact that while normal Primids are green, Fire Primids are red, and instead of punching or using a weapon, they expel fire projectiles from their mouths. They attack in two different ways: a small fireball or a larger burst of fire.

How to Obtain:
Defeat the Composite Primid in Story Mode.

Metal Primid (ZG)
Metal Primid
Super smash bros logooihDebut: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (31 January 2008)

The Metal Primid walks 3 squares, then purposefully trips and headbutts the first opponent it encounters.

Metal Primids are Primids made of metal. They have the same moveset as regular Primids, but have more health with poorer mobility. The most distinguishing feature of the Metal Primid is their immunity to flinching and knockback from all attacks but throws. Metal Primids often appear in groups of two, and pose a much larger threat than regular Primids. While their attacks aren't any stronger, and they are slower with less mobility, they have more health, enough to regularly sustain multiple blows before being KO'd, and they are immune to flinching from all non-grabbing attacks.

How to Obtain:
Defeat the Composite Primid in Story Mode.

Sword Primid (ZG)
Sword Primid
Super smash bros logooihDebut: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (31 January 2008)

The Sword Primid does a sword thrust towards the nearest opponent, dealing large knockback and decent damage.

Sword Primids are similar to regular Primids, the primary difference being that the Sword Primid wields a Beam Sword. When compared to normal Primids, they have the same appearance and have good, fast mobility as well. Though Sword Primids have slightly more health, and a different moveset consisting of use of their Beam Sword. Sword Primids pose a larger threat than regular Primids, as while they are generally incapable of KOing, even on intense difficulty, their fast, long reaching attacks are usually difficult to avoid and allow them to rack up damage on the player quickly, setting them up to be KO'd by stronger enemies.

How to Obtain:
Defeat the Composite Primid in Story Mode.

Scope Primid (ZG)
Scope Primid
Super smash bros logooihDebut: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (31 January 2008)

The Scope Primid fires multiple weak shots at the nearest 3 opponents.

Scope Primids are a type of Primid in the Subspace Army, that carries a weapon similar to a bigger, primitive-looking Super Scope, hence its name. Scope Primids pose their largest threat when they are in groups involving fast or strong close-range enemies, such as Sword Primid and Greaps. In such a situation, the player will often be distracted by the melee-attacking enemies, making it difficult to focus on and avoid the projectiles fired by the Scope Primids. In groups consisting of themselves or when solo, they pose a minor threat, as their projectiles are slow-moving, the charge shot has slow start-up lag, and Scope Primids themselves have low health, often falling to two blows, or a single strong attack.

How to Obtain:
Defeat the Composite Primid in Story Mode.

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