Chomper is a Chain Chomp that makes his first appearance in Super Paper Bros., he appears in Jibber Jabber City. He is very powerful, with low health, and high defense. His girlfriend Chompya went missing, so he went to find her. His search ended up with him in prison, Mario & Co. are also tossed in prison after losing to, General Phai, Mario and Co. realize that Chomper can charge right through the game door.



Chomps an enemy causing 7 damage.

  • 0 FP
  • Intial


Runs over all the enenmies, causing 7 damage.

  • 4 FP
  • Intial


Barks causing enemies to flee or be dizzy.

  • 3 FP
  • Super Rank

Giga Clobber

User's size doubles and it runs over all enemies, causing 9 damage and stuns them for two turns.

  • 5 FP
  • Super Rank

Mega Chomp

Chomps all enenmies in one giant bite, causing 14 damage.

  • 9 FP
  • Ultra Rank