Childhood Adventure
Poster Childhood
Director Thektdude
Producer(s) Thektdude
Studio(s) TE Studios & Universal Pictures
Writer(s) Thektdude
Type Live Action
Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy
Country of Origin United Kingdom
Theatrical Release Date(s)
GB Flag July 15th 2016

Flag of European Union August 12th 2016

US Flag August 12th 2016

Australia Flag August 15th 2016

September 2nd 2016 (WW)

Home Edition Release Date(s)
GB Flag October 12th 2016

Flag of European Union November 11th 2016

US Flag November 11th 2016

Australia Flag November 18th 2016

December 2nd 2016 (WW)

Age Rating(s)
12A Theatrical Release

RATED PG-13. Theatrical Release

BBFC 15 DVD/Blu-ray Release (Uncut)

RATED R DVD/Blu-ray Release (Uncut)

Runtime 109 Minutes

Childhood Adventure is a film about five kids who go back to their old childhood events and adventures they had when they were younger. Its the first film to be directed by Thektdude. The film is set to be released Mid Summer 2016. Book Your Tickets at KTMA World Now!

Opening Sequence

Universal Pictures, TE Studios.

The Plot

Begins in the middle of July and school has just finished and some people have gone on holiday, while others have stayed for the rest of the summer. It starts out with Jack having a party near the school field and inviting everyone he knows. Leo gets an invite but doesn't plan on coming, but decides to when Jack said he would look out for him if he gets in trouble. At the party, Jack is talking to people, and then sees Leo getting pushed by one of the rugby players and Jack walks up to the guy and tells him to get lost, and the guy looks at him with an angry look and walks off into the crowd. Jack asks if he's okay and Leo replies with hes fine and Jack stays with him after that. While they are talking, Jess walks up to them and tells Jack two guys are kicking off. Jack, Leo and Jess walk up to where Max and Ryan are shouting at each other. They watch as Ryan tries to go at Max and Max grabs him around his head and starts kneeing him into his belly. Jack then quickly walks up to the two people and pushes them back away from each other and tells them both to stop fighting. While this is happening, Jess asks Leo if he wants to hang out sometime. Leo replies with an "OK" and Jess gives her number to him, written on a small piece of paper. Jess then walks off, just before she turns back and waves to him. He waves back and then Jess walks off into the crowd. Leo then smiles to himself.

After the party was over, Leo and Jack are walking back home and Jack asks if Leo wants to stay at his house since his parents won't back till Tuesday. Leo replies, "Yeah sure" and they head to Jack's House. Before they go off to sleep, Leo goes on his phone while Jack is asleep and texted the number Jess gave to him on a small piece of paper. Then he shut his phone off, and went to sleep.

The Next day, Leo leaves early after he gets a text from the number saying to meet her at the field near the school where the party held last night. He then sees her sitting on the grass. Leo walks towards her and taps on her shoulder and she turns her head towards him and says, "You got my text." Leo says, "Yeah." Leo sits next to her and she talks to him. They talk from what they do and who they are, then Jack comes out of nowhere and says, "You guys alright?" They both slightly jump and turn their heads to where they see Jack looking at them. Leo asks how long hes been standing there and replies only for a minute. Then Jack sits down with them and they continue talking.

After a bit of talking, Jack then mentions about his childhood of how he used to go on adventures as a kid with Leo and Max and explore places they have never been to before. Jess then mentions she still does that a lot because its something she likes doing instead of staying in home, or being in school. Leo then gets an idea. He tells Jack and Jess that we should try and do those things again from their childhood. They both think for a couple of seconds then agree to his idea. They all then get up and start walking off the field, towards town.

They first head off to Jess' house so she can get her stuff, then Leo's and finally Jack's. Jack writes a note and puts it on the kitchen and leaves the house, locking it behind him. He then joins the group and they start heading into town centre. While they are there, getting food and drinks; Jack bumps into Max. Max says hi and Jack asks if hes alright from last night's party and Max says its fine, but he still thinks Ryan is an asshole. Jack says just to ignore him if he bugs him again. Max then asks what their doing and Jack tells them how their going on an adventure like they did as Kids and Max then asks if he can come on the adventure as well. Jack says, "Yeah sure," then Max says, "Cool" and Jack tells him to meet them at the west side of town and Max says "Ok." and walks out of the store and tells him he will see him and Leo there.

All three both meet up outside of Tesco's and Jack tells the others that Max is also coming and they both look at each other, then back at Jack. They both say, "ok" and start following Jack. They walk through town and then to the west side of town where they sat down at a bus stop and waited for Max. After a while, Max arrives with his stuff. Then Jack says, "Who's ready for an adventure?". They all get up and started walking again.

They keep walking until they are out of town and stop by a bunch of tall trees heading into a forest. Then Max asks, "So, were going through here?". Jack looks at him saying, "Don't you remember this?". Max looks again at the woods and then remembers his memories going in there and making a Treehouse with Jack, Leo and Jack's Dad and remembers the times they stayed for a few nights and hearing strange things in the woods. Then Max tells Jack he's remembering again and Jack smiles. They just begin to walk, until they hear someone say, "Where do you honestly think your going?" They all turn to see Ryan, sitting on a log with a cricket ball in his hand. Leo looks away to look at his phone and Max says, "Uh, is it your concern?". Ryan then gets off the log and starts walking towards them. Jack then stops him and says, "Hey, we don't want any shit happening today do we, or ever?" Ryan looks at Jack and then says, "Fine, but only If I can come on your little adventure thingy." Max and Jess both groan at the thought of it. Jack looks at the others; Leo still on his phone. Jack then says, "Max, if you don't want him making your life look like crap, then let him come with us. It might not even be that bad." Max looks at him, and then at Ryan, and then back at Jack. Then he says, "Alright, fine. He can come. He better piss me off though." Jack then goes, "Good." and then proceeds to walk onto the forest. Everyone else follows him from behind. Then, their adventure begins.

As they walk through the woods, Jack spots where the tree house used to be. They all the tree house, almost completely ruined and vandalized, along with the comments from Ryan saying, "Looks like shit." Jack looks at Ryan saying, "It didn't back when we were kids." Ryan shrugs and continues walking. Everyone else then continues walking.

They keep walking until they find a pathway that's going sideways. They all look at each other and Leo says, "Which path should we take?" Max turns left and starts walking. Leo then goes "Were going left then." and all turn left and walk on the path. As they all walking on the path, they are separated with Max, Ryan and Jack at the front, while Leo and Jess were at the back, talking about different things. Then Ryan sees something and stops the others. He then points to a house between the trees and says, "That's Mr. Murr's house." They all look and nod their heads and look at Ryan who has a massive grin on his face. He then brings out a box of eggs and says, "Its time to give him a lesson." They all look at him with a shocked expression and then look at each other. Then Leo says, "I don't think we really should to be honest." Ryan then fixes his eyes at Leo and says, "What are you, a teachers pet?" Leo looks down and then back up and says, "Ah, screw it." He grabs a egg from the box. Ryan then goes to see if the teacher is in. Ryan then comes back with the same grin and says, "He's home." The others then get a egg each and walk near towards a window where they could see him sitting down, watching TV. "Right, ready?" Ryan says, then counts to three. Then, they all throw at the same time and the eggs smash into the windows, one of them leaving a crack on the window. They all sprint back on the path and go left and keep running. They could then hear the shouting of Mr. Murr as they ran. Then his voice faded, and disappeared.

They finally stopped running after Mr. Murr's Voice faded into the distance. They were all breathing quickly. Ryan mentions how they managed to get a good reaction out of Mr. Murr and everyone else agrees. After sitting down to catch their breath, they get up and continue walking. After walking some time, Max stops Jack and asks, "Where are we even going?" Jack turns to him and replies, "I'll show you." They all follow Jack to where they end up to a massive Lake, just on the right side of the path. Jack then turns back to Max and says, "That's where were going." Leo then asks, "In there?" Jack nods his head. Max then takes his shirt and shoes and socks off and Jumps into the water. Jack does the same. Ryan then says to Jess, "Ladies first." Jess Looks at him with a dumb expression and Ryan smiles. Ryan then takes his shirt off, keeps his shoes and socks on and jumps in with Max and Jack. Jess then takes her shoes off and sits down by the lake with her feet in the water. Leo looks at the lot for a second, then takes his shoes and socks off and sits next to Jess and watches the rest swim and play in the water.

Max, Jack and Ryan are splashing each other and swimming in the water while Jess and Leo talk about different topics. Ryan goes up to the two and starts splashing water at them, causing them to get hit and can't see and slip into the water. Ryan laughs and swims back a bit. Leo and Jess start to swim towards the other, despite how cool it was. They continue splashing each other and laughing along with it, and just having a good time. After a while, they all decided to get out and get dry by using their shirts to clean themselves, apart from Leo and Jess. After they all get back into their normal clothes, they begin walking again back on the path, with Jack and Ryan at the front and Leo, Jess and Max at the back.

The sun is beginning to set down and Jack looks at his phone to see that it was 19:40 in the evening. Jack suggests to everyone else that they should sit down somewhere and get something to eat. They all agree and keep walking for a little more until they find a spot, where trees are surrounding a small area in a shape of a circle with logs to sit on. They all sit down in a circle, putting their bags either next to them or behind them.

They begin eating the snacks they brought from the shop, apart from Ryan who gets given 2 bags of crisps and a chocolate bar by Jack. Ryan says, "Thanks man" and starts eating. Leo offers him a Pepsi and Ryan grabs the can from him and says, "Thanks". After they eat, Ryan pulls out a packet of cigarettes and starts to roll one for a smoke. Then they start telling stories that happened in their life. Jack tells about the time when he got drunk for the first time and woke up to a girl next to him with her arms around him, and Max says, "Get in". Leo then tells the time he managed to watched a 18 in a cinema when he was just 13 years old. Most of them laughed and Ryan says "You're full of shit." The rest laughed and continued talking. After a while, they all began getting tired and some have started to fall asleep into their sleeping bags, apart from Ryan who didn't. Max and Leo stayed up though and they kept talking how so far its been so good and that Ryan was actually not that bad of a person so far on this adventure. Eventually, they both went to sleep.

In the morning, before they all woke up, Leo woke up to Jess walking off. Leo decides to catch up with her quietly to not wake the others. Little did he know that Ryan had one eye open and watched him walk off. Leo catches up with her and asks where is she going, to which she replies, "For a walk." Leo walks with her and their both quiet. Jess stops by a tree and sits down, Leo sitting down next to her. They both look into the distance of the lake and the trees on the other side in silence. Jess then begins to discuss about the guys and Leo. She says how she all likes them as friends, maybe not for Ryan sort of, but them as friends. Then she describes how she likes Leo a bit more than a friend, and its because of how hes nicer, honest, knows he likes her. Leo kind of blushes and says, "I guess you found out then." She replies, "Yeah, it wasn't that hard to be honest, I mean I've never been in a relationship, which is surprising because someone like me could've but never has, and its usually that its another problem to deal with because I usually see what happens to relationships, or its something I'm too scared to do." Jess then looks at him, to which he looks at her and she slowly comes towards him and her lips meet his. After 10 seconds with her hands on his face, she stops and blushes and goes, "I can't believe I just decided to do that." Leo then says, "Yeah, I honestly didn't think you kiss someone like me who stays in most of the time and can be very nerdy." Jess looks around and says, "Let's not really mention this, but I do actually kind of like like you and I guess what I did there was an example." Then they both get up and begin walking back, holding hands until they arrive back where the others are sleeping.

After everyone wakes up and grabs their stuff, they begin walking again in the same direction as they were walking before. Jack and Leo and Jess are at the front, and Max and Ryan are at the back. While they talk about different topics, they arrive out of the forest, but the path continues onto a field. They all stop. Jack then asks Max if he remembers where this leads to, but Max says he can't remember. Jack waits for a minute and then goes, "Let's check it out then." And they continue walking.

They end up arriving at a farm, with a small house and a barn-house. Ryan then has a smile on his face and says, "You think there's anybody home?" Then, he sprints into the barn-house. Leo then goes, "For God's sake." and everyone else sprints to the barn-house. They all enter to see Ryan already at the top on the hay. Ryan smiles and says, "Come on, were having some fun." Leo then says, "Were shouldn't be here, this is someones private property were standing on." Ryan then does a little cry baby face and says, "Ah, someone a little pussy boy, well here's one tip from me; You always got to show your girl" then locks eyes on Jess, "that your worth her type." Leo's hands go into fists and has an angry expression on him and says, "You son of a bitch." Then he runs after him. Ryan's expression quickly changes and Leo grabs him and tries to fight him. Jack and Max both run after them. Ryan grabs him by the neck and pushes him down into the hay with Leo throwing punches at him in the face. Jack grabs Leo and Max grabs Ryan, getting them away from each other. Leo shouting at Ryan, "Fuck you, you piece of shit." and Ryan saying, "You just had to be her perfect type, you dick, why couldn't you go out with someone else, I liked her more than you!" Jess then runs off in tears and Leo lets go of Jack and runs off after her. Ryan then goes, "What a wanker."

Jess runs around the barn and sits down, and begins to cry. Leo finds her and sits down next to her and tries to comfort her. Jess then starts to explain how much Ryan is of an Asshole to everyone and how he acts cool in front of everyone and hes just a dick to everyone, and continues to cry. Leo then comforts her more by putting his arm around her and sitting close to her.

Ryan is sitting now on the hay with his arms crossed and Jack and Max are standing in front of him, just in case he loses his mind and goes after Leo. Ryan then explains how he had a crush on Jess for a while and he thought it was going to work out when he went to hang out with them on their adventure, but he had to be in the way and ruined it for him. He also explains on all the girls he went out with all cheated on him and he always felt like he was only being used because of what he looked like and what he acted like in front of everyone. He also says that all he wanted to do was show who he really was, not that person who acts like the bad ass for everything, then he puts his hands on his face and puts his head down and begins to cry. Jack and Max both look at each other with confused looks. Then he looks up at both of them and says, "You won't tell anyone this, will you?" Jack and Max both look at each other again and then back at Ryan and go, "No of course not." Ryan then goes, "Thanks guys, you are some cool people, I think I wan-" Then they all hear a noise outside. Ryan gets up quick and looks out, then his expression goes to shock. Max asks what it is, and Ryan turns to them both and says, "We got to get the hell out of here."

Jack runs to where Ryan was looking and sees a truck and a familiar face get out. "Oh shit." Jack says, "It's Murrface, we need to go, now." Then Jack runs out of the barn-house, with Max and Ryan following him from behind. Just as they find Leo and Jess, they all hear a shout from Mr. Murr saying, "Oh you're screwed now!" They all look to see him with holding something in his hands, which turns out to be a cricket bat and a knife. Max mutters, "Leg it." and everyone sprints into the woods. Mr Murr's chases them into the woods, and everyone splits up.

When Leo is slowly walking, everything is silent. He goes past some trees, and then all of a sudden, he gets pushed to the ground and sees Mr Murr standing in front of him. He has a insane expression on his face, like hes on a rampage killing people. Mr Murr then says, "You shouldn't have done that kid, because now you're paying the price." Then he swings his bat into the ground, just in time for Leo to somehow dodge the swing. He quickly gets up and starts walking backwards quickly. Then as Mr Murr goes for a second swing, he gets hit in the head by a rock and turns his head to see Jack. Jack then says, "How about you stop picking on teens and go back to your home over there?" and points at the direction they just came from. Then Murr then quickly goes towards at Jack and hits him in the body with his cricket bat, causing him to fall and scream in pain. Leo then runs towards Murr and jumps on his back and attacks him, by hitting his head and making him shake, causing them both to fall onto the ground.

Leo is still on the ground when Murr gets up and grabs his bat, ready for another swing. This time, Leo feels like he damaged his leg when he fell and Murr fell on his leg. Leo closes his eyes thinking this is his last seconds of his life, when he opens his eyes to see Murr, lying on the ground and Ryan with a massive stick. Ryan grabs Leo's and gets him up and asks if hes okay, with Leo replying a yes, but says his left leg may be a bit damaged. Ryan then tells him to put his arm around his shoulder. Then Ryan walks with Leo's arm around so he can help him walk to the others.

They find Max and Jess, helping up Jack who was still unconscious. Ryan says to Jess, "I'll help him up, you take Leo, his left leg may need some medical help." Jess accepts the change and grabs Leo's arm and puts it around her, so he doesn't fall back down and hurt himself more. They keep walking for a while, talking about what just happened, until they managed to get out of the forest and find a main road. They follow the main road for a few minutes until they see the welcoming sign to their town, and with words from Max saying, "Were home." They get to the hospital and ask a doctor nearby if they could help two of their friends who could be in pain. The doctor then tells them that he will take care of these two (Jack and Leo) and tells the others to wait and sit on those chairs there. The three go sit on the chairs as the doctor takes care of Leo and Jack.

While they are sitting down, Ryan starts talking to Jess saying that he was sorry for acting like a dick to Leo and making her upset and he says it was because he was jealous of him liking you and her accepting it and looking at Ryan like he was some sort of bad ass when he admits to Jess he really isn't and explains how he wanted to change and become of who he really was, a nice person who likes to hang out with people and basically have a good time. Jess then looks at him and says shes sorry too for not seeing him as who he really was, but also what she said about him. Ryan smiles and says its okay. Just then, the same doctor comes back saying that his friend Leo has gotten a damage in his left leg so hes going to be using crutches to walk around as well as a cast on his leg, but he will be able to go home today and for their other friend Jack, he will be staying in hospital for a couple of days, but they could go see him for a bit.

They walk into the room where they can see Jack in a hospital bed and Leo sitting on a chair with his crutches sitting next to him. Jack and Leo see them and both smile and ask if they were alright and all got a yes and then they asked if they were okay and Leo says he was good, just a leg that needs healing and Jack says hes okay, but he needs to stay here for a couple of days to get better. Jack explains how he got hit in the body so hard it damaged a couple of bones inside him. They all gasp when Jack tells them that, but says its fine and I am still alive and well. The rest then said that they would come back tomorrow to see him and stuff and saying that they need to get home, including Leo. Leo gets up slowly and grabs his crutches and begins to move. They all say goodbye and leave the room. Jack then says to himself, "What a fucking adventure that was."

They all walk out of the hospital, waving to the same doctor before they left the building. They all slow their pace for Leo who couldn't run or speed walk. They walked for a bit in silence. When they reach a street Ryan says, "Well, this is my street so I better get home and stuff. You guys, are like a family to me more than just friends. Ryan then goes to hug Leo and says, "I'm sorry by the way about what happened earlier" and Leo tells him its fine and that hes feels better and that he considers Ryan a cool dude, as well as a good friend. Max waves and says, "See ya tomorrow pal." And Ryan waves, but before he goes; Jess goes up to him and kisses him on the cheek and gives him a hug. Then she walks back and waves. Ryan then waves, before seeing a tiny tear come out of his eye and walks off.

Then they reach the street Jess lives on and Jess hugs Max and then kisses Leo and says, "I love you." With Leo replying back, "I love you too." Jess stops kissing him and walks down to her house. Max looks at him and goes, "You lucky bugger." They both continue walking, until they reach Max's Street and Max asks, "You wanna play some games?" Which Leo replies, "Yeah sure." Max then says, "Smash bros, in the tree house in the back garden?" and then they both walk down to Max's House with camera going up to the sky with the text saying, "The end."

Post Credits Scene - Leo and Max are playing smash when they both hear a knock on the door to see Jack saying, "Can I join in the melee?" Jack then sits down with them and Leo asks, "Did you know what happened to Mr. Murr?" Jack then says he was found in the forest and was arrested for taking drugs, attacking kids, etc. Leo and Max both looked at each other in shock, then they both turn back to the game with Max saying, "What a crackhead." Then cut to black.


Name Picture Description
Jack JackCA He likes to go outside a lot, hangs out with a lot of people and is one of most friendliest people in the town and is mainly best friends with Leo, Max and Jess.
Leo LeoCA One of the people who's really unsociable, but really creative on ideas and only has Jack and Max as really good friends to look out for him as well as Jess.
Max MaxCA A big guy who would fight anyone if they annoyed him, even if the person's smaller or bigger than him and is good friends with Leo and Jack.
Ryan RyanCA Another popular kid in the town, but the opposite of Jack. He would be rude to people like Leo and Max, but was alright with Jack and tries to be romantic to Jess.
Jess JessCA A girl who didn't really like to hang out much with the other girls, but liked hanging out with some of the boys like Jack and Leo and Max; she also has a liking for Leo.

Progress of the Film

  • Ktdude had the idea back in late 2014 when he watched the 1986 film, "Stand by Me".
  • Filming Began in mid 2015, 6 months before Filming Star Wars Fantendo Episode I.
  • The filming was completed in less than a month.
  • The original rating for the film in the US was R, but managed to get a PG-13 Rating and released the R version on DVD and Blu-ray.
  • In the UK, the film managed to get a very high 12A rating, but was rated a 15 when It was released on DVD and Blu-ray.
  • The UK and US Version have slightly different cuts.
  • In a interview in Mid March of 2016, Kieron explained why he wanted to make this movie, "Its something we would like to do once in a while, go out, have fun, maybe even bring back a memory from the past."
  • There's a gap between the UK release date and the US & EU release date.
  • It was only shown in Multiplex Cineworld's and 2 cineworld's that has 5 screens in the UK.
  • Was only shown in a few theaters across the US and Europe, as well as Australia and the rest of the world.
  • There was a early screening in the UK on June 19th.


  • A poster for Mother 3 can be seen in Jacks room.
  • Max wears a Legend of Zelda shirt at the party, and Link's Sword the next day.
  • When Leo looks at his phone, his background picture is a picture of Super Mario 3D World.
  • Ryan imagines himself at one point as someone from a game known as, "F-Zero".


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