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A promotional banner for the game featuring the opening monologue
Developer(s) Amuza
Publisher(s) Ubisoft
Platform(s) NintendoSwitchLogoRed.png


Genre(s) RPG
Release Date(s) Flag of Japan.png April 30, 2017
25px-Flag of USA.png May 1, 2017
Flag of European Union.png May 5, 2017
25px-Flag of Australia.png May 5, 2017
Age Rating(s) ESRB2013E10.png 7Rating.png OFLC PG.png Cero B.png
Media Included Media CD icon.png Optical Disk

Media DL icon.png Digital Download

Child of Stars is a 2D platforming role-playing video game developed by Amuza and published by Ubisoft. The main character, Aurora, is reborn into Lemuria as she cannot transcend to the afterlife due to part of her soul not having fulfilled its purpose. Her unfulfilled soul manifests itself as Eos, and Aurora has to defeat and reconnect with Eos to be able to transcend.

The game is slated for release in 2017 and will be released on, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One as well as computer systems such as Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux through the Steam store.

It is a sequel to the 2014 game, Child of Light, and is a continuation of the original story, set 10 years later. At the end of the first game, Aurora became the Queen of West Lemuria and saved the people from her hometown in Austria from the Great Flood by bringing them into Lemuria. Much like the original, the game is powered by the UbiArt Framework.

The game introduced new mechanics to the series such as the Anytime Attack, as well as integrating a much more interactive world with mini-games and more areas to explore.



Child, tuck yourself in bed.
And let me tell you a story of Lemuria thriving instead. 

Now Austria was saved Lemuria thrived, and tales of Aurora’s journey never fazed.
Yet Aurora grew up in her castle, bringing joy to the west.
She always felt like she never experienced what was blessed.

Her mother, father and family all gone.
She felt like nothing was left, her end had been drawn.
Her body had gone all cold, the land called it a black swan.

Yet not too far away a child was born.
Falling out of the stars, where Aurora’s heart had been sworn.

The legends foretold of this unruly night.
For Aurora was not the only child whom went through that same plight. 

Aurora fell from the stars to the altar once more.
This time her body a child, again at the core.
Soon she will awaken and open that door
And find yet another journey for her to explore.

Chapter 1: The Girl and the Firefly Return

Aurora first waking up after being reborn

Aurora awakes on the Altar of Mahthildis once again, annoyed at being there. She decides to head back to her castle in West Lemuria but discovers the Three of Thorns overgrown, making it impossible to pass. Aurora instead decides to find Igniculus whom she hasn't seen in ten years, and heads to the Wisps Dominion.

As Aurora journeys into the Wisps Dominion, she eventually finds and reunites with Igniculus, and pleads for help. He reluctantly agrees to help and the two head to the Old Monastery to find the Lady of the Forest who may have an answer on how to get where she wants to go.

The two find the decaying body of the Lady, who can only be revived with water from the Fountain of Stars. After finding the fountain deeper in the monastery, the revive the Lady of the Forest by pouring the waters on her.

The Lady of the Forest helps Aurora, telling her that the only reason her soul wouldn't of transcended was because part of it had never finalised its purpose. This part would have crash landed from the stars elsewhere in Lemuria, and wanders the land looking to fulfill its purpose. Aurora needs Eos to complete her spiritual journey and reunite with her before she can continue to the afterlife. Bathing in the water from the Fountain of Stars will reveal the location of the other soul.

Aurora heads back to the Fountain of Stars and bathes in its waters, and she sees the summit of a snowy mountain, with a child resting on the altar. Igniculus knows it to be the Altar of Cosima in the Imani Peaks.

Chapter 2: Sister from a Shooting Star

On her way to the Imani Peaks, Aurora finds a Capili crying. The Capili known as Gladys reveals that the City of the Capili has become infested with dark creatures and worries everyone she loves is gone. Aurora vows to help the Capili, and Gladys chooses to join Aurora too. Knowing she is a Capili peasant, Gladys thinks maybe saving her city will help her become a respected member of the city.

They defeat all the dark creatures and head to the town Inn where all the Capili have taken refuge. Aurora and Gladys make the big announcement of the town being saved, and the townsfolk thanks the pair, but do not acknowledge the help of the peasant. Gladys continues to follow Aurora to get away from the judgement of the other Capili.

Aurora makes it too Imani Peaks, and after a little climb up Mount Adelle, find themselves in Jeinor Village. They pass through to Mount Cosima where the Altar of Cosima resides atop the mountain. They make their up the pagodas and eventually reach the top where they awake Aurora's other half, Eos. The two have a brief fight, and Eos refuses to go with Aurora, instead believing herself to be a prophet sent as a falling star by the gods.

Eos scurries off back down the mountain to Jeinor Village and Aurora follows after her. When Aurora reaches the village she sees Eos spreading her beliefs and telling the people to side with her for she is a great prophet capable of saving them while the rest of Lemuria will perish.

Aurora at the entrance to Imani Peaks

The Jeinor's begin to believe Eos, but Aurora interrupts the rally to the anger of Eos, whom retaliates by going on a rampage through the town. Eos is subdued but manages to flee from the village and spread her beliefs across Lemuria.

With Eos gone, Aurora decides to revist the Lady of the Forest on what to do next. The Lady sees the only way of overpowering Eos is to revive the three Mystical Ladies of Greater Lemuria and harness their power to reunite Eos into Aurora's spirit. The group first head to revive the Lady of White on top of Mount Elaine.

Chapter 3: The Whitest of White

After leaving the Old Monastery to head back to Imani Peaks and Mount Elaine, a deep sinkhole opens in the Orange Woods and swallows Aurora down underground. They make their way through the system of caverns and come to Imani Mines, which takes them back up to the surface under Jeinor Village.

Passing through the village, Aurora finds herself at the foot of Mount Elaine with the daughter of a Jeinor crying. She tells Aurora that her father went up the mountain three days ago, and yet as still not returned from his expedition. Aurora helps the girl out to find her father up the mountain, and the young Jeinor, Juno, goes with Aurora up the mountain to find her dad.

A blizzard soon engulfs the mountain, and in the middle of the blizzard is a campsite and the frozen body of Juno's dad. They take the frozen body back to Jeinor Village, and head back up the mountain while they wait for it to thaw. At the summit they find a small chapel with the body of the Lady of White inside. After reviving her with some water from the Fountain of Stars, the Lady of White bestows her power on Aurora, and tells her to head to the Isle of Nereida where her sister will be waiting.

Chapter 4: Voyage to a Far Off Land

Crossing the Bass Sands to the Ulriche Marina proves rather difficult for Aurora and her team, but they eventually make it and find the Ferryman who can take them to the Isle of Nereida. Unfortunately, the Ferryman has a sickness that has paralysed him. Juno investigates the Ferryman and knows the cure for his paralysis requires a dose of Derid Mint, which can be found in the Barbodeen Marsh.

Aurora heads across the Ulriche Strait and into the marsh where she discovers a group of thieves who are tearing down the marsh to make a Thieves Den. Aurora confronts the thieves but they make off with her belongings and partners. Aurora tracks down each thief in the marsh, and after defeating the first thief forces him to join Aurora in hunting down her friends. The thief, Lynee, agrees against his will and helps Aurora find and defeat the other thieves.

They all return to the Thieves Den and Aurora gets all her things back, and takes some of the Derid Mint. The thieves condone Aurora's behaviours, saying the mint is from the Gods and should never be taken for oneself, however she doesn't listen and instead tells the thieves to stop trying to trick her.

Whilst heading back to the Ferryman, Lynee decides to come back to Aurora and help her out of love. They all make it back to the Ferryman, cure him of his paralysis, and hop aboard the ferry to the Isle of Nereida. The vacation is quickly halted as strange sounds come from the bottom of the ferry. Aurora heads to the Lower Decks to investigate and finds a group of dark creatures stowed upon the ship. They are soon defeated and when returning to the Top Deck they find out that they have already docked on the Isle of Nereida, however the Ferryman is no where to be found.

Chapter 5: The Lost, The Search, The Discovery

The Black Woods on the Isle of Nereida

Knowing they cannot leave the Isle without finding the Ferryman, Aurora heads into the Black Woods in search of him and finds him in the deepest part of the woods. They return to the dock and find out the Ferryman was taken by a large monster, but managed to free himself before he could be taken away.

Further searching the island they find out that an entire city has been abandoned, and abandoned very recently. The former residents, the Suellen race, seem to have entirely vanished without a trace. Aurora then finds an Aerostati traveller, Miln, crying in front of the Queen's Idol. Miln saw a giant monster eat every villager and then make off into the Black Woods. Aurora helps get the Aerostati's friends back from the monster, and they decide to first consult with the Queen of Nereida.

Aurora enters Castle Suellen to find the Queen, and after snooping around locates her in the Throne Room. The Queen is in a hysteria now that all her people are gone, and says that Aurora may be able to find the monster if she can find the Four Plaques of Memorance. Each one gives details to a fabled tale of a monsters hideout and a way to slay the beast.

Much travelling across the isle helps Aurora find the four plaques in the Black Woods, Midnight Grove, Stone Hour Town and Castle Suellen. They all reveal the knowledge of the Phobeter, a giant monster who terrorises the town once every ten years. According to the plaques, the only living person to know of the Phobeter's location is the Ferryman. And after discussing with him they learn of his location in a cave deep in Midnight Grove.

The Phobeter is soon defeated and the Suellen race saved. They all show disapproval of Aurora's action, saying they preferred living inside the monster, but admit to returning back to their usual lives.

Chapter 6: The Blackest of Black

With the Suellen race now freed from capture, the Queen of Nereida has returned to her normal self and now has hope once again with her servants at her side. The Queen now out of her hysteria, allows Aurora to enter the The Invisble Library and find the Lady of Black.

On her way to the library, Aurora comes across Nim's Dojo, a school teaching the dark arts. Here she meets Siren, a member of the Suellen race who is training in the dark arts. However, Siren pleas for Aurora to help her as the dojo has become more of a prison and has had disciples suddenly disappear. Siren joins Aurora, and they investigate around the dojo, asking what other students have seen. They eventually a discover a hidden passage that leads to a secret chamber where the missing students are being brainwashed by Nim into perfecting their craft. The group defeat him, but he pleas that he is doing nothing wrong, and simply helping people accomplish what they want. Nim is pardoned of running the dojo and it is passed onto the second in command, Horus.

Aurora and team continue and find the Invisble Library. She scales the infernal tower, yet it seems to be climbing up and up forever, never ending. After much effort though, the top of the tower looms near for Aurora and her team. Once they finally reach the top they find the Lady of Black and use water from the Fountain of Stars to revive her.

The Lady of Black harnesses her power and shares it with Aurora, making her more powerful then she has ever been before and aging her some years. The Lady of Black tells Aurora her final sister will not be easy to find however. She rests in the deepest part of Lemuria, far underground where only gods and rulers know how to enter.

With no leads on how to find the Last Lady, Aurora listens to the Lady of Black's words, and decides to make her way across Lemuria to find those who know the entrance to this underground world.

Chapter 7: The Road Less Travelled

The Queen of Nereida tells Aurora that a place known as the Core of Agartha exists. The Mayor of the City of the Capili tells Aurora that in Agartha roams the people who founded this great land and the connections to the Gods it has.

Aurora travelling through Velvadin Passage

The Jeinor Elder tells Aurora that the Imani Mines has a passage to the place she seeks.

Aurora heads through the Deep Imani Mines and comes across someone who is lost. Aurora has never see anybody who looks like him, and the all he wants is to find his way back home. Aurora agrees to take him home back to the surface, but on their way up, she discovers that the passage has become blocked. Instead another path has opened up, and they head down the path hoping to make it back to the surface.

The new passage has things Aurora has never seen before, including enemies, puzzles and ruins. The passage winds on for a long time and Aurora begins to give up hope, thinking that they have lost themselves and will never return to the surface.

Much to Aurora's shock, the passage ends inside Agartha, and the lost boy thanks Aurora for her help. He reveals himself as Briggs, a Lemurian who likes to test scavengers in the Imani Mines. Aurora is the only one who has ever managed to pass his test, and he decides to follow her after he hears Aurora's journey to reunite with Eos.

Chapter 8: The Brightest of Bright

Finally inside Agartha, the team head to the Open Hall and speak with one of the Masters. Initially annoyed at a human finding Agartha, the Master agrees to help Aurora once he learns she was the Queen of the West. The Master tells Aurora to head to the Deity Altar and speak to the Gods. They will be able to help her.

In the Deity Altar, Aurora meets with the Gods who can only reveal the location of the Lady of Rainbow to those noble enough to pass the Lemurian Trials. Once completing all three trials, Aurora learns the Lady of Rainbow is resting in the Bygone Abbey, further North of Agartha.

They head across the peculiar, ever changing landscape. Many creatures that have managed to find Agartha have only ever made it to these fields, and mutated. After a while of searching they finally end up at the Bygone Abbey, and use water from the Fountain of Stars to revive the Lady of Rainbow.

The Lady of Rainbow harnesses her power and shares it with Aurora, making her more powerful then she has ever been before. To fully harness her new powers, Aurora needs to bathe in the Fountain of Stars once more, and her growth will be complete.

Chapter 9: Power of the Stars

Now bathed in the Fountain of Stars, Aurora is able to fully harnesses the power of the stars, and once again ages into an adult. While she is in the waters, she has another vision of Eos, and sees her slowly dying in the Valley of the Unknown.

Aurora rushes deep into the valley, making her way through the arid canyons and desert before finally finding Eos. Her anger is reignited and she attacks Aurora but ultimately is defeated.

As Aurora carries Eos out of the valley, a sandstorm appears and whips up the girls. Eos is swept away and Aurora chases her down through the storm. She eventually retrieves Eos and escapes the sandstorm, only to find herself in the Northern-most part of Lemuria, overlooking a great ocean.

Aurora sits down on the cliffside and reminisces on her life whilst staring at the ocean. Once Eos awakes, she joins Aurora and thanks her for fulfilling her purpose. Eos learns her purpose was to venture to places she had never been before, and explore the world as a free soul. She had been living inside the castle walls for too long and never done anything out of her own free will. Now that she had seen the world, she was ready to transcend into the afterlife.

Aurora and Eos reunite into one body, and it is finally time to say goodbye to everyone. After biding farewell, Aurora decides it is time to leave. However, she cannot do it. Now knowing what it was that kept her behind, she wants to continue exploring the world, with her newfound hope for life.

Deciding not to go back to the fame and power of Queen of the West, Aurora, Igniculus and all their friends instead continue journeying throughout Lemuria without the constricts of any titles.


The following is the list of objectives that appear throughout the game, that make up the story and the activities that Aurora has to do to complete the story and her journey across Greater Lemuria.


Chapter 1: The Girl and the Firefly Return

  • Return to West Lemuria
  • Find Igniculus
  • Revive the Lady of the Forest
  • Locate the Fountain of Stars to revive the Lady

Chapter 2: Sister from a Shooting Star

  • Rescue the child on Mount Cosima
  • Defeat all the dark creatures in the City of the Capili
  • Scale Mount Cosima through the Catacombs of Jeinor
  • Subdue Eos
  • Return to the Lady of the Forest
  • Revive the Mystical Ladies of Lemuria to harness the power of the stars

Chapter 3: The Whitest of White

  • Revive the Lady of White
  • Escape the sinkhole
  • Scale Mount Elaine to the Lady of White's Shrine
  • Rescue the Lost Jeinors
  • Defeat the Serpent of White

Chapter 4: Voyage to a Far off Land

  • Revive the Lady of Black
  • Sail to the Isle of Nereida
  • Cure the Ferryman of his ailment
  • Collect the Derid Mint
  • Find all the Thieves
  • Take the Derid Mint to the Ferryman
  • Investigate the Lower Decks of the ferry

Chapter 5: The Lost, The Search, The Discovery

  • Investigate the Ferryman's disappearance
  • Find the Queen
  • Investigate the disappearance of the Suellen race
  • Find the Four Plaques of Memorance
  • Talk to the Ferryman
  • Find and defeat the Phobeter

Chapter 6: The Darkest of Dark

  • Revive the Lady of Black
  • Investigate Nim's Dojo
  • Scale the Invisble Library to the Lady of Black's shrine

Chapter 7: The Road Less Travelled

  • Revive the Lady of Rainbow
  • Locate the entrance to Agartha
  • Speak with the rulers of Lemuria
  • Reach the bottom of the Deep Imani Mines
  • Reach Agartha at the end of the Velvadin Passage
  • Defeat Eos

Chapter 8: The Brightest of Bright

  • Revive the Lady of Rainbow
  • Speak with the Lemurian Gods
  • Pass the Lemurian Trials
  • Search the Bygone Abbey for the Lady of Rainbow

Chapter 9: Power of the Stars

  • Harness the Power of the Stars in the Fountain of Stars
  • Confront Eos in the Valley of the Unknown
  • Save Eos in the Valley of the Unknown


The gameplay of Child of Stars plays fairly identical to it's predecessor, in which the player will traverse a 2D world in a similar vein to a platforming side-scroller, in addition to encountering enemies and fighting them in a turn-based seperate gameplay style, in a similar vein to role-playing games such as the Final Fantasy series. 

Whilst traversing the overworld, the player is free to explore through the land of Greater Lemuria. Here they can visit towns which are populated by NPC's who can give the player side-missions, markets where goods can be bought or sold, or visit many other specialty locations which each serve their own unique purpose. While out exploring in mostly unpopulated areas, the player can traverse locations and interact with the environment to solve puzzles, complete platforming and fight enemies.

The game has a levelling up system and a large upgrade tree for each character. When a character levels up after getting enough experience points, they will earn a skill point which they can use to unlock an upgrade on the upgrade tree.

Battle System

Combat is engaged when an enemy is touched in the overworld, the player can control up to 2 characters during combat. Similar to the first game, their is a timeline of wait and cast periods which characters and enemies follow. Once a character has reached the cast period, the timeline freezes while an attack is being chosen and resumes again afterwards. If a character reaches the end of the cast period, they will attack the enemy. However, in this period if a character is attacked, they will be interrupted and moved back into the waiting period of the timeline. Igniculus can also restore health to characters and slow down characters on the timeline during combat.

There are nine different stats for each character in battle. After each battle, the character fighting will be given experience points that can level up a character when they have enough points. Levelling up will raise the stats of a character.

  • HP: Refers to the health points of a character. When this stat reaches 0 the character will faint, and need a revive to be used in battle again. The stat lowers when the character is hit by enemies.
  • MP: Refers to the magic points of a character. This enables them to be able to use their special moves. Enough magic points are required to perform some moves, and if there isn't enough MP the move cannot be used.
  • Strength: Refers to the power a character's physical moves have. The higher this stat is, the more health will be lost by enemies when hit.
  • Defence: Refers to the character's strength in taking enemies physical moves. The higher the character's defence is, the less health they will lose when hit.
  • Magic: Refers to the power a character's magical moves have. The higher this stat is, the more health will be lost by enemies when hit with attacks that require magic.
  • Magic Defence: Refers to the character's strength in taking enemies magical moves. The higher the character's magic defence is, the less health they will lose when hit by magical attacks.
  • Dodge: Refers to the character's ability to make enemy attacks miss. The higher this stat is, the more chance the character will dodge the enemy attack and not be damaged by it.
  • Critical Hit: Refers to the character's ability to perform attacks that damage the enemy more. The higher this stat is, the more chance a critical hit will occur and deal extra damage to enemies.
  • Speed: Refers to the character's movement on the timeline. In battle, the player will move quicker along the timeline if their speed stat is high.

Unlike the first game, the sequel has multiple cast periods along the timeline. Performing an attack in the first cast period will perform a Tier 1 attack, while a Tier 2 attack is performed in the second cast period. A Tier 2 attack will deal more damage to enemies but will require an increased cast time. If a player or enemy is interrupted during the second cast period, they will be sent back to the start of the timeline.

When in Anytime Attack, a red icon will appear above the character on the timeline.

Another new feature to combat is the Anytime Attack. This allows the player to pause the timeline and choose an attack even if they are in the waiting period. When an Anytime Attack is enabled, the character will have to wait until the end of the second cast period. If the character makes it to the end of the second cast period, they will deal a more devastating blow to the enemy than they normally would. The earlier an Anytime Attack is engaged, the more powerful it will be. However, if a character is interrupted during an Anytime Attack it will be cancelled. They will also be sent to the start of the timeline and be dealt with more damage than usual.


  • Aurora: The main hero of the game, Aurora first saved Lemuria from the wrath of Umbra the Queen of the Night, and became the Queen of West Lemuria. 10 years have passed and Aurora has now passed into her thirties, however she has felt like her role as a queen as limited her from doing what she wants to do. As such, she kills herself and is reborn as a child, so she can effectively re-do her early life again.
Strike A melee attack targeting one enemy. Quick
Defend Reduces damage from attacks and increases speed for one turn. Instant
Starlight Deals light damage to an enemy Slow
Light Ray Deals power light damage to an enemy. Very Slow
Elevate Damage Raises strength for a number of turns Quick
Counterattack Adds a chance to counterattack an enemy Slow

A promotional banner for the game featuring Aurora morphing into Eos

  • Eos: The main antagonist of the game, Eos is the part of Aurora's soul that was not ready to transcend into the afterlife as it still had a purpose. She falls out of the skies and terrorises the land with her beliefs of being a prophet that has come to save the land of Lemuria.

Team Members

  • Gladys: Gladys is a Capili peasant whom lives on the streets of the City of the Capili. She has had a tough life as a homless peasant who mainly relies on the kindness of the Inn owners to provide for her. Despite caring a lot for her upper-class citizens, they have no respect back for her.
Knock A melee attack targeting one enemy. Quick
Defend Reduces damage from attacks and increases speed for one turn. Instant
Wildfire Deals fire damage to enemies Slow
Monsoon Deals water damage to enemies Slow
Blizzard Deals ice damage to enemies Slow
Lightning Bolt Deals electric damage to enemies Slow
  • Juno: The daughter of one of the Jeinor Village elders, Juno awaits at the bottom of Mount Elaine for her father to return, but he never does. She is a young Jeinor whom deeply respects and loves her family, and holds the key to the secret of the Jeinor race.
Axe A melee attack targeting one enemy. Quick
Defend Reduces damage from attacks and increases speed for one turn. Instant
Odyssey Armor Spell to increase defence against physical and magical attacks. Slow
Golden Power Spell to increase strength of physical and magical attacks. Slow
Unstoppable Makes an ally immune to interruption for numerous turns. Very Slow
Swift Haste Increases an ally's speed for numerous turns. Very Slow
  • Lynee: A thief who was working to create the Thieves Den, Lynee is defeated by Aurora and she forces him to help her defeat the other thieves. Once she is finished with him however, Lynee decides to continue following her as he believes he has fallen in love and wants to help Aurora no matter what. He is not very powerful in battle but makes up for it in having a higher rate of landing and dodging attacks.
Swipe A melee attack targeting one enemy. Quick
Defend Reduces damage from attacks and increases speed for one turn. Instant
Torpedo A melee attack targeting all enemies. Slow
Stone Arrow A long range attack that shoots an arrow at one enemy. Quick
Rain Arrows A long range attack that shoots arrows at many enemies. Slow
Bandit Has the chance of sending the enemy back on the timeline. Quick
  • Miln: He is an Aerostati traveller that happened to be on the Isle of Nereida and watch the Suellen race be eaten by the Phobeter. Miln swears revenge on the one who took his people away from him, and helps Aurora defeat the Phobeter. He looks down on the Suellen race as subjects from his home in the sky.
Tumble A melee attack targeting one enemy. Quick
Defend Reduces damage from attacks and increases speed for one turn. Instant
Heal Restores a certain number of HP to a targetted ally. Slow
Revive Revives a fallen ally with a certain number of HP. Very Slow
Lull Reduces speed of a targetted enemy. Very Slow
Petrify Melee attack with a chance to paralyze enemies for a few seconds. Quick
  • Siren: One of the Suellen that resides in the Tree of Mists, Siren is a well knowledged member who is training in the dark arts at Nim's Dojo. She is hunting down a secret library that holds more information than possibly imaginable.
Smite A melee attack targeting one enemy. Quick
Defend Reduces damage from attacks and increases speed for one turn. Instant
Midnight Hour Deals dark damage to enemies. Slow
Stray Sphere A ball of dark energy that inflicts random elemental damage. Slow
Black Magic Lowers an enemies stat and raises an ally's stat. Very Slow
Spell Begin on the second waiting period of the timeline. Very Slow
  • Briggs: A Lemurian who became lost in the Imani Mines. He is a very intelligent being who does not know how to apply the knowledge very well. Instead he seems to bumble about with the extreme force his race is known for.
Thrash A melee attack targeting one enemy. Quick
Defend Reduces damage from attacks and increases speed for one turn. Instant
Mind Eye A strong attack that hits an enemies weak point. Very Slow
Foresight Adds a chance to instantly kill an enemy. Very Slow
Quake A very strong attack that requires two turns to execute. Very Slow
Taunt Makes enemies attack only him for a number of turns. Very Quick

*Note: Each attack also has a alternate (All) version, that hits every enemy. Does not apply to the basic melee attack.


While fairly uncommon, the Austrians that were saved at the end of the original game can be seen in the ending of the game when Aurora returns to her original body and resumes her role as queen. Aurora and Eos are also both considered to be Austrian.
While fairly uncommon, the Austrians that were saved at the end of the original game can be seen in the ending of the game when Aurora returns to her original body and resumes her role as queen. Aurora and Eos are also both considered to be Austrian.
The Aerostati feature very minimally in the game. It has been thought that the species has largely died and only a few remain. The Aerostati live in floating buildings above the sky that are suspended by large balloon-looking circles, and many are known to be explorers that fly around in these homes. Their appearance is identical to the original.
The Jeinor race live in the frigid areas of Imani Peaks, mostly at the base of the Three Mountains. They are a very jolly species whom live like everyday is December 25th. With very rosy cheeks, the Jeinor mostly stay within the Imani Peak region as their bodies can only survive in cold terrain. They like to go out on expeditions to the nearby mountains to uncover deep secrets.
The Ulriche are an evolution of the Piscean race from the original game. After their hometown flooded and was terrorised by a giant, much of the species fled to the east where waters were warmer and the species had to adapt. As such, the Ulriche have a quite different appearance to the Piscean race.
The Suellen race reside on the Isle of Nereida, and evolved from the dark creatures that inhabit the island to an intelligent species that understand threats and safety. The Suellen race have a culture of knowledge and intend to learn everything there is about the world. They have taken a special liking to the dark arts.
The Lemurians are a hyper-intelligent and advanced race that live in the Core of Agartha, hidden away from the rest of the world. Their existence is mostly known as nothing more than an urban legend to the rest of the land. The Lemurians are shrouded in mystery, however it is known that they were the discoverers of the land and that they also have unspeakable powers.
A single member of the Piscean race appears deep in the Barbodeen Marsh where he is slowly dying, and provides Aurora a side mission. His appearance in identical to the Pisceans from the original game. The Ferryman derives from an entirely different race seen from any other character in the game. The Queen of Nereida bears a resemblance to a Crying Widow, however it is never confirmed if she was one of them.


Mahthildis Forest
  • Wild Boar
  • Giant Spider
  • Forest Weed
  • Grass Tri-Archer
  • Wilted Spore
  • Electric Kitsune
  • Stone Gargoyle
  • Dark Reaper
Imani Peaks
  • Snowball Pest
  • White Sasquatch
  • Icicle Being
  • Ice Tri-Archer
  • Mountain Yern
  • Untamed Mammoth
  • Arachni-Monkey
  • Leviathan
Ulriche Strait
  • Sand Serpent
  • Basskahusk
  • Wish Leech
  • Huloo Spirit
  • Atlantis Keeper
  • Lilley Raven
  • Water Serpent
  • Divine Nymph
Isle of Nereida
  • Wraith
  • Dark Reaper
  • Valkyrie
  • Black Minotaur
  • Lost Bandit
  • Stone Gargoyle
  • Crying Widow
  • Wendigo
Core of Agartha
  • Wicked Golem
  • Red Phoenix
  • Fire Tri-Archer
  • Golden Griffin
  • Sacred Guardian
  • Winged Knight
  • Fallen Angel
  • Light Demon

As well as their designated enemies, the Core of Agartha features mutated forms of every enemy in the game that originated outside of this location. The Valley of the Unknown contains no enemies for the player to fight against.


  • Lady of the Forest: The Lady of the Forest is the overseer for Mahthildis Forest, and she ensures the ecosystem remains stables. She resides in the Old Monastery and is corrupted by parasites when she first meets Aurora. The parasites use the Lady to attack Aurora. Her moves consist of earth based attacks.
  • Eos: The manifestation of the broken soul that left Aurora, Eos is found on the Altar of Cosima and is awakened by Aurora. She initially goes on a rampage down the mountain and through Jeinor Village, but Aurora eventually subdues her. She is then fought again in the Valley of the Unknown at the end of the game. Her moves mimic those of Aurora's with elemental powers.
  • Barbodeen Thieves: A group of shifty thieves that were destroying the Barbodeen Marsh to establish a Thieves Den for themselves. They steal all of Aurora's items and kidnap her party members as a ransom, and they intend to give them back in return for her castle. Their are 5 thieves and they each have their own set of moves.
  • The Phobeter: The giant monster that ate every member of the Suellen race. It is one of the mythical creatures on the Isle of Nereida, and has a very mysterious history. All that is known is that it lives in a cave seemingly built to house it, and it has been around since the creation of Lemuria. Its moves consist of water based attacks.
  • Nim: Owner and trainer at Nim's Dojo, he is a skilled master in the dark arts. He built the dojo to train members of the Suellen race into masters of the dark arts too, however he became power hungry and used brainwashing to get his students to become perfect. His moves consist of dark based attacks.
  • Burning Pegasus: To enter the Core of Agartha, anyone has to go through the Burning Pegasus. It is the guardian to the entrance and keeps on watch till the end of time, never leaving the gate. It once was an ordinary Pegasus, but due to the Imani Mines it has evolved into a molten creature. Its moves consist of fire based attacks.
  • Ancient Beast: One of the Lemurian Trials, the Ancient Beast was created by the God's to test anyone who wished to seek out Agartha. She was then replaced by Pegasus, and was left inside the Lemurian Trials to ambush any participant that made it to the end of the 3 trials. Her moves in battle consist of electric and light based attacks.


Mahthildis Forest
  • Old Monastery
  • Aerostati Skies
  • Wisps Dominion
  • Orange Woods
  • City of the Capili
Imani Peaks
  • Jeinor Village
  • Mount Adelle
  • Mount Cosima
  • Mount Elaine
  • Imani Mines
Ulriche Strait
  • Bass Sands
  • Port Ulriche
  • Villa Miano
  • Bottleneck
  • Barbodeen Marsh
Isle of Nereida
  • Black Woods
  • Midnight Grove
  • Stone Howl Town
  • Castle Suellen
  • Invisble Library
Core of Agartha
  • Deep Imani Mines
  • Velvadin Passage
  • Agartha
  • Deity Altar
  • Bygone Abbey
Valley of the Unknown

Mahthildis Forest

  • The Lone Gypsy: Home to a mysterious fortune teller who says she can see into the future.
  • Maiden's Market: Found in the Aerostati Skies, the Maiden's Market will often have some of the most exclusive items in Lemuria but they won't be around for long and can only be paid for through trades.
  • Glowli Falls: Found in the Wisps Dominion, Glowli Falls is a game played by the wisps, where they go to the nearby waterfalls at night and traverse through the system of caves looking for treasure.
  • Wood Fires Inn: Found in the City of the Capili, this lone house gives a place to stay for the many wandering adventurers.
  • Capili Games: Found in the City of the Capili, this area has many games the can be played to win treasures. Many require great skill to win the best loot.
    • HiJi: The most popular game, involves finding a hidden treasure in a maze as fast as possible.
    • WoWo: Sets up the player in an escape room, with a time limit. Solve the puzzles before the time runs out to collect the loot.
    • ArMe: Requires the player to use quick reflexes to make it through a gauntlet without being hit by obstacles three times.

Imani Peaks

  • Jolly Golly Folly: Found in the Jeinor Village, this is one of the biggest businesses in town. It functions as a casino which offers many luck based games.
    • Pochspiel: A card based game where players wager their items in the hopes of winning their opponents items. Similar to Poker.
    • Jaq: The player needs to add their cards up as close to 21 as possible without going over it. The closest player to 21 at the end of the round wins the wagered item.
    • Nyatte: A game of quick wits where the players must rush to a golden idol as fast as possible without getting close enough to touch it. The winner is determined by who is the closest to the golden idol.
  • Nemore Guild: The place where people come to ask for help. Many residents all over Lemuria post their own bounties for other people to complete.
  • Cosima Tower: A large structure built on Mount Cosima that was designed to see everywhere in Lemuria. It is said it was built for the Jeinor's as a present from the gods.
  • Bridge of Jerra: Built in memory of one of the greatest Jeinor adventurers. He was the first to climb Mount Elaine, and so it sits near the base of the mountain.

Ulriche Strait

  • Nieve's Quarry of Passage: Now long out of use, this former quarry serves as another passage into the Imani Mines. Adventurers often pass through here.
  • Bass Shanty: A small club on the marina where many voyagers first visit when arriving to Greater Lemuria. The player can fight through many challenging enemies and recieve rewards for winning.
  • Thieves Den: Home to the thieves of Greater Lemuria. Many outlaws tend to use the den as a hideout from those searching for them.
  • Eastern Outpost: The eastern most part of Lemuria that has been charted. Many explorers come out to this area to chart the still largely unseen areas of Eastern Lemuria. What is out there, nobody knows.

Isle of Nereida

  • Broken Pier: The only place on the island where a ship can dock safely. The pier is very old and withered, and as such is only used by the most fearless captains on the ocean.
  • Sanctum Library: The place where most Suellen on the Isle of Nereida come to learn. It contains the most public information on Lemuria known to the people. Only few know of an even bigger library supposedly hidden on the isle.
  • Tree of Mist: Another popular location for the Suellen race, many reside in the towering tree. It is said that it was the first natural thing to grow in Lemuria.
  • Freya Arts: A school for those seeking to apply the knowledge they have learnt from the library. It is run by Freya, one of the most educated Suellen, and a master of the dark arts.
  • Nim's Dojo: A hidden school for those who are extremely dedicated to perfected the dark arts. Many Suellen take refuge in the dojo to master their craft before returning to Stone Howl Town. It is run by Nim, and the partner Siren was a student here until she noticed fishy things going on behind the scenes.
  • The Hidden Isle: Few know of this area that broke off from the mainland of the isle. It is shrouded in mystery but is rumoured to hold the most majestic armour in Lemuria.

Core of Agartha

  • Tepid Waters: An inn deep in the Imani Mines. It was first found when a group of Jeinors lost their way back to the surface, but now functions as an inn for those looking to continuing mining but need a rest.
  • Cystam: The deepest part of the mines thats still every growing. The player can help mine and find treasures deep in the ground.
  • Market Oculi: The market in Agartha has the most prized and expensive oculi in Lemuria.
  • Wishing Well: A mystical well that is said to harbour a mystical deity in its waters. It is said that it can make anyone's dreams come true.



Special items that are picked up throughout the game. These items are used to further progress the story, unlike other items that are used for battles or to help the player. Some items are only used in side-missions.

Water of the Stars
Water from the Fountain of the Stars that revives the Mystic Ladies
Frozen Jeinor
Juno's father who became frozen on Mount Elaine
Derid Mint
A specific mint that will cure the Ferryman of his paralysis
Plaque of Memorance
Each plaque tells a part of Suellen mythology
Light Beam
Reveals a secret passage in Nim's Dojo
Dark Artifact
Used to navigate and open passages in the Invisible Library
Angel's Spirit
A key to progressing through the Lemurian Trials
Love Letter
A parting gift from the lover of the Piscean
Orange Creeple
A mystical gemstone with a deep history rooted in the Mahthildis Forest
Hidden Bordaenia Key
Opens the door into the Hidden Bordaenia within the Tree of Mists
Queen's Armour
A mystical set of armour that increases the defence of all party members
Eere's Droid
A contraption built by Eere that wandered into the Uncharted Lands
Mirror Shards
Pieces of the Lemurian's broken mirror that hold a special power
A group of six jewels that are the most wanted in all of Lemuria

Mixtures are restoration items that help the player regain lost stats from battling. Their are two forms of mixtures; those that can be used in and out of battle, and those that can only be used in battle.

Healing Tonic
Recovers 50% of HP
Special Healing Tonic
Recovers 75% of HP
Potent Healing Tonic
Recovers 100% of HP
Magic Potion
Recovers 50% of MP
Special Magic Potion
Recovers 75% of MP
Potent Magic Potion
Recovers 100% of MP
Faery Nectar
Recovers 50% of HP and 50% of MP
Special Faery Nectar
Recovers 75% of HP and 75% of MP
Potent Faery Nectar
Recovers 100% of HP and 100% of MP
Firefly Essence
Replenish Igniculus' light meter
Cure all status ailments
Revives a fallen enemy and restores 80% of HP

Elixirs are stat-changing items that either aid allies or hinder enemies. They are only usable during battle.

Quicken Elixir
Increase a targeted ally's speed by 50% for 4 turns
Lull Elixir
Decrease a targeted enemies's speed by 50% for 4 turns
Damage Elixir
Increase damage by 30% for 5 turns
Defence Elixir
Increase physical defence by 30% for 5 turns
Magic Defence Elixir
Increase magic defence by 30% for 5 turns
Unstoppable Elixir
Protect a targeted ally from interruption for 4 turns
Unstoppable Elixir (All)
Protect all allies from interruption for 4 turns
Timeline Elixir
Moves targeted ally to the second waiting period instantly for 4 turns
Anytime Elixir
Allows an Anytime Attack to be performed in cast period one for 4 turns

Assaults are battle items that alter things that happen inside battle. They include inflicting damage upon enemies and changing their status.

White Veil
Makes all enemy attacks miss for 2 turns
Master Void
Drains 15% of an enemies health and gives it to an ally
Earth Call
An earthquake damaging all enemies on land
Gust Orb
A tornado damaging all airborne enemies
Heavenly Storm
A strong storm that damages all enemies
Inflicts a random status effect on an enemy
Broken Staff
A devastating attack that inflicts light or dark damage

Stardusts are items that can be found scattered across the overworld, and give a small boost to the stats of the player permanently. It can only be used once, and there is a type of stardust correlating to each character stat.

HP Stardust
Permanently increase HP by 5
MP Stardust
Permanently increase MP by 3
Strength Stardust
Permanently increase Strength by 3
Defence Stardust
Permanently increase Defence by 3
Magic Stardust
Permanently increase Magic Attack by 3
Magic Defence Stardust
Permanently increase Magic Defence by 3
Dodge Stardust
Permanently increase chance of Dodging by 1%
Critical Hit Stardust
Permanently increase chance of Critical Hit by 1%
Speed Stardust
Permanently increase Speed by 1

Oculi are gemstones that can characters can equip to change various stats and abilities. There are three areas oculi can be equiped; weapon, armour or accessory. Each oculi will have different effects depending on which area it is equiped to.

Oculi can also come in four forms; rough, tumbled, faceted, and brilliant. The higher the form of oculi, the bigger the stat boost will be. The Princess Stone is the only oculi that comes in one singular form.

Adds fire damage to melee attacks & increases attack power
Increases fire damage resistance
Increases max HP
Adds water damage to melee attacks & increases attack power
Increases water damage resistance
Additional chance of evading while casting
Adds earth damage to melee attacks & increases attack power
Increases earth damage resistance
Increases max MP
Adds ice damage to melee attacks & increases attack power
Increases ice damage resistance
Additional chance of blocking an attack
Increases magic attack
Increase magic defence
Chance of paralysing enemies with basic melee attacks
Increases physical attack when HP falls low
Reduces physical damage
Increases magic attack when HP falls low
Increases physical attack when HP falls low
Reduces physical damage
Increases magic attack when HP falls low
Increases speed
Earn additional EXP from battle
Increases casting speed
Increases spell power
Reduces damage when HP falls low
Increases dodge chance when HP falls low
Increases attack power
Increases speed after interruption
Moves position forward on the timeline
Princess Stone
Increases attack power by 40%
Reduces physical and magical damage by 25%
Increases spell power by 35%


Gladys' Plight

Help rid the Capili City of the dark creatures
Perhaps Gladys will move up a social class
So she can finally live the way it was meant to be
Let luxury come to the poor lass

The Way of the Skies

A impending doom is rumored for the Aerostati life
The land below has shook and something now grows
Delve into the growth to the root of the problem
Then scale to the top to unmask the one who owns

Ghost of Maiden's Peak

A mystery haunts the Maiden's Market
Terrorising those with a big heart
Spy at night on the dark hut
To give this ghost a big kick start

Juno's Plight

She stills sits at the base crying
For three days her wait has been extending
The top of the mountain is now calling
Find the campsite, find the father's falling

Bounty Hunter

For a land so big
Many problems can occur
Solve them for honor

Resting Home for a Lost Soul

The poor Piscean left to rot in the marsh
Help his soul transcend to the land above
A message is needed
From his last true love

Apples to Oranges

Start small and get bigger
A measly boring apple
Can become an Orange Creeple
By simply speaking to the right people

Miln's Plight

The Suellen all go missing
Sending Miln back into reminiscing
Uncover the location of his subjects
And save them before they are infect

Secret of the Tree of Mist

The residents here hide an ancient chamber
Investigate around the nooks and crannies
And perhaps you will enter the Hidden Bordaenia

The Lost Isle

Sources say the mist of the oceans never clear away
And hiding in them is an island all grey
Find a way to rid the fog
And an entrance to the isle, you will be got

Siren's Plight

Unknown to many is Nim's Dojo
Behind closed walls you need to follow
Recover the missing disciples
And break these prisonous cycles

The Uncharted Lands

A never ending canyon
And a lost companion
An unfinished chart
With a need to depart

Briggs' Plight

Help the lost boy return outside
Could he be possibly playing snide?
No time for that now, nevermind

7 Years of Bad Luck

For six years straight
This Capili cried twice a day
Her broken mirror
Now needs a fixing

Test Subject

Watching above from in the skies
Another Aerostati pries his eyes
Delving into their private lives
Is when a problem starts to arrive

Dig A Little Deeper

In the depths of the Imani Mines
Gemstones flourish in many kinds
Collect and find the Nieradynes



  • The location, Isle of Nereida, was visible on the map in the first game, however it was only first explorable in the sequel. 
  • Since ten years have passed from the original game, there are many instances of evolution throughout the world. For example, the Ulriche race are shown to be an evolution of the Piscean race. The are part of the species that moved east after their former town, the Piscean Village, flooded and was terrorised by an ogre.
  • While the first game was a coming of age tale, the sequel explores themes of what really is right and wrong.
  • The side-mission, Ghost of Maiden's Peak, is a reference to an episode from the original Pokemon anime which had the same name.
  • Another side-mission, Dig A Little Deeper, references a song from the Disney move, The Princess and the Frog.
  • The game, Pochspiel, in Jolly Golly Fooly literally translates to "Poker" in German.
  • Coffers reappear in the game with an identical role to the first game, acting as a chest that holds hidden treasure.
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