Chief Dongorio
Chief Dongorio, Unten's adoptive father.
(As in Fantendo Kart Ultra.)
Full Name Chief Dongorio
Gender Male
Location Peaceful Plains
Class Hero


Family and Relations
Mondo (son)

Unten (adoptive son)

First Appearance Fissure
Chief Dongorio is one of the main characters of That One Series With a Long and Uninteresting Name That I Do Not Wish to Remember. He is Unten's adoptive father after he found him in Peaceful Plains as a baby, he also has a real son named Mondo. Chief Dongorio is also the leader of the Baraenion Tribe.


Chief Dongorio has been believed to be Unten and Mondo's father figure in some of the earlier representations of Unten's cast. He doesn't seem to have ever been a more major character and likely just provided advice to the two.

Fissure (2014)

Chief Dongorio is the chief of a dwindling tribe of humans, down to just him and Mondo at the start of the events of the game. Zerita is also a member of his tribe, but Chief Dongorio barely orders her around. He inducts Unten into his tribe and tells him of a procephy involving a blue Beorn taking down a great evil.

Much later in the game he is captured by Doomulus, provoking Zerita and Unten into breaking into his facilities to rescue him. Doomulus Grime then cruelly kills Chief Dongorio in front of Unten, ending his life.


Chief Dongorio was a father figure to Unten and Mondo and his older age was catching up to him. Not much is really known about Chief Dongorio beyond his generally light hearted behavior and his paternal qualities.


Chief Dongorio has a blocky and strong build to him and has tanned skin. He has a headdress of feathers he wears on his head. He wears a green vest and green shorts.






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