Chronicles Of Lumisia
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Developer(s) Cassiopeia Studios
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii U logo


Genre(s) Action RPG


Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan

Q4 2017

25px-Flag of USA


Mode(s) 1-4 players
Age Rating(s) ESRB: E +10 for Ages Ten And Up

PEGI: 10+

Media Included Nintendo Switch Cartridge

Wii U Disk Amiibo Figures

Chronicles Of Lumisia (Known in Japan as Lumisia: Of Life and Death) is a 3D Action RPG Game released for the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Wii U. It is developed by Cassiopeia Studios and published by Nintendo. It is a new game that follows the classic Fantasy RPG format with new twists and gameplay mechanics. It follows a group of heroes that join a crusade to rid the world of a worldwide threat called the Noxium, a hostile species of creatures created by an unknown force.



The game's action gameplay is almost similar to that of the Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy series. It enables the player to traverse around an open-world setting, giving the player a chance to go to almost any place with leisure. The battle system has somewhat of a beat 'em up style with the elements of Kingdom Hearts; the player fights enemies as he walks through the world.

The battle system's interface shows the player and their party's HP (Health points) and SP (Special points) on the lower right part of the screen. With a set of commands and skills shown on the lower left of the screen. On the Wii U Controller / 3DS' touchscreen, shows the map of the current area the player is in. It also shows the player and their party's health and stats. The same interface also applies to the Nintendo Switch's controller.

The player's party consist of four characters: the player's character and three companions. The player has the power to freely switch between party members to play as with the 3DS Select Button button or simply double tapping on their image in the controller screen.

Each character has their own unique perk that helps them in battle, ranging from jumping to high places and locating hidden item chests to transforming into another form and teleporting. 


The game has an experience system ranging from 1 - 100. As the player's level goes up, the experience points (EP) goes up too, making leveling up to the next level longer. The player's current party can only gain experience since they are the one who the player is playing.


As the player goes through the game's plot, he or she can also play through missions to gain rewards. Some missions also trigger special events or unlock characters.

Skill Tree

Each character has their own skill tree the player can customize to their liking. As a character levels up, they unlock more skills in the system to choose from. Once a character reaches level 70, they will acquire their Ultimatum Skill, which is the most powerful skill they could learn. The player can mix and match skills that could help a character in combat and can further improve their performance. Skill builds can either make or break a character's potential in the battlefield.


The player can travel to different towns and kingdoms through Violet's Warp Ring, which canonically teleports the party to a place they are familiar with. Basically, a map is shown to the player in traveling on the controller screen, they can just tap on the town/kingdom they want to go to and the player will just warp to the its save point.



Lumisia a continent of royalty, magic, and adventure. It is one of the most-populated continent residing in the world of Althea. For years it has experienced life and death with its citizens. As a soul passes away, another enters. Above the sky of Lumisia reside the two powerful Godesses of Althea: Diantha and Palestia.

Diantha is the goddess of time. She controls the world's clock, which governs the balance of Althea's countries. She is also the one who controls every living being's clock, taking away their lives when their time comes. Diantha rules the world of Althea along with her sister, Palestia.

Palestia is the goddess of space. She created the world of Althea, its sun, and its moon, with her own hands. She was the one who created life in Althea. Although being powerful, Palestia didn't know how to control her powers; thus leading to create darkness in the world. This darkness, which Diantha calls the Noxium, was a dangerous force that wreaked havoc unto the world and its inhabitants, creating otherworldly monsters who destroyed Althea's treasures. The two goddesses did everything they could do but to no avail, they failed ultimately.

Eventually, the Noxium creatures made a maelstrom in Althea. Everything was in ruin, the people of Althea were slowly succumbing to the dark force, some becoming creatures themselves. Until Palestia and Diantha hatched an idea in their heads, with a swish of a hand, they blessed a group of travelers with might and the gift of light, that will help them fight the Noxium; these people went on to call themselves the 'Knights of Althea', a group of warriors dedicated to rid the world of darkness. These knights then fought the forces of the Noxium, destroying the creatures with their god-given strength. They have fought for years, acquiring new comrades and saving more and more towns in the process, until they eventually singled out the creatures. They proceeded to kill the last Noxium, but to no avail, they couldn't. The creature just wouldn't die. Palestia then decided to banish it to another dimension she created, Nox, wherein the monster couldn't travel into the world of Althea as the goddess closed the gates of the dimension to Althea forever. After that, Althea was now at peace. Its people rejoiced and there was no sign of Noxium found.

For centuries, the world of Althea lived in peaceful harmony. Until a hooded traveler went up to the peak of Mt. Divus, the highest mountain in Althea, as they casted a spell which suddenly summoned a wormhole wherein countless creatures of the Nox dimension entered the world. This alerted Palestia who saw what the hooded figure has done; she tried to close the portal but to no avail, the hooded figure summoned more and more portals as they conjured a large spear from thin air and threw it to Palestia, impaling the goddess and consuming her with the flames of the Nox, killing her. Diantha came in time just to see her beloved sister being murdered by a mere mortal, she raged upon the figure and attacked them only for them to teleport and escaping her wrath. As Diantha watched the Noxium creatures wreak havoc once again on her world, she didn't know what to do as she didn't have the same powers her sister had. Thus she seeked the aid of the kingdoms of Althea, sending messages to every kingdom looking for knights who are strong enough to destroy the Noxium once and for all. Thus the kingdoms ordered a search, for powerful warriors to be recruited to defeat the new force of evil. Many men and women gathered in the kingdom of Asteria, the capital of the Lumisia continent, in hopes to join the crusade to save the world. And this is where the story starts.

Chapter 0

This is the tutorial chapter. You start with an interface that shows the default characters: Ciel, Olly, and Violet. You are given choice to choose one of them for you to play as through the tutorial. It will also reveal their backstory and where they're heading. Choosing Ciel will let you start in Lumisia Knight Academy, choosing Olly will let you start in the Asteria Meadow, and choosing Violet will let you start in the Archae Forest.

Basically, the chapter leads you through the basic controls and information as the player's character heads to their destination, the Palace of Asteria. It will also introduce the game's features and gives the game's backstory. Once the player enters the palace, the tutorial ends.

The three characters enter the palace and see a crowd of warriors who look stronger than them. They are then greeted by Captain Nicolette, Asteria's Head Of Defense, and she explains the situation. The country of Lumisia is abundant of monsters called the Noxium, she requests the warriors to protect the innocent people from the creatures and defeat every single Noxium in sight. She then orders her knights to go through every person and team them up by three. Coincedentally, the three are grouped, thus ending the chapter.

Chapter 1

Ciel, Olly, and Violet are formed as a party and they were sent to Archae Forest to start their journey. As they walk through the forest, Ciel decides to lightly mock Violet about her abilities, which triggers a small argument between the two that Olly breaks up. It was obvious that the trio weren't comfortable with each other considering they just met. Olly decided to help them loosen up a bit and get to know each other. Violet starts off with boasting about her upbringing in which Ciel snickers at her story, saying that a family of witches doesn't make a strong warrior; this makes Violet angry and once again, the two argue and Ciel starts to draw his blade at the young witch, who was about to cast a spell on him. Then suddenly, a horde of monsters approach them, marking the player's first battle. This battle introduces the feature of switching your character. After the battle, Olly compliments Ciel on his sword skills and Violet on her magical prowess, Violet then proceeds to reluctantly give Ciel a merit on his battling skills in which the knight responds with the same tone. Olly then encourages them to continue on with hunting for the Noxium creatures in the forest and proceeding to a nearby town to rest when they are tired. The three then proceed to explore more of the forest, they eventually come up to a gigantic tree, in which Olly and Violet partake an interest on. Ciel scoffs at their enthusiasm but Violet tells him that this tree is an Asteria tree, a rare species of tree that only appears in the kingdom, Olly then tells him that this is the first tree of its kind that grew thousands of years ago. Violet then asks the elf on how he knew this information, in which Ciel butts in and asks him how old he is; the two then assume Olly must be as old as the tree as they giggled at their theory, Olly quickly denies it and tries to get it off their heads. Suddenly they hear a rustle from the tree as an ent Noxium jumps out from the branches and roars, the three ready themselves for combat. This triggers the first boss battle.

When the creature is defeated, Ciel pants in exhaustion and asks Olly where the nearest town is. Violet then teases the knight and he gets angry. Olly looks at his map and tells them that the closest town is Sierra Village, a remote town just to the west of the forest.

Chapter 2

The party arrive in the bustling village of Sierra and they see that the town is populated by Anthropes, a special species of humans who have animalian qualities, who were portrayed as lesser beings by humans and elves alike. Ciel suggests that they skip this town as it might feel awkward if they were staying in a town filled with "different beings". Olly scolds him about it saying that the Anthropes were no different and tells the knight that the next town would take a day or so to get to by foot. Violet then points at an inn nearby called 'The Bertel Inn', she compliments the inn's sign which had bunny ears on it. Ciel immediately says 'no' at the chance of staying in an inn ran by anthropes, Violet asks him what was his problem with them. In which Ciel just shrugs it off and tells her that they're just petty thieves and tricksters. Olly assures him that they're not all like that, he then looks at his map only for an anthrope with cat-like qualities to run by and snatch it from his hands. Ciel then points it out, but Olly sighs and shakes his head at Ciel, telling him they could buy another map tomorrow. Violet continues to suggest staying in the Bertel Inn, pointing out that the place has free breakfast. Suddenly, the three hear a voice that was agreeing with them, the look to see a young anthrope girl with rabbit ears, she tells them that the inn is the perfect place to stay for adventurers like them. Violet and Olly quickly agree and begin to go inside, whereas Ciel just tells them that they trust these people too easily. The young anthrope assures the knight that her family has been running the business since then and is always accomodating to every species who could talk. Violet then tells her comrade that it was either this inn or he sleeps outside, Ciel sighs and reluctantly goes with them.  As they go inside, they see a lot of different adventurers socializing at the inn's lounge. Ciel sees humans and anthropes having a good time together, drinking beer and laughing; which gives him some consolation. The young anthrope then introduced herself as Emily, the daughter of the owner. At the counter, an older anthrope man who looked like Emily's father was arguing with a peculiar man with fox ears. The fox anthrope persuades the man in the counter to let him stay one night but the man refuses and tells him to get out before he brings more trouble. The fox sighs and turns around to leave, muttering that they would regret this which Ciel hears. Olly greets the man at the counter, who introduces himself as Klaus Bertel, the owner of the establishment. He then books two rooms, one for Ciel and Olly and the other for Violet, and has Emily lead them to their respective rooms. When Ciel and Olly reached their rooms, Olly tells him that the inn's owner was very hospitable. In which Ciel just reluctantly agree, the elf asks him what was his deal with anthropes. Ciel just tells him he has a bad history with them when he was young, he tells Olly that his village was attacked by a group of gypsies who were anthropes, which resulted in the loss of some of his family. Olly pats his friend in the back and assures him that anthropes are good just like humans and elves, and asks him that if elves were treated like anthropes, would Ciel still accept him? On the other room, Violet was practicing incantations on her bed. She is then suddenly disturbed by an old woman with rabbit ears, who tells her that her skills were bad. Violet scoffs at the old lady and asks her if she knew anything about magic. The old lady replied that the young witch didn't know who she was messing with. Violet then tells the lady to show her what she's made of, in which the lady just gestured her hands and summons a small bear Noxium in the room which frightens but amuses Violet. The young witch then asks the lady if she could teach her, in which she shakes her head in disappointment and just tells her to take a rest as she left. Violet pouts as she was denied of being taught, she was then suddenly reminded of someone from her past who the old lady really reminded her of, in which Violet shudders and just proceeds to lie down on her bed to sleep.

====Chapter 3  ====

The party arrives in the kingdom of Farron, only to see a group of guards stopping them, ordering them to stay away from the kingdom. Ciel, assuming the guards were Noxium, draws out his sword and was ready to fight the guards. But then suddenly a young man appears with an older man accompanying him, the young man told the guards to stop and let the visitors in. The guards accept the man's request, caling him "your highness". Violet looked at the young man and was enamored by his debonair aura, she asked him about his name. The young man introduced himself as Alistair, the prince of the kingdom.==== Alistair invites the party to his palace to have some tea. Ciel and Olly hesitantly agrees while Violet and Emily nodded hastily in awe of the prince's demeanor. The team and Alistair sit in his palace's dining room, drinking tea and discussing their plans. Ciel tells the prince about their mission, making the prince look in awe. Alistair also tells his family background and his future coronation, but Violet senses there was something off about him as he tells his story. As he continues, Alistair suddenly pauses and ends the conversation, but he invites the team to stay in his palace for awhile to rest. Ciel, after a lot of begging and puppy-dog eyes from Emily, accepts his invitation hesitantly again.

Later, the party is about to call it a day in one of the palace's many majestic bedrooms. But Olly brings up the topic about Alistair being a little shady, Violet disagrees with Olly, leading into an argument. Suddenly, a loud crash booms from the outside, Ciel looks out the window to see Noxium attacking the palace and its walls; Emily criticizes Alistair and his family for putting their palace on the front door of the kingdom of Farron. Ciel calls the team to fight the creatures, they jump out of the window and see Alistair and his guards also fighting. The prince orders them to get back and block the doors, but Ciel disagrees and urges to fight the creatures (This begins a battle between a multitude of Noxium. Alistair will help you along the way, but he's not included in your team)

After all the Noxium in the palace were dead, Alistair orders everyone to go back in. Once they entered, Violet questions the prince about the rampant spawn rate of Noxium in Farron. Alistair sighs as he tells her that Farron is located near a mountain region wherein, in what he described, a certain dark thing, was located. His father once went with his soldiers to stop the spawns of Noxium, it was a two month mission, but they never returned. Alistair then expresses his fear of becoming the king, because he's going to be the one who's going to be responsible for the extermination of Noxium in Farron. Lacking skills in leadership, he fears that his kingdom might die because he's too afraid to lead and kill the Noxium. Violet comforts him and assures him that they'll go and destroy the thing Alistair was talking about, Alistair insists on going with the team and they accept (Alistair now joins the party but remember, there can only be four active members. To play as Alistair, you must replace one party member with him. That party member will not be active.)

The party sets foot on Mt. Yvonia as Alistair orders the royal board to take charge of the kingdom while he's gone. Then they were now on their way to the mountain where the thing was located (Along the way, you will have to battle numerous Noxium in your path.) Once the party arrives on Mt. Yvonia, they hear a loud monstrous shriek coming from its peak, they start to climb the mountain.

When they reached the top they see a giant Noxium bird flapping its wings, below it is a gate-like shadow, summoning Noxium wolves. The team draws out their weapons and begins to fight the creatures (The giant bird is the boss while the wolves are just common enemies.) After the bird is defeated, the gate then disappears into thin air and no Noxium was in sight and suddenly, a group of men appear, confused and exhausted. One of them was Alistair's father, the two reunite happily as the party celebrate and make their way back to Farron whilst from a distance a hooded man curses as he watches the team, then a feminine voice calls his attention. The man apologizes to the voice, the voice then demands that this won't happen again or else.

The party then reach Farron with its citizens celebrating the defeat of the Noxium and the king's return. The king orders a feast for the kingdom to celebrate, everyone cheers as they make their way to the palace. As everyone is celebrating, Alistair approaches Ciel, he asks if he could join their journey. Ciel then looks at the king, afraid they might get in trouble if his son goes off the kingdom slaying dangerous creatures. Alistair calls his father and the three discuss Alistair's plan, the king accepts his son's plan, saying that it's a good stepping stone into being a good servant of the people. Ciel then accepts Alistair into the party (Alistair will now accompany you.)

The morning after the feast, the party along with Alistair, say their farewells to the kingdom. The king then gives them his blessing and tokens that will protect them wherever they go. Alistair hugs his father for the last time as they set off to their next destination: the town of Gullen.

Chapter 4

On their way to the town of Gullen, the party stumbles upon a castle beclouded by tall pine trees. It was guarded by knights dressed in a dark gothic fashion, the castle was blocking the way to Gullen so the only way to go to Gullen was to go inside the castle and walk right through it. Violet senses a strange aura in the castle as they walk to the knights, she quietly warns Ciel to be careful when they go inside. The party greets the guards, who point their weapons at them, threatening them to go or they will perish. Suddenly, a man orders the guards to let them in. The party looks around for who said that, then the owner of the voice suddenly lands on the ground. He smiles and introduces himself as Gerard, as he greets the party, offering to be his guests this evening.

Violet refuses the offer and tells the man they were just going to pass through. Gerard still insists the party to stay for the night, he offers a free dinner and comfortable beds. Emily then comments that the castle is actually an inn for the travelers, this slightly aggravates Gerard. The man crouches down to Emily, stroking her rabbit ears and tugging them slightly, hurting the girl. Ciel then refuses Gerard's offer, but Gerard warns them that Noxium go about the way towards Gullen during the night and he informs that they are much stronger when there's a full moon, which coincedentally the full shape of the moon starts to show in the afternoon sky. The party then accepts Gerard's offer, Gerard then calls his maid, Amelia, to prepare their beds. A beautiful maid comes and nods in obedience, Olly is then enamored by the maids beauty, he then hits on her which results to Amelia hitting him on the head.

Inside the huge castle, the party accompanies Amelia to their room. As they enter the room, Amelia then tells them that they shouldn't have gone through here. Alistair asks why, the maid then quickly closes the door and instructs the party to talk silently or else they might hear them. Amelia then explains that this mansion is actually a hotel wherein guests who go here are bribed by Gerard with his free dinner and bedroom offer, but she tells them that whenever dinnertime is about to come, the guests are then led to the dining room where they are killed by Noxium and are cooked for Gerard and the others. Ciel then suggest they escape but Amelia argues with him saying the only way out is the back gate which is guarded by strong Noxium. Olly holds Amelia's hands and encourages her to try and escape, bring her friends with her. But Amelia stares in hesitance, she says almost all of the staff are possessed by the force of Noxium, slowly becoming creatures of the shadows. But Olly insists that they must fight back, he explains that they are all knights who are on their mission to protect the innocent and defeat the Noxium. Amelia takes a deep breathe and accepts, she then instructs the team on how to escape, she also gives them a map to the castle. But before they can escape, the party must find the mansion's butler before it's too late. (Amelia now joins the party. The player must make their way to the butler's room, the castle is large and there are many rooms and hallways and there are a lot of Noxium lurking around the area.)

Once the party finds the butler's room, they enter and see a clutter of things scattered around the room. Amelia curses in failure, she tells the team that it was too late. Then a werewolf suddenly crashes into the room, looking hostile, it then attacks the team. Amelia quickly informs that they should defeat it right now. (This triggers a mini-boss battle with the werewolf.) After the werewolf is defeated, it transforms back into its human form, an old butler. Amelia and Alistair come to the aid of the butler, helping him up to stand. Ciel and Olly realize that he's a werewolf and become enthusiastic about the fact that there is an actual werewolf in their presence. Violet then smacks both boys' heads to quiet them down. The butler introduces himself as Sebastian, coughing up in exhaustion, Ciel and Olly then beg the old man to join them on their journey. Amelia smacks the two boys again and informs the team that they are ready to go.

But then suddenly, Gerard appears, smiling menacingly. He applauds Amelia for her disobedience and stupidity for betraying him, Amelia then attacks him in a fast manner, but Gerard teleports and takes Sebastian. He then says farewell to his dumb daughter, Amelia, which leaves everyone in shock as Gerard teleports away. The party questions Amelia about what Gerard said, she then confesses everything, she was Gerard's daughter from a previous relationship and that Gerard was a vampire and her mother was a human, which made her a hybrid. One night, her mother was sick of Gerard's dark ways she then tried to escape, only to be stopped by Gerard and eaten alive by him. After her death, Gerard then disowns Amelia as his daughter and starts treating her like a maid, dressing her up in a uniform and ordering her around, the girl just went with it out of fear that she might also end up like her mother. Amelia then tears up and admits her fear of escaping the castle because she might also get eaten alive too.

The team comforts her and Emily tries to cheer her up by saying that they're going to be with her when she gets eaten alive, implying that they all must get eaten alive. This leads to everyone smacking Emily in the head, a large bump then portrudes on her head. Ciel then encourages Amelia to fight back and stand up to her father. The clock suddenly sings as it strikes seven, Amelia tells the team that it's dinnertime. They immediately head to the dining room, the only place Gerard would be in at dinnertime. (The player must now head to the dining room, the Noxium in the hallways are stronger now.)

The party arrive at the dining room with Sebastian lying down on a large plate, an apple gags him, but he was still crying for help. Gerard then invites the party for the appetizer before they are cooked for the others, the party accepts and proceeds to attack him (This triggers a boss battle with Gerard. He will summon knights into the battle area and disappear for awhile, the player must defeat the knights. Once they are defeated, Gerard appears again.)

After he is defeated, Gerard lays on the ground, tired and close to unconsciousness. Everyone goes to untie Sebastian as Amelia steps on her father's chest, saying her final farewell to him in a bitter manner. The party leaves quickly to Gullen with Amelia.

Hours later, Gerard gets up and slams the table in anger, breaking it. Suddenly, a dark shadow appears from across the table and out came the hooded man and a woman obnubilated by shadows. The woman scolds Gerard for being an insolent dolt for letting them defeat you. Gerard then apologizes, the hooded man shakes his head and tells him that his idiotic ways will never be forgiven. The woman then accepts Gerard's apology, making the hooded man shock, she then teleports to Gerard and tells him she was just kidding. She proceeds to inhale and take away Gerard's life, killing him. She orders the hooded man to take care of it, all of it; the man then summons a blue flame to set the whole castle on fire. The two enter the shadow and disappear into thin air as the flames destroy the castle, dying once it all burned down.

Chapter 5

The party finally reaches the town of Gullen where they come across the townspeople in the process of a ritual in the town's temple. They were offering a boar to the goddesses as a form of sacrifice to protect the town from the hordes of Noxium surrounding the area. The party spectates the ritual and see Winona, the high priestess of the town, leading the ritual. When she finished the activity, she notices Alistair and announces his name, she then invited the the party to a feast to celebrate the prince's unexpected arrival. Later in the private feast, Olly bumps into a girl carrying a plate of scones, after recovering her posture, she introduces herself as Naomi, a priestess-in-training under Winona. Though Amelia bickers that she was treated more like a servant than an apprentice.

In the feast, Winona discusses with the party about the ongoing Noxium attacks that affected the town's economy and livelihood and the rampage has even caused some violent deaths in the town. She then thanked Alistair for coming to aid the town with reinforcements and requested the party to protect the area from Noxium and investigate on the source of the frequent attacks. She then offered them a place to stay and her apprentice, Naomi, to aid the party in their explorations. (Naomi will now join the party)

As the team investigates the surroundings of the town, they are then faced with numerous Noxium along the way (This triggers a sequence of battles with a lot of Noxium along a path). After going through the creatures, the party stumbles upon a mysterious-looking stone that Violet sensed emitted a negative energy, as they were observing further, the stone suddenly glowed a dark energy then a large Noxium emerged from it (This then triggers a boss battle).

After defeating the Noxium, the stone then suddenly fogs up then disappears. Along the way back to the town, Ciel noticed lesser Noxium flocking around the paths. They then reported it to Winona, who was relieved that the problem has finally been solved. She then thanked the party for their efforts and rewarded them with supplies given by the townspeople. Naomi then butts in to beg Winona for her to accompany the party, explaining this could help her in her training for being a priestess. Winona hesitantly accepts Naomi's offer and sets her free with the party. They then set off to the kingdom of Ryu.

Chapter 6

As they reach the kingdom of Ryu, the party is greeted by the kingdom's emperor, Tenshi, in the gates of his dominion. The ruler revealed that he was awaiting the arrival of Alistair as the town of Gullen has contacted the kingdom of his presence. The others soon realized that they were being treated like royalty due to Alistair's presence, the emperor offers them to stay in his castle. Though the others insisted, Alistair declined the offer but suggested a nearby inn for all of them. Violet smacked the prince in the back for his refusal and Emily yelled at him for what he did, Ciel sighed and tells them to respect his decision and suck it up. Once they were settled in the inn the emperor had reserved for them. Alistair reveals to Ciel and Olly that he didn't like the royal treatment he was getting by the places they've visited, he expresses his wishes of having to live a day of not being treated like royalty. Olly tells him to try and enjoy the treatment because he's lucky enough to be blessed with his upbringing since not a lot of people, including the elf himself, can get the same treatment by the people he comes across with.

Ciel then suggests an idea, he urges Alistair to disguise himself so he won't be recognizable. Olly scoffs at his idea, but the knight further explained that the three shall spend a night for themselves to explore the kingdom. Alistair then agrees with Ciel's idea. Later that night, the three set off to the streets of the Ryu kingdom (This time, Ciel, Olly, and Alistair will be the only playable characters)

As they were wandering around the streets, the three enter a pub to get a drink. There, they see a fight blow up inside with a large barbarian drawing his sword at a masked young man who then quickly incapacitated the bigger man and ran out of the pub, with the men in the pub chasing after him. Olly then urged his two companions to see what was happening, they follow the group of men who later suspect them to be companions of the masked boy. Ciel denies their accusation but one man suddenly tackles them. (This instigates a battle with six men).

Once the three knocked out the men, the kingdom's patrol suddenly arrives and holds the three under arrest for instigating a public brawl. Ciel then urges the knights that the prince of Farron was one of them, but Alistair urges that he was "a different person", infuriating Ciel. While they were on their way to the kingdom's county jail, Ciel proceeds to scold Alistair for lying as seeing if he told the truth, it would've been a lot easier. But Alistair argues that the three deserved this for intervening with the brawl and he added that he wanted to experience the feeling of being imprisoned in a random thought. Ciel then snaps at him but before he could finish, the doors to the carriage they were riding were ripped open by the same masked boy who urges them to escape the carriage and come with him. Alistair refuses his request but he is pulled by Ciel and Olly, who wanted to escape from being imprisoned. The knights then noticed the three escaping so they decide to chase after them. (This starts a chase sequence where the player must escape from the knights, if they fail to do so, it means they have to start over. The masked boy will also join the party)

When they succeeded escaping from the knights, the three end up in a dark alleyway with the masked boy. Feeling paranoid, Ciel draws out his sword for safety reasons. The masked boy tells him to relax as he takes off his mask and introduces himself as "Akihiko", a 'Ryu ninja'. Olly asks what he was doing at the bar seeings he was a bit too young to enter there, the boy explained that the men he was fighting with were brutes who were wrecking the streets where that pub was. He also added he wanted to thank the three for beating up those men he was dealing with by making them break out from the knights' carriage. Alistair tells Akihiko that what he did could cause more trouble but he assures the prince that it will be fine. Akihiko then bids farewell to the three as he jumped up and disappeared from their sights. (Akihiko will leave the party)

The next day, the party is invited by the emperor for lunch in his castle. Before Alistair could refuse, Ciel butts in and accepts the offer. Naomi and Violet were asking the three boys where they were last night, Olly just told them they were doing some exploring. The two deemed it unfair since they didn't get the chance to explore the kingdom but Alistair shushed them as they were now in the emperor's presence. Beside him, to Ciel and his two companions' shock, was Akihiko, in more refined clothing. The emperor introduced him as his grandson and the prince of Ryu. After they were finished with lunch, the emperor urged Alistair and the others to discuss with him the current situation of the other kingdoms and the Noxium. While Emily was bonding with Akihiko who ignored the young anthrope as they were playing in the grounds.

During the meeting, the emperor brought up the topic that Ryu was the safest of the kingdoms in Lumisia and was concerned that the people in the other kingdoms were in danger with the rising population of the Noxium. Ciel assured the emperor that the Lumisia and Farron kingdoms were well-protected. But the emperor was unsure of the other kingdoms and small towns. The knight then brought up their mission of trying to eliminate the Noxium terrorizing the country and to find the source of the outbreak. The emperor then tasked the party to go to the next kingdom, the floating kingdom of Univia in the island of Loren as it was the nearest kingdom. He tells them that the kingdom has been having trouble with Noxium and is on the possible verge of collapsing. Then the party plans on leaving for Univia tomorrow.

On their way to the inn, Alistair notices Akihiko following them. He strikes up a conversation with the boy, surprised by the fact that he was also a prince. Akihiko then bickers at that fact then offers his help, telling him he wanted to join the party. Ciel scoffs at his idea, as the emperor might be concerned with his disappearance and that he was too young to leave his kingdom. Akihiko argues that he's sick of the kingdom and explained he wants to leave Ryu and never turn back but his grandfather declines his wishes as this will rupture the royal family. He then explained the only way he could have fun was to be a vigilante at night, stopping crimes in the streets of Ryu. But Ciel still refuses his offer, saying that their journey wasn't for fun and was for greater cause. Akihiko then stomps out angrily and curses the party.

The next day, as the party were preparing for their leave. Alistair arrives with Akihiko, Ciel argues with Alistair that Akihiko wasn't allowed to come with them. But Alistair tells him that he made some arrangements with the emperor and assured him they had the ruler's blessing of taking Akihiko with him. Ciel then reluctantly accepts the situation and the party leaves the kingdom. (Akihiko will now permanently join the party)


The game has a plethora of characters to play as, giving the player the freedom to play as anyone on the roster. Most of the characters are unlocked as the story progresses while some are unlocked by missions or certain conditions. Every character has a different appearance, personality, and class to give the game diversity. The player starts with three characters to play as.

Starter Characters

Character Info

Ciel NEW

Ciel Edelmann

Class: Knight

Weapon: Sword

Age: 19


Trained by his father, a knight of Lumisia; Ciel was only 12 when he graduated from Lumisia's Knight Institute and began serving the country as a full-fledged knight. For years, he has been serving the Gods with his courage and bravery. But after the Gods disappeared, the kingdom of Lumisia searched for heroes all around the country to find the traveler. Ciel, who worshipped the Gods religiously, stepped in.

Ciel is the classic swordsman who is best in melee combat. He has a lot of techniques that can give a great amount of damage to his enemies but his lack of defense might slow him down a bit.

Olly NEW

Olly Alfur

Class: Marksman

Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Age: 19


Olly is a jolly elf who hails from the Elven City of Osalund. He was taught at an early age how to hunt for his survival. When the goddess Palestia died, the beacon of light in the city began to crumble as darkness crept over the city. Its citizens evacuated to the kingdom of Lumisia. When the kingdom searched for heroes to save the world, Olly signed up to save his home.

Olly wields the bow and arrow and is mostly a ranged fighter. He has an array of arrows that can explode, set a magic trap, plant bombs, and many more. His arrows are limited and once they run out, Olly will need some time to supply them back.

Violet NEW

Violet Sorciere

Class: Mage

Weapon: Wand

Age: 16


Violet is a young mage born from a family of witches who are loyal to its legacy to serve the darkness. Although Violet opposes from this idea, fed up with their pressure, she runs away to the kingdom of Lumisia to find a greater purpose for her abilities.

Violet fights with her wand and casts spells that can inflict damage on her targets. Though she is weak in physical combat, she can deal quite the damage with her magic.

Unlockable Characters (By Story)

Character Info

Emily NEW

Emily Bertel

Class: Rogue

Weapon: Daggers

Age: 13


Emily is an orphan anthrope rabbit girl who runs around the village of Sierra's markets and steals its goods for her own survival. She is a very troublesome girl who caused a lot of mishaps in the market, she is also known for 'accompanying' traveling adventurers who stop by Sierra and eventually stealing their loot. Though after being saved by the party, she has changed her ways and is more genuine.

Emily is a speedy character thanks to her lightweight weapons, thus she can deal more combos than the others. She can also quickly dodge attacks and can deal massive damage with the right combos. Though due to her light frame, she can easily be blown away by tanks and heavy opponents.

Naomi Lychnus

Class: Cleric

Weapon: Staff

Age: 16


Naomi is an apprentice to Gullen's high priestess, she has been under her wing for two years and is well on her way to become like her master.

Naomi is a support character and is mostly used for healing the team. She can also cast buff spells and offensive light magic spells. Though she isn't useful in attacking as she is a support character.

COL amelia

Amelia Stirpes

Class: Fighter

Weapon: Gloves

Age: Immortal (Physically looks 23)


Is a vampire-hybrid who was abused by her father and has been longing for freedom.

Amelia is a hand-to-hand fighter character who uses her quick punches and kicks to deal damage. And the player can also activate her vampire mode, where her stats will increase and she'll be more faster. Although this mode is time-limited and will wear off after a fixed amount of time.

Matsuda Akihiko

Class: Ninja

Weapon: Katana, Shurikens, and other sharp projectiles.

Age: 14


Akihiko is the prince of the Ryu kingdom who hates his royal role and wishes to just have some fun and beat up some bad guys. He likes to go vigilante by night and bust crimes in the streets of his kingdom

The ninja Akihiko has a wide range of attacks but his main weapon is the katana which serves as his basic melee weapon. Akihiko is a mix of a ranged and melee fighter as he can also throw projectiles like shurikens and kunais so he can have a variety of attacks depending on his skill tree. He is also a fast character and can jump to high places with ease.

Unlockable Characters (By Mission)

Character Info

Class: Butler

Weapon: Knives and Daggers

Age: 67


Sebastian has served Gerard ever since Amelia was a baby, he was her personal butler until she became a maid. He still retains his friendship with the young girl and is very protective of her. One night, while he was strolling around the back gate to check if it was locked, a werewolf suddenly attacked him, he fought it with all his might, the werewolf escaped but he found a small bite mark on his arm. Until this day, he is now cursed with werewolf powers.

Like Amelia, Sebastian can transform into a werewolf for an amount of time. He is more rabid and wild in this mode and skills will be harder to control. But when he is in his human form, he is the type of character that deals little damage but will give a massive amount of it in the final blow.

How to unlock:

The player has the option to unlock Sebastian in the story. A mission requested by Amelia sights her request to build a home for Sebastian in Gullen. The player must gather materials from different areas and Tenebrae then give them to Amelia. Once the mission, Sebastian can now join the player's party.


Downloadable Content

DLCs range from outfits to extra skills that are mostly paid by the player. Free content include event items, weapons and outfits, and animated scenes. There will also be downloadable chapters in the future that features new scenarios and characters.

Animated Scenes

The game's story is told through anime-esque scenes which contrasts to its 3D models in the core gameplay. While some scenes are played through skits involving character voices and icons, most of the game's core plot utilizes animated scenes. The player can replay these scenes in the menu's theater option. They can also unlock more extra animated scenes (Which are mostly for comedic purposes and non-canon scenes) through DLCs.


The game has a soundtrack that features its score and theme song. The player can play the soundtrack in the menu's theather option after finishing the game and can also unlock more songs through DLCs. The game's score is simply a collection from different video games remade by the game's company as a homage to the great composers of such games.

Chronicles of Lumisia Score
Born a Stranger Title Screen
The Promise


Character Making

Tutorial (Field)

Twilight Town (Combat) Tutorial (Battle)


Beta Art

Official Art


  • The game is inspired by titles such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and the Tales of series. It is called by the creators as a tribute to the inspirations.
  • It stopped development in 2016 due to scheduling conflicts but resumed by 2017, pushing back the release date for another year.
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