Chronicles of Eredità
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Developer(s) Cassiopeia Studios
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogo
Genre(s) Action RPG


Series Chronicles series
Engine Unreal Engine 4
Predecessor Chronicles Of Lumisia
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan


25px-Flag of USA


Mode(s) 1-4 players

Online Mulitplayer

Age Rating(s) Trating2000px-PEGI 16.svg

Chronicles of Eredità (Known in Japan as Eredità: The Promise of Tomorrowis a 3D Action RPG Game released for the Nintendo Switch. It is developed by Cassiopeia Studios and published by Nintendo. It is the successor of Chronicles Of Lumisia, and is the second installment of the Chronicles series. Unlike its predecessor, Eredità is set in a modern universe with a mix of classic and futuristic fantasy elements; the story follows students in a combat academy training young individuals to defend their land.



The game's combat system is still similar to its predecessor, it still follows the formula of an open-world travel and the beat 'em up style of gameplay. Its interface is also the same but with minor changes in terms: Special Points (SP) in the previous game is now called mana and skills are now called artis.

A new addition to combat is scope mode, a feature exclusive to characters who use far-ranged weapons and projectiles. This feature has the player enter first person mode and lock on to targets, this mode is enabled by pressing the NS L Button and NS R Button button together. Scope mode enables the player to have a more accurate hit on targets but leaves the character vulnerable due to lack of visuals on the surroundings.

Another new addition to the combat mechanics is the granica mode. In the combat interface is a new bar that goes up with each hit a character deals to a target; once the gauge is full, the player presses the NS ZL Button and the NS ZR Button to activate a character's granica. This mode heightens the character's strengths and abilities, it also gives them a Granica Ultima, another type of ultimate artis that is the character's most powerful artis. Each character has their own unique granica and their own way of filling up its gauge (some fill it up by dealing combos while other characters can fill it up by casting spells). However, granica mode can only be unlocked once the character reaches a certain level (The level differs from character to character), while some other characters can unlock this mode through special missions later on in the game. 

In-Game Clock

The game has an in-game clock and calendar that sets the player's daily activities in the Academia. The player has the option of choosing between a real-time clock or the in-game clock, in which 1 minute in the game is 10 seconds in real-time. The real-time clock enables the player to grind more and participate in every activity available during that particular day while the in-game clock is for players who want a more faster day. The player can freely switch between these two settings in the pause menu. The day-night cycle follows a timezone of having daytime from 6:00 AM - 8:00 PM, transitioning to the nighttime hours of 9:00 - 5:00 AM with the latter being the sunrise period. The Nethyres differ in daytime and nighttime and are stronger thus give more experience points during the night.

The game's calendar consists of eight months in a single year and has four seasons in the following order: summer, autumn, winter, spring; each season lasts two months. The months in the game are:

  • Stellas (Summer)
  • Zinnia (Summer)
  • Rudint (Autumn)
  • Cerst (Autumn)
  • Invernt (Winter)
  • Nyxmasz (Winter)
  • Fleures (Spring)
  • Vesna (Spring)

A week is seven days starting from Sunday through Saturday with Monday to Friday being class days. With the game being set in an academy, an academic term starts from the start of Autumn and ends on the first month of Spring, with break being three months. However, the game will not follow a day-to-day progression due to plot reasons, thus there will be times that the calendar will skip dates to immediately commence plot-related event.


The Academia is the primary setting of the game, with most of the playable characters being students, the player shall guide the characters in both academics and missions. A typical school day is seven hours, starting from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM, with a free period from 12:00 to 1:00 PM. The player can choose to cut classes and have a longer free period which allows them to focus on missions, however this will hinder the characters' improvement. Since most days of the week are school days, the player is obligated to stay within the Academia and is forbidden to go out (though this is only applied in the early chapters of the game). Thus, the means of leveling up characters are through a new feature called Courses. Courses are the player's means of improving characters' levels, stats, and acquiring new artis without the need of going into battle. Though slower in giving experience points than actual battling, this feature is for players who want more passive means of preparing characters for battles. All courses last for three hours, the player can choose to take on all three courses in one day or none at all. There are three courses the player can take in the Academia:


Lecture courses are classroom-held courses and strive to improve characters' stats. Every lecture session will focus on one particular stat, this will change each day. In the lecture course, the player can arrange the seatings of characters. The characters sitting in front of the class gain more chances of increasing their stats as opposed to the characters sitting at the back. This can prove to be helpful in strategizing the characters' stat growth and lets the player decide on who to focus on.


In this course, players choose one character to play as they spar with their classmates and students from other sectors. This course allows the player to focus on one character's level and stats, along with the chance of learning new artis for the character which can only be learned through this course. 


Field courses allow the player to explore the Academia's catacomb temple that is filled with Nethyres, this course grants the most experience points out of all the three courses. As the story progresses, new species of Nethyres that the player has encountered will appear.

The player can choose to stay after class hours to take the three courses however the courses can only be learned once per day. Courses can also be learned on the weekends.

Skill Tree

The skill tree in the game receives new features. While retaining its formula of unlockable skills that can be acquired once leveled up, the player can purchase skills from shops or acquire them from special missions. The player can also save skill builds for a more efficient way of setting it on a character, there is a maximum of five slots of skill builds for each character.

Another new feature for the skill tree is having more than one ultimate artis. Aside from the granica ultima artis, a character can choose from three ultimate artis to use in combat. Each of the three ultimate artis of a character vary in damage and effects. These artis can be unlocked through leveling up: by level 45, a character can acquire their first ultimate artis; they can acquire their second ultimate artis by level 90; and the third ultimate artis can be purchased later in the game (though a character doesn't have to be level 90 to acquire this skill).


Traveling is limited at the beginning of the game as players can only travel outside the school on weekends or after class hours. When the player is allowed to, they can explore the country of Ordeos and visit shops and other facilities not found at the school.

Extracurricular Activities

The mission system in the game is compressed to homework and extracurricular activities. These missions ranged from deliveries to monster slaying and grant experience points and rewards for the player. Characters who grant quests include teachers, students, and citizens of Ordeos.


The 'Virtual Armor and Arsenal Protection Integrated System' or 'VAAPIS' for short, is a small accessory granted to Mercenaries to wear on combat. This gives them an invisible armor that protects them in battle without the need of actual armor. They can be programmed with arsenal data, data collected from real armor, to further improve their uses. In the game, the player can equip arsenal data to the characters to improve their stats. VAAPIS data is purchased in shops and can be installed out of battle in the 'Equip" section in the pause menu.


The crafting system in the game. The player can create new VAAPIS data that isn't sold through shops, they must acquire a recipe-like item called 'Blueprints'. Blueprints can be sold or found in various areas in the game, they can also be rewards from completing missions especially from certain characters. Creating new data requires items such as Nethyre-dropped items, existing VAAPIS data, consumable items, and accessories, which follow the blueprint.


A new addition to the equipment of a character, accessories grant bonuses to specific stats and even grant an artis when a certain character equips it (however it is only usable when the accessory is equipped). Each character has two accessory slots, some accessories can occupy one or two of the slots. They can be purchased at shops, be found in various areas of the game, or as rewards upon completing missions.


Shops can be found in an array of places in the game's world. There are different types of shops, namely: VAAPIS, Accessory, and Item shops. The game's currency is crescents, these can be earned by completing missions, defeating enemies, and selling items to the shops. The player can also sell items they don't need to acquire crescents. The items sold will become much pricier as the player progresses in the story.


An option to select a difficulty for the entire game time can be selected by the player before starting a new save file. The available difficulty modes at the start of the game range from "Easy", "Standard", and "Hard". Each difficulty mode has a different experience point distribution rate, with "Easy" having the highest and "Hard" having the lowest, which determines the speed of leveling up. Other factors affected include the level caps of Nethyres and bosses in future chapters. An additional difficulty, "Brutal", is available after completing the game in either "Standard" or "Hard" mode, which severely ups the difficulty of the playthrough but grants the player the levels and stats the characters had on a save file that has completed the story (the player is free to choose which save file as long as they have completed the story). 


Double Joycon Single Joycon
Left Analog Stick - Moves the character around the area; move cursor in menus. Analog Stick - Moves the character around the area; move cursor in menus.
Right Analog Stick - Moves the game's camera. NS X Button- Confirm; Attack
NS A Button - Confirm; Attack NS A Button - Jump; Back
NS B Button - Jump; Back NS B Button - Block
NS Y Button - Block NS Y Button - Use artis
NS X Button - Use artis NS B Button + Analog Stick - Evade
NS Up Button / NS Down Button - Scroll through artis. NS SR Button  - Scroll through artis.
NS Left Button / NS Right Button - Scroll through items. NS SL Button  - Alternate or ranged attack.
NS Y Button + Left Analog Stick - Evade

NS SL Button + NS SR Button - (Once) Switch to first-person mode.

(Twice) Activate Granica mode.

NS L Button2 / NS R Button2 - Lock on and switch targets.

NS ZL Button2 / NS ZR Button2 - Switch characters.
NS L Button2 + NS R Button2 - Switch to first-person mode
NS ZL Button2 / NS ZR Button2 - Alternate or ranged attack. - /+ - Pause game to menu.
NS ZL Button2 + NS ZR Button2 - Activate Granica mode.

- - Switch characters.

+ - Pause game to menu.


Character stats are emphasized in this game as it aims to put its importance over the character's level. The stat system is more improved and complex with additional categories each character specializes and lacks in. As per the traditional role-playing game caliber, stats include how much damage a character deals and takes (both physically and magically). Stats are improved in various ways such as leveling up, participating in lecture courses, and using consumable items that aim to improve specific stats. Stats can reach the maximum point of 500.


The primary attribute of a character that signifies their overall growth. The game's leveling system now ranges from 1-250. Just like its predecessor, as a character's level goes up, it will take a longer time to level up again. Experience points can be obtained after defeating enemies.

Hit Points (HP)

A staple feature in RPGs, hit points signify a character's health and how much damage points they can take before getting knocked out. In the game's lore, this is called Prana, a source of life that protects a person's body from getting severely attacked. It is a breakable shield that is broken once a person has taken a significant amount of hits; once broken, a person may get severely injured or even die if they are still getting hit. It is represented by a green bar in the game's HUD; once the HP bar is completely depleted, the character is knocked out and the player automatically switches to another party member. If all of the party members are knocked out, this will then result to Game Over. HP can be restored by utilizing healing artis, lifestealing artis, and consuming healing items.

The maximum amount of HP is increased whenever a character levels up, consumes items that increase maximum HP, and participate in lecture courses.

Enemies' HP bars are also displayed whenever the player is battling them. Occasionally, enemies can also grant small amounts of HP upon getting defeated by the player.

Mana Points (MP)

Mana is the world of Vetheas' main source of power and magic. Everybody is born with the power to manipulate mana, it is used in unison with machinery and technology to make the world function. Mana is also a primary source in combat used by Mercenaries.

All of the characters utilize this source in using their artis. It is indicated by a blue bar, each artis consumes a certain amount of mana points. Once the mana bar is completely depleted, the player is unable to use a character's artis. Mana points can be restored by using regeneration artis and mana-regenerating items.

The maximum mana points can only be increased when a character levels up. There is no other way of increasing its maximum amount of points.

Granica Bar

Granica is a force that pushes the limits of a person's mana and prana capacity. It is achieved when a person reaches both their mind and body's peak. In the game, the bar allows for Granica mode once it is filled up. Each character has their own way of filling up the bar, may it be dealing continuous combos, casting spells, or taking damage. Granica mode enhances the character's stats and makes them stronger. As it happens, the full Granica bar will gradually deplete and will turn off the mode once it is completely depleted.


This stat pertains to the amount of damage a character can deal, this includes normal attacks and physical artis. The strength stat can be increased by attending Lecture courses, consuming items that increase the stat, and levelling up.


A stat category that primary deals with the amount of damage a character can deal when casting magical attacks and artis. The magic stat can be increased by attending Lecture courses, consuming items that increase the stat, and levelling up.

Physical and Magical Defense

Two separate stats that determine how much damage a character can take from either physical or magical defense. Lower defense stats can cause a character to be blown away by powerful artis inflicted by foes. The higher the defense stat, the lesser the damage the character takes. The defense stat can be increased by attending Lecture courses, consuming items that increase the stat, and levelling up.


The ability of a character to run at a faster speed or swiftly evade attacks. This affects the movement speed of a character and the speed of evasion commands. Unlike the other stats, the agility stat's maximum point capacity is 200. The defense stat can be increased by attending Lecture courses, consuming items that increase the stat, and levelling up.



The Einhed continent is the largest continent in the world of Einhed.

The home of four countries, utopias of different powers and cultures
Yet all rule side by side equally.
But as the world of Einhed progressed, so did its people.
Suddenly, a hunger for power started
amidst wars and conflicts, this hunger was eventually overcome.
But as we are filled by the feast of tranquility and camaraderie,
the hunger that once separated us will always come back

Official Prologue

In the world of Vetheas lies the continent of Einhed. It is composed of four main countries: Ordeos, Aurore, Lacuna, and Nagata. Each land having their own civilizations, beliefs, and style of government. The western country of Ordeos was a democratic country who led the industrial revolution. The northern country of Aurore was ruled by monarchs and is towered by extravagant palaces and regal architecture due to its rich resources. The eastern nation of Nagata is a quaint country of tradition, it was less advanced than the other countries but was still as powerful as all of them. The southern empire of Lacuna ruled the entire southern part of the continent, colonizing every state within its presence. The four countries signed a treaty centuries ago to be in unison against a common problem facing the world: nethyres, creatures of darkness and discord that wreak havoc upon the people of Einhed for as long as they've been in the world. It is unknown to this day where they came from but the four countries made sure to halt all underlying conflicts to stop this common enemy, and that they've managed to do ever since.

The four countries lived in peace for centuries until the Lacunan empire suddenly attacked the kingdom of Aurore with the demand for their resources. The latter fought back and thus started an event aptly named 'The Great War'. Ordeos sided with Aurore and supported them with weapons and armories, while the country of Nagata chose to stay far from the conflict and refused any requests for support from the other nations. The Great War lasted for decades when suddenly a fissure emanating dark matter appeared in the middle of the continent, this crack on the earth then spouted a plethora of Nethyre creatures that attacked the four countries. Due to this calamity, the countries united once again to lessen the population of Nethyres in the continent, putting an end to the Great War. Eventually, the sudden spike of Nethyres died down but the fissure was still there. Fearing that there would be another frenzy of Nethyres wreaking havoc around the continent and losing more soldiers to these creatures. The four countries came up with a solution.

The countries came up with an idea: they decided to build schools, schools that specialized in combat. These institutes would enroll young individuals who were willing to fight with the forces of Nethyre and defend their land. These warriors took on the official title of 'Mercenaries', tasked with defending the world of Einhed from chaos and to serve their respective countries. With this, four schools were built on each of the four countries. In the country of Ordeos, stands the Academia, the main combat academic institute in the country ran by Professor Gideon Myrrdin. Young people from Ordeos, even from other countries, come to this school to prove their abilities and serve the world to defeat the Nethyres.

The game is set in the country of Ordeos, it is a technologically-advance country with modern cityscapes and consists of six main provinces: Portano, Parvala, Stilas, Novens, Eunoia, and the country's capitol and the Academia's location, Maquines. The country is ruled under a democratic government under its current president, Elise Lamanteas. Although the countries are at peace, recent hearsays of a war conspiracy from foreign countries have led to a higher security state in the country and a rising demand for Mercenaries.


The story starts with Colin Heinrich, escaping and fighting the police after vandalizing tunnel wall in the city of Portano. He is observed by Gideon Myrrdin, the dean of the Academia, Ordeos' Mercenary school, and is granted immediate admission to the institute. With support from his father, who is a Mercenary and graduated from the school, Colin begins his journey to become a Mercenary. In his first day in the Academia, he is introduced to his fellow teammates in Sector XIII. There he meets Jenara Wisteria, an Aurorean paragon of the Wisteria clan; Nicolette Van Reinherd, son of the owner of Ordeos' premier weapons company; Hana Takanashi, an acolyte with a mysterious past; Theo Hawthorne, a child prodigy; Cadence Vivaldi, a talented musician; Jia Huang, a girl with Nagatan blood; Barrow Lykkos, a young man who can transform into a wolf; Lu Osuna, a feisty anthrope; and Chance Anselmond, heir to a large fortune and company, who Colin begins a bitter rivalry with.

The sector is under the advisory of Professor Yvette Grenvild, a pacifist who is skilled in strategy and a first-time professor. During their first weeks, the sector learns to work as a team as they also learn new skills vital for their Mercenary careers. Later, the sector is added with a new student, Atlas Kovinski, an android capable of handling mana; who is welcomed by the class and is exposed to their human lifestyle. Throughout the first month of the term, Sector XIII is dealt with a handful of missions and assignments that test both their individual and cooperative abilities.

A handful of assignments that were handed to the sector were field assignments that had them travel around the country of Ordeos, particularly to smaller towns, to aid in problems that range from basic predicaments to Nethyre infestations. On their first field assignment, the sector travel to the province of Parvala, a rural farming province protected by the country's military forces, to help in constructing and guarding the the capitol's marketplace. Through this, the sector grew to understand one another and were enlightened about the state of Parvala amidst to its more advanced provinces. A problem suddenly appears when the neighboring province, Stilas' governor arrives to fund the marketplace's construction, which was a political ploy since the province was lacking in funds thus it would mean that Parvala would be indebted to Stilas. Parvala's governor refused the Stilas governor's appeals until the latter decides to deploy provincial military to be stationed in the capitol. This angers the governor of Parvala, ordering Mercenaries to negotiate with the Stilas military to leave the capitol, this includes Sector XIII. This results into a brief blitzkrieg that unknowingly puts some civilian's lives and shelters in danger, the sector's students prioritize in protecting the civilians. With everyone distracted by the ongoing battle, a group of Stilas military infiltrate the governor's house and kidnaps her. Upon knowing this, the Parvala governor is faced with yielding to the Stilas governor for the benefit of her daughter, threatening her life if the governor tries to report him to national authority, she then tasks Sector XIII to retrieve her daughter before it's too late.

This leads the sector to travel to Stilas, only to be met by Lacunan assassins who ambush them upon arrival. After defeating the assassins, the sector is suddenly arrested by Stilas forces and are thrown in prison. There they meet the Parvala governor's daughter in one of the cells. The sector devise an escape plan which proves to be a success as they incapacitate the nearby guards and end up in the governor's office, eavesdropping on the governor. They soon learn that the Stilas governor is conspiring with the Lacunan assassins they've defeated earlier in a plan to overthrow the country's capitol. Fortunately, Theo decides to record this conversation and send it to the President before the sector is being cornered by guards. Before they could get incapacitated, national forces arrive to arrest the governor as they soon learned that the video was not only sent to the President, but has leaked around the internet. This results in the arrest of multiple officers and the governor. The sector return to Parvala, wherein the governor dismisses them and thanks them for their service. Marking the end of their first field assignment

Later in the term, the Dean announces that exchange students from Vladora, Lacuna's Mercenary school, will join the Academia for the rest of the term. One Lacunan student, Sigrid Thildrot, joins Sector XIII and is immediately welcomed with hostility by the sector, especially from Jenara, whose Aurorean upbringing plays a bigger role with her interactions with their new classmate. Although, initially having a mistrust in her, the sector learns who she is and eventually accepts her wholeheartedly as a comrade after a series of events that tests her loyalty toward the sector.

The students are eventually faced with the term evaluation exams, a set of exams conducted by the end of the term to evaluate the students' progress and to see if they should be promoted to the next stage of their training. This emanates a pressure upon the sector as they fear not getting promoted and fail the exam. The first part of the exam is held in the school's nearby forest, wherein the sectors are divided into teams of four. The teams are given a medallion to protect as they venture to the forest's center wherein they shall place the medallions as proof of their success, teams have the option of stealing another teams' medallion to ensure their failure. Colin is teamed with Jenara, Hana, and Nicolette; which poses a problem as Colin and Jenara constantly bicker throughout the process of the exam. They are then faced with Chance's team, consisting of Barrow, Cadence, and Lu; to their surprise, Chance attempts to steal their medallion despite the fact that they were all in the same sector. This results in an all-out battle between the two teams which has Colin's team's medallion taken away by Chance. The team then decides to steal a medallion from another team and manages to pass the first part of the exam.

The second part of the exam has the students battle one another to evaluate their combat skills in a tournament-like setting, with the winner having the guarantee to get promoted. The sector battle with various students and garnered a number of victories and losses. Colin is matched up with Chance in the final rounds of the exam, he defeats him in spite after what happened in the forest. This leaves a bitter mark on their relationship. After the exams, the sector learns that they all pass and are now well on their way to their second term.

The second term introduces the sector to mixed missions, wherein they will be teamed with students from other sectors and years in field assignments to test their abilities in dealing with people outside of their comfort zone. The first students from Sector XIII deployed on these missions were Jenara and Sigrid, who manage to cement their once-hostile relationship into a blossoming friendship towards the course of their mission in Eunoia, a province which houses Lacunan refugees. Meanwhile, Nicolette and Barrow are deployed and spark the beginning of a possible romance. Colin and Chance are paired in the same team which poses a big problem considering their bitter interactions, however they somehow managed to establish a mutual respect for one another after their mission.

The term also introduces a new set of professors that the sector would face: Wesley Heinrich, Colin's father and weapons machinery professor; Valentine Lauvlin, a famous Mercenary who is a drunkard and who will be handling their combat courses; and Wallace Grimsbane, a famed Ordeosian Mercenary scientist responsible for the VAAPIS. Another wave of exchange students also arrive at the Academia, this time from Nagata's Asakami Institute; this sparks Hana, who is suddenly detested by the exchange students which sparks her classmates' curiosity. Hana confesses that she is the daughter of a clan in Nagata that is notorious for underground crime schemes that have caused a handful of problems in her home province. Upon learning this, albeit being dealt with surprising information, all of her classmates in the sector still accepted her and didn't think any less of her.

Later in the term, the Academia Cotillion is about to be held in the school. This was a formal event wherein second year and third year students dress in lavish gowns and suits to celebrate the third years' forthcoming graduation. Colin is smitten with Sector IX star-student, Dahlia Tenebri. He then secures her as his date to the cotillion, this causes a problem with his sector as Sector IX's prolific status of noble spoiled children bothers them. This is further increased when Sector IX's twin students: Caliban and Charna, start a fight with Nicolette and Chance which gets almost all of both Sector's members involved, which causes them to be banned from the cotillion.

On the night of the cotillion, the president of Ordeos, Elise Lamanteas, is invited as an honorable guest and to give an inspirational speech for the graduates. During her speech, a sudden attack by Lacunan assailants befall on the event. This leads to battle between the professors and students against the assailants. This results with the president getting injured and hospitalized; the school's courtyard being destroyed; and a stricter security being imposed by the acting president, Aziel Valeston. This also leaves a sour mark on Dean Myrrdin's reputation as the Ordeosian government is detested by his lack of leadership skills, Valeston then orders the resignation of Dean Myrrdin the day after the incident. Myrrdin is immediately demoted to a professor and is replaced with the Ordeosian military general, Victor Crowsz, a strict and authoritarian figure who would take over as dean upon the next term.

Upon learning of the new dean and his austere methods of training Mercenaries, a number of students contemplate transferring to another Mercenary school in other countries, this thought also befalls on some of the members of Sector XIII. With encouragement and assurance from their professors, the entire sector decides to stay and finish their final term in the Academia.

Soon, the third and final term for Sector XIII starts. A complete overhaul of professors is being established with Professor Grenvild and other younger professors being forced to resign, the sector is now under the advisory of the newly demoted former Dean Myrrdin and Professor Lauvlin. Colin's father leaves his post as a professor and transfers to the Academia's research department together with Professor Grimsbane. The sector is given an offer by Professor Lauvlin, a student of the sector shall accompany him to the desert provinces outside Ordeos on a three-year training course, this piques the interest of both Colin and Chance; though there can only be one student who can be qualified, which sparks another competitive rivalry between the two for the course of the year. 

The sector with Professor Lauvlin travel to Portano on a field assignment accompanying Wesley Heinrich and Professor Grimsbane to deliver a delicate piece of machinery to the city province. Upon arriving, they soon learn that the city is in lockdown after a recent attack by Lacunan assailants results in the destruction of one of the city's skyscrapers and the deaths of many Portanian citizens. Colin and his father, Portano natives, seek to enter the city to check if their family is still okay. This then results into an altercation which leads to Wesley's arrest as he is tased and escorted to the province's jail. Professor Grimsbane, who couldn't do anything to remedy the situation, assures Colin that he will contact the dean and try to save Wesley from further danger, he then instructs the Sector to return to the Academia without him as their not much they can do at the moment. This sparks Professor Lauvlin's curiosity but brushed it off as he accompanies the students back to the Academia.

Through the course of the year, the Academia's education has grown to be more stricter as Dean Crowsz orders a new cutoff grade which graduating students must fulfill by the end of the term, if students cannot pass the grade, they are barred from graduating and are removed of the privilege of a Mercenary title for a lifetime. This puts immense pressure on the sector as anxiety and panic arises, this especially affects Colin, who is faced with the dilemma of his father being arrested, his mother and sister in imminent danger of another attack, and Professor Lauvlin's training offer. Colin soon succumbs to his anxiety and fails to reach the cutoff grade, thus banning him from ever becoming a Mercenary ever again. 

A few weeks before the graduation ceremony, the Sector appeals to Dean Crowsz to let Colin graduate. But Crowsz is adamant in his decision, only to be met by the sudden arrival of Wesley Heinrich, who was just released from prison and just learned that his son was not graduating. He threatens the dean with halting the research projects the school is working on if he does not let Colin graduate. This leads Crowsz to ultimately decide to have him graduate, the sector and Wesley soon inform Colin of this information as they celebrate with smiles and tears of joy.

Sector XIII and the other graduating sectors are deployed on their last field assignment in the capitol complex of Maquines, tasked to guard the complex as the royal family of Aurore will be arriving to Ordeos to witness the graduation ceremony. Upon patrolling the complex, Colin and Chance come upon information that President Lamanteas has recovered yet Valeston and Crowsz are conspiring to assassinate her before she can take over, ensuring their rule; a figure in the shadows propose a possible plan of murdering the king and queen of Aurore, signaling a possible event of Ordeos taking over Aurore. Planning on reporting this to the Professors, they are cornered by Ordeosian guards and are brought in Valeston's office for questioning but are let off immediately. Unbeknownst to both of them, Valeston orders the execution of the two students after their graduation. 

The day of graduation has the parents of the graduating students arrive to accompany them. All of Sector XIII's parents and caretakers arrive sans Hana, who takes a walk to clear her mind. She is suddenly met with her mother, who congratulates her and wishes to accompany her during the ceremony, too happy to see her mother to care or ask where her father was; Hana escorts her mother to the ceremony venue.

As the ceremony happens and Valeston gives a speech, a sudden explosion happens on stage; injuring the people on the stage which includes Valeston and Crowsz. As the King of Aurore is killed by an unknown sniper. A legion of Lacunan assailants have invaded the ceremony and the robotic soldiers guarding the ceremony are hacked to attack the civilians. The students are forced to fight the soldiers and assailants at the same time, splitting up into groups. Colin and Chance are dragged off by soldiers only to be rescued by Professor Grimsbane who leads them to the complex laboratory for safety. Meanwhile, the Sector XIII students and parents fight off to defend the civilians. Hana notices that her mother is missing as she runs off to find her; Jenara, Nicolette, and Barrow follow her to make sure she's safe, but they are cornered by Dahlia, Caliban, and Charna; who are revealed to be a part of the Lacunan assailants' side. 

Hana soon finds her mother, who is held at gunpoint by her father, who reveals that his men are also in the premises on their way to murder Myrrdin for a job from an unknown employer. This leaves Hana to choose between her mother's life or the lives of others. Before she can decide, her father calls her weak as he shoots Hana's mother and proceeds to shoots her.

Meanwhile, Jenara, Nicolette, and Barrow fight off Dahlia and the twins; who are far too powerful for them to handle. Nicolette is electrocuted by Charna, as Barrow comes to his aid, he is suddenly fatally impaled by Dahlia. As Jenara and Nicolette are distracted by their injured comrade, Dahlia and her team escape through a portal of darkness. Barrow dies in Nicolette's arms as he screams and cries in anger.

In the complex laboratory, Colin and Chance are accompanied by Professor Grimsbane and Wesley. In the laboratory stands an android vessel in which Grimsbane codenames Vernile, a mana-powered android supersoldier similar to Atlas which has the power to defeat an army of thousands alone. Colin questions both men on the project but it only leads to them giving conflicting answers, which leads to Grimsbane revealing that he is actually the mastermind behind the Lacunan assailants and was responsible for the events happening today. These assailants weren't actually from Lacuna, but wore the country's insignia as a ploy to make the country a scapegoat for their crimes and to respark the tensions between the four countries. Vernile was not only an android supersoldier but a vessel to harness the power of the Nethyres. This shocks Colin, Chance, and Wesley, who the latter is particularly alarmed considering he has helped to work on this project and didn't know the true objectives of Vernile until now.

This causes Grimsbane to tase Wesley and knock him out as he threatens to kill Chance and Colin. Before he could do so; Dean Myrddin, Professor Lauvlin, and Atlas arrive to arrest him. Grimsbane suddenly turns to Atlas and commands him to attack, which reveals that he was also hacked by Grimsbane along with the other soldiers. This causes Atlas to attack the group, which results to him cutting off Colin's right arm. As Colin recoils in pain he watches Grimsbane release Vernile from the cell as he commands them to destroy Atlas, absorbing his mana upong destroying him. Grimsbane knocks out Chance, Myrddin, and Lauvlin as he takes Wesley and Vernile with him, escaping through a void of darkness. The last thing Colin sees is Atlas' scattered parts before he blacks out.

The aftermath of the graduation ceremony has led to the deaths of Barrow, Atlas, Valeston, Crowsz, and a number of students and civilians present in the now-destroyed capitol complex. The Academia institute and parts of the capitol city were also destroyed by both the hacked armory system and the sudden splurge of Nethyres as the incident took place. President Lamanteas resumes her position and appoints Myrddin back to Dean, she also honors the surviving members of the Academia's graduated batch and urges them to serve the country of Ordeos in the midst of a possible war with the other countries. 

Colin is in the hospital as Chance informs him that he is going to accompany Professor Lauvlin on the three-year training course. The remaining members of Sector XIII sans Hana (who ran away after the ceremony), Jia (whose family was forced to move back to Nagata for safety), Barrow, and Atlas deal with the aftermath of losing their longtime friends as all of them vow to get better and avenge their fallen friends.

Sector XIII bid farewell to Colin and Professor Lauvlin on their journey as Colin promises that he will return to join them in three years. The game's story ends with a montage of Colin and Lauvlin riding a train and Sector XIII going their separate ways.


As with the tradition of Chronicles series main titles, Chronicles of Eredità's story contemplates themes that reflect real life issues and values. The game's plot explores the role of the youth in dealing with social issues that are supposed to be handled by people much older than them. Sector XIII often deals with field assignments that handle political issues and their ethical principles are tested against the principles of higher-ups such as governors and professors that don't share the same good ideals as they do. They are often seen butting in with the political conflicts and try to solve them their own way which reflects youth activism and its role in real life as adults mostly brush off the youth and their efforts in making the world a better place. 

The game also deals with the effects of a major war on nations' relationships, seen with the Ordeosian students' fear on the Lacunan exchange students, which projects that the other countries haven't completely forgiven the country of Lacuna for perpetrating the Great War, an event that happened a century ago. This theme also challenges the bias and xenophobia towards people of another culture and upbringing. The historical progression of war and its effect on the younger generation is explored in the game's story, particularly with Sector XIII's initial response to Sigrid's arrival, but they soon accept her since Sigrid and her fellow exchange students weren't at fault for their country's mistakes.


Playable Characters

Sector XIII
Colin icon

Colin Heinrich

Colin is the son of Wesley Heinrich, an inventor and a graduate of the Academia, he was taught by his father to tinker and create machines. Through this he was able to craft various weaponry that he could use in combat. Trained by his father in combat, Colin is skilled in marksmanship and is very resourceful when it comes to battle, although having no experience in the actual battlefield. Colin craves for the taste of adventure and putting his skills to use in combat.

Colin's main arsenal is a pair of handguns. With them, he can fire quick shots at his targets and he can also bind them to form another firearm (e.g. a rifle or a shotgun). Colin is very agile in combat with his basic weaponry, he can fire multiple shots and deal long combos in addition with his mana-efficient artis. However, as he upgrades his weapon in battle, Colin can become sluggish and vulnerable in combat due to his lack of defense; he will also have to constantly reload his ammo, rendering him unable to use his weapons to his full advantage. His melee attacks, which involve smacking his weapons at the target, are often weak and a bad idea since this gives his opponent an opening. Colin's weapon binding is in the form of an arte and he can create more weapons, increase his ammo amount, and gain more skills as he levels up.

Jenara icon final

Jenara Neve de Wisteria

The Wisteria clan has long been a bloodline of noble knights that have fought during the war for the country of Aurore, they are the ruling family of the Verglas duchy, a territory rewarded to the clan for their vital contribution to the great war. With her father being the current duke, Jenara is set to take the title when the time comes. The family ranges from swordsmen, mages, technicians, and other classes of soldiers for the country and Jenara was no different from all of them. Trained by her relatives and the top tutors of Aurore, Jenara has been named a prodigy in her family and is considered the best of her generation.

Jenara is skilled in two fields, magic and fencing; she wields a rapier which she can also use to cast spells in battle. She is quick on her feet and is a very skilled melee fighter; with her rapier, she can quickly deal combos and deadly blows and can finish off a target with a slash. However, Jenara has a low mana gauge, which is a drawback in her magic; although she can cast powerful spells, just a few of them can completely empty her mana, which can only be recharged if she attacks or charges herself (leaving her vulnerable to attacks). Due to her mana deficiency, Jenara is more useful as a swordsman than a mage; her skill tree in the beginning of the games has more physical artis than magical artis. However, as Jenara levels up, her mana gauge will increase and magical artis will be more present in her skill tree.

Hana icon

Hanabi "Hana" Takanashi

Hana is a quiet girl coming from the kingdom's chapel, she is an acolyte and an assistant to the priestesses running the place. Not much is known about her other than that she was raised and trained by the priestesses in the art of holy magic artis used to heal those who are wounded. Although it seems odd for a girl like her to be in the Academia, she was sent by the church to further hone her abilities in the field of holy magic and for some other reasons.

As a support character, Hana's main priority is to buff and heal her teammates with an array of spells that can aid in battle. She wields a long staff in battle and can smack enemies or fire holy light projectiles at them as her basic attack. Later on in the early chapters of the game, it is revealed that Hana's staff is actually a scabbard for a hidden katana that she skillfully uses. Thus revealing more melee-adept artis and making her a more offensive character. With her katana, Hana can deal sufficient damage while still retaining her healing abilities.

Nicolette icon

Nicolette "Nico" Van Reinherd

Nicolette is the youngest son of Nicholas Van Reinherd, the current CEO of Reinherd Industries: Ordeos' leading weapons manufacturing company since the Great War of the four countries. Albeit coming from a wealthy upbringing, Nicolette is a jolly young man who is clumsy and cheerful. He was enrolled in the Academia as a form of training in grooming him to lead his family's company one day though it seems like he has other plans for his future.

In combat, Nicolette is a fighter-type character who is proficient in close combat. He wields two electric chakrams that can be utilized as melee weapons, projectiles, or to electrically shock his enemies. Nicolette is a fast fighter meant for a more aggressive playstyle and can deal numerous combos. Unlike other characters, Nicolette doesn't have a mana gauge instead he relies on an energy gauge. When the gauge is full, Nicolette's skills are much more powerful but as he uses them it depletes and he is unable to his skills when it is empty. Thus, he needs to refrain from attacking to regain energy.

Chance icon

Chance Anselmond

The heir to the Anselmond legacy, a multi-billion crescent conglomerate that owns multiple casinos around the country. Chance is a well-off young man born with a silver spoon in his mouth; he is cold, arrogant, and haughty to everybody around him. He is someone who is used to getting what he wants and will stop at nothing to get them. He enrolled himself in the Academia rather surprisingly as most of the people in his family weren't Mercenaries, rather he was trained by the company's bodyguards in combat. The reason why he enrolled is unknown.

Chance is a magic-type character with a mid to long-range of attack. He wields a deck of magical razor-sharp cards which he can throw at his enemies dealing damage. His magical artis is diverse, consisting of elemental magic such as fire and air and explosive card tricks that deal a lot of damage to targets. However, Chance has low defense stats and can be easily knocked out when he is not careful. 

COE theo icon

Theodore "Theo" Hawthorne

Theo is the son of Maeve Hawthorne, an alumna of the Academia and a scientist that has helped in the progress of the world's technology. With that, Theo is a child prodigy skilled in bio and nano technology, two fields his mother specialized in. In fact, his intelligence has landed him a scholarship in the Academia at just fifteen years-old. Despite being a few years younger than his classmates, Theo makes up for it with his quick wit and skills in the area of combat.

Theo is essentially a support-type character, he wields an electronic tablet which is somehow infused with his mana; enabling him to cast spells and summon Nanothyres, essences of Nethyres aided by nanos to become concrete animals that obey Theo, to aid in battle. His magical artis involve giving buffs to his teammates and debuffs to his enemies, his ability to create Nanothyres are his main arsenal of offense as they can deal subsequent hits to the enemy. Though, summoning them will take time depending on the Nethyre being created. As Theo levels up, he is able to summon creatures other than Nethyres.

COE cadence icon

Cadence Vivaldi

Hailing from a family of musicians, Cadence is no different than her heritage as she is also adept in classical instruments. She has an education in classical music ever since she was young and has performed in numerous orchestras in Ordeos. It was only a shock for her parents to know that she wanted to become a Mercenary, after coming across the Anselmond heir, Chance, on an aristocratic party her family was invited to. After finding out the young heir was enrolling in the Academia; smitten by his charm, Cadence decided to follow him and enroll herself too. The only problem being she doesn't know a thing about being a Mercenary.

In combat, Cadence wields a specially-built violin, which is light yet sturdy enough to deal moderate melee damage. She can also attack with her bow, which acts as somewhat of a sword. Being an unexperienced fighter, Cadence has only a few artis to start with; these being more focused on physical artis utilizing her weapon. However, as she levels up, she gains more magical artis that are both supportive and offensive. These artis involve mana regeneration for both her and her teammates and utilizing magic with her violin playing.

Coe barrow icon

Barrow Lykkos

An orphan adopted by the Devon Lykkos, an alumnus of the Academia and a dog anthrope. Though not being an anthrope himself, Barrow is somehow gifted with a unique type of anthrope genealogy from his biological parents, enabling him to fully transform into a wolf. Though the reason behind this is unknown as his real parents are either missing or deceased, Devon has trained his adopted son to harness this power in hopes of using them for the greater good and once he was ready, he was to be enrolled in the Academia for the same purpose.

Barrow is a fighter-type character, he wears a pair of tonfas that also function as handguns, enabling him to deal shots at enemies from afar and hit them up close. His true capabilities lies in his wolf transformation, which heightens his attack and speed stats and an additional repertoir of artis exclusive to this form. Thus, Barrow's skill tree has two types the player can modify: his human and wolf artis. However, in his wolf form, he loses his weapon and will fight barehanded, further lowering defense stats and gradually losing mana whilst in this form. Once Barrow's mana gauge bar has been depleted in his wolf form, he will immediately transform back to his human form and can only transform back once his mana gauge has reached a certain amount.

COE jia icon

Jiayi "Jia" Huang

Jia is a descendant of immigrants from Nagata who fled the country to Ordeos during the great war. Although completely immersed in the Ordeosian lifestyle, Jia and her family still retain their familial traditions and Nagatan culture. Shy and introverted, Jia tends to struggle with socializing and is a bit of a crybaby when tense situations arise. As with the Huang tradition of first-borns being Mercenaries, Jia is no exception as her parents immediately enrolled her to the Academia once she reached the eligible age.

Jia is a tank-type of character, she wields a Guandao, a pole weapon with a heavy blade attached to it, in battle and is able to take hits for her teammates with her high defense stats. She also possesses an array of defensive artis that include crowd control, stuns, and buffing the party. Though she lacks in speed stats, she makes up with her tanky stats.

Lucina "Lu" Osuna

Lu is a bear anthrope who comes from the lower economical areas of Ordeos, she is the great-granddaughter of Selena Osuna-Perico, a local hero who helped fought for anthrope rights long ago. Despite her upbringing, Lu is loud and proud of her anthrope traits and is very outspoken. She enrolls in the Academia in hopes of providing money for her family so they can have a better life.

Being a ranged fighter, Lu wields a bracelet that holds set of darts that she shoots at enemies that deal sufficient damage. These darts ranged from explosive darts to poisoned darts that aid Lu in being an agile character in combat. Much like Colin, she needs to reload her darts for a period of time, leaving her vulnerable. However, she can easily dodge enemy attacks with her dodging abilities and higher jumping capabilities. Lu can also use her darts as claws, giving her the ability to attack in close range, this path can be expanded upon leveling Lu up and expanding her skill tree. However, the player can only choose between a skillset of only far-ranged or close-ranged artis when using Lu.

Atlas Kovinski

The son of Professor Xavier Kovinski who is a later addition of the Sector, joining in Chapter 3. Atlas is actually an android designed by a group of Ordeosian scientists headed by Professor Kovinski, as an experiment to see if androids soldiers can utilize and produce their own mana force. Programmed to be kind and protective of his teammates, Atlas is curious about the world around him and seeks to know more about it.

In combat, Atlas utilizes two plasma blades that retract from his wrists, these are his main melee weapons. The "backpack" attached to his back is actually a wing compartment that enables him to glide in the air for a short period of time. He has an array of artis that range from melee to ranged. His melee artis consists of him using his plasma blades while his ranged artis allows him to shoot plasma bolts at enemies. Later development in his skill tree will allow Atlas to fully float and fly around combat and more powerful ranged artis such as shooting laser beams.

Sigrid Thildrot

Born and raised by her grandfather, a war veteran, Sigrid hails from the country of Lacuna and is a part of the school of Vladora's exchange program of bringing Lacunan students to the Academia as a sign of peace between Lacuna and Ordeos. Albeit the peace treaty signed by the nations, Lacunans still face prejudice by other countries due to their country's actions during the great war. However, Sigrid is a brave young woman who wants to end this stigma. She wants to make friends from other countries and wants them to see past through where she comes from.

In combat, Sigrid is primarily a magic user. She wields a rod that also functions as a sniper rifle in battle which enables her to deal melee and ranged attacks, with the emphasis on the latter as they are amplified with magic. Unlike the other magic-affluent characters, Sigrid uses her spells through her rifle weapon, she can fire elemental shots that range from fire, ice, and lightning at enemies. She can also shoot bullets amplified with time magic that stops enemy movement for a short period of time. As she levels up, her artis would become more destructive and can even kill enemies in one shot.

Guest Characters

Guest characters are temporary party members that can be playable for a few chapters in the story. Most of the guest characters can be fully played once the game's story is complete. Their levels coincide with the difficulty of that chapter but they start at level one once unlocked in post-story.

Guest Characters
Libra Vivlyk

Libra is a second year student from Sector V that is part of the team in the mixed mission Jenara and Sigrid are assigned in during the second-year chapters. He is playable for the duration of their mission and is seen as the clever strategist of the team.

In combat, Libra wields a tome that also functions as a handgun for as his basic attacks. Though lacking in attack stats, Libra is a powerful spell caster who relies on magical artis that deal a significant amount of damage on enemies.

Dion Geidriffe

A third-year that is part of the team in Colin and Chance's mixed mission. Dion is a lion anthrope who leads the team during the mission and acts as a brother figure to both Colin and Chance. 

Dion is a melee-based fighter who fights with a sword and shield. He is a balanced fighter who has an array of physical artis along with defensive skills that aid his teammates in combat.

Post-Story Content

After completing the game's story arc, the player will now unlock the Brutal game mode if they complete the game in Standard or Hard mode. This new difficulty grants the player factors they have accumulated in an initial completed save file such as character stats, items, VAAPIS blueprints, and costumes to the new save file as they start the game over with a harder difficulty. Completing the game in this difficulty will unlock the game's secret ending. Should the player wish to continue their completed save file, a handful of post-story content is introduced once the player completes the story. Although due to the plot, the player will not be allowed to play characters such as Colin, Jia, Barrow, and Atlas; however, some students that were featured in the mixed mission arc of the game will now become playable. Sidequests and missions are also available for the player to complete, these additional quests grant them rewards that were not attainable in the duration of the plot. If the player wants to play as the disabled characters in post-game, they can approach Professor Myrrdin in his office and use the Time Capsule machine, a machine wherein one can relive past memories. This allows the player to play past chapters with a heightened difficulty along with being able to play all Sector XIII students and the unlocked characters.

Additional Features

Friendship and Romance

In the game, the player can match up two characters from Sector XIII to make an unbreakable friendship or spark a romantic relationship. Each character has their own heart chart within their statistics that gives information on their relationships with other characters. This is enabled through constantly putting two certain characters in the player's party, within a set number of in-game days the characters are in one party, it will trigger special dialogue and events that give the player dialogue choices of either increasing friendship or romance points for the two characters. There are four stages for both relationship paths.


  • Acquaintances
  • Friends
  • Good Friends
  • Best Friends


  • Acquaintances
  • Infatuation
  • Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner
  • Significant Other

Upon reaching the final stage of these paths, the characters gain a significant stat buff and increased experience gain when they are put in the same party with their paired character.

The friendship path between characters are omnipresent with all characters, which include the students of Sector XIII and other playable characters. While romance options are exclusive to Sector XIII and are more limited to the choice of romanceable characters.

List of Possible Romances for Each Character

Character Possible Romantic Interest


















Theo N/A

















Atlas N/A




Animated Scenes

Unlike its predecessor, which utilized 2D animation for its plot scenes, the game's scenes are now rendered in 3D with the Unreal Engine 4 graphic platform. Thus creating a seamless transition between gameplay and main story scenes. However, the usage of character portraits and textboxes return to the game for minor dialogue. Scenes encountered by the player can still be replayed with the Theater option in the game's menu along with downloadable skits.

Downloadable Content

The DLCs in the game still consists of character costumes, special scenes, and other content featured in the previous games. The character costumes now include artis skins, that alter the colors and effects of the artis used by characters wearing costumes. Future playable chapters can also be downloaded that enables the player to play certain characters that couldn't be played in the main story.


Costumes are cosmetic outfits characters can wear in the game. Although during school hours, they are required to wear uniforms; on weekends and holidays, characters will wear their standard combat outfit. The player can also buy costumes in shops located around the game. But some costumes are packed as DLCs which are specially themed, downloadable costume packs include costumes for all twelve of Sector XIII characters and some DLC packs include costumes for the unlockable characters.

The current downloadable packs are:

  • Pajama pack
  • Cotillion pack
  • Beach Day pack
  • Club Portano pack
  • Nethyre pack

Downloadable Episodes

Episodes are downloadable chapters that have plotlines unrelated to the main plot. Some are sidestories while some are short chapters that happen after the events of the game's story. There are also episodes that enable the player to play as characters unplayable in the main game, they also introduce new characters that are relevant to the episode's story.

After:Ruin — The Runaway Firework

After running away from the ruined capitol complex and leaving her friends behind to fend for themselves, Hana attempts to follow her father in pursuit of vengeance. There, she will come across strangers, both familiar and unfamiliar; who will test her new calling for revenge.
Episode blurb

After:Ruin — A Horse with No Name

Colin and Professor Lauvlin begin their three-year long journey in the desert region of Alturas. Determined to better himself for the sake of his family, friends, and Ordeos; Colin will be confronted with thoughts of the attack that destroyed his hopes and dreams. Can he overcome his anxiety and trauma amidst the desert heat and the dangerous Nethyres that await him and Lauvlin?
Episode blurb

Ante Omnia — Sector III, Batch A.W. 137

Seven years before the advent of Sector XIII, another sector filled with prodigies stood on the grounds of the Academia: Sector VII. We follow one of the sector's students, Yvette Grenvild, as she and her classmates embark on a road trip to the mountain regions of Ordeos to celebrate their forthcoming graduation. Witness the events that have shaped Professor Grenvild into the person she is today.
Episode blurb


The game still retains its tradition of having a collection of existing songs meshed together as a curated soundtrack, paying homage to the music contributed by the artists listed. The diversity of the soundtrack has immensely improved with the usage of songs and compositions that go beyond the video game field. Individual theme songs for characters are new additions to the soundtrack by using songs and compositions from contemporary music. The player can still be able to play the soundtrack through the theater option in the menu.

Chronicles of Eredità 

Score and OST

Rhythmic Toy World -「ネバギバ」 Opening Theme
Piano for Brother Title Screen
World of Remnant 4: The Four Maidens Prologue
Battle! Gym Leader (Pokemon Sword/Shield) ~Orchestral Battle Arrange~ Portano City (Battle Theme)
Aminé - Invincible Colin's Theme
Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat Jenara's Theme
Polkadot Stingray - Telecaster Stripe Hanabi's Theme
Dorian Electra - Flamboyant Nicolette's Theme
Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd - Pray For Me Chance's Theme


Official Art

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