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Chilli Rhythm is a spin-off of the Mr. Chilli series developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Novaya. While the previous games were platformers and simulations, Chilli Rhythm is, as the name suggests, a rhythm-based game.


Chilli Rhythm's gameplay is based much more around the court cases than previous Mr. Chilli games; while the simulation aspects remain, they are much less pronounced.

During court cases, icons corresponding to buttons will travel up the middle of the screen. Each of these buttons must be hit at the correct time to earn points, and if one of them is missed the player loses points. Depending on the difficulty, each case has a minimum number of points that must be earned to achieve the desired verdict.


  • Briefcase lul
  • Vocals


Each characters has stats for Song, Dance, Glamour and Law and Order (for organisation).


Many of the songs in the game are taken from the Fantendo Mixtape Project.


  • When Chilli was still a #FantendoTournabouts character, he used to break into song a lot.