Chicken Game (Working Title) is a game being created by CrakaboLazy4090. The game will release on PC and the Nintendo Switch.


The main objective of Chicken Game is to defeat the other players. Fights take place in a 2D area. You take control of a bird and have two actions, aim and fire. The only way to move is the fire an egg, which launches you backwards and fires an egg. This egg is one of the only ways to cause damage to an enemy. Each player has 3 hearts, and if all of these hearts are depleted, they will be KOed.

Each bird has stats, Egg Speed (the speed at which their eggs travel), Launch Distance (the distance the bird is launched after firing this egg) and Fire Rate (the rate at which eggs can be fired). Each bird also has a Special Attack, which is charged by firing eggs and damaging other birds.


These modes can be played by yourself, locally, or online. Any missing players will be replaced by CPUs.

Mode Description
Deathmatch Up to four birds are tasked with being the last to survive. The last to survive wins.
Massacre Up to four birds are tasked with getting the most points by defeating eachother. If you defeat a bird, you gain a point, and they lose a point. Once time ends, the bird with the most points wins.
Target Destruction Up to four birds are tasked with getting the most points by destroying targets. Destroying multiple targets with one egg creates a multiplier that increases points collected. If players are defeated, they lose half of their overall points.
Corn Collect Up to four birds must collect the most corn by the end of the time. If you are KOed, you drop all of your corn, allowing other players to collect them. Once time ends,
Big Corn Collect Up to four birds must collect one giant corn. If a player has possession of the corn, their corn counter increases, and if they are hit, the giant corn is dropped. Once time ends, the player with the highest corn counter wings.

More modes TBA

Playable Birds

Each bird is split into 3 different categories

Medium Birds

These birds have overall balanced stats. Balanced egg speed, launch distance, and fire rate.

Picture Name Special Attack

Rapid Egg

Chicken fires 8 eggs in rapid succession. While firing, Chicken can't move.


Trail Egg

Duck fires an egg that breaks open and leaves behind an eggy trail. This trail will damage anyone that touches it (except for Duck and his teammates). This egg also bounces off of one wall before being destroyed.


Shotgun Egg

Turkey fires out 7 eggs in a shotgun-like spread. Best used at close range.


Flock Support

Pigeon summons a clone of him that mimics all of his moves, allowing for twice the firepower. If any of them is, they fly away, dodging a potential hit. If times goes on for too long, one of the pigeons will fly away.


Fish Turret

Pelican fires out a flying fish that fires at enemies with roe. If damaged by 2 hits, it flies away.

Light Birds

These birds have a higher fire rate than other birds, but have a low launch distance and egg speed.

Picture Name Special Attack

Egg Barrier

6 eggs begin swirling around Parrot. These eggs act as a shield, and can be used as a defense, and also as close-ranged attack. Upon hitting something, these eggs disappear.


Icy Egg

Penguin fires an egg that, upon getting close to an enemy, explodes, releasing an icy field that slows any bird or egg within it (except for Penguin and her teammates). After a few seconds, this field goes away.


Swirling Shrimp

Flamingo fires out a shrimp that flies in totally random patterns. It's small, but it can be quite hard to dodge.


Healing Song

Robin sings a song that restores one of her (and her teammate's if in a team battle) hearts.


Power Rush

Hummingbird's begins glowing yellow. His fire rate increases and if he runs into a bird, he damaged them. If he is hit, or if he runs into a wall, however, the attack is canceled.

Heavy Birds

These birds have a low fire rate, but a high launch distance and egg speed.

Picture Name Special Attack

Patriotic Shriek

Eagle lets out a powerful shreik and, if any egg is within this area, they will turn around and launch themselves toward an enemy.


Missile Egg

Ostrich fires out a massive, firey egg that slowly homes onto an enemy. It takes multiple hits to destroy, and it is quite slow, but it releases an explosion that can cause good damage.



Owl glows blue for a split seconds. If he is hit by any egg, he teleports and slaps his attack, making for a guaranteed hit.


Lightning Egg

Condor charges up and fires a powerful egg that travels at light speed, punctures through everything, and can defeat enemies in one hit. If Condor is hit while charging, the attack is canceled, but he won't lose a heart.



Toucan summons a raincloud that travels to the top of the screen. Any player or egg under it rapidly pushed downwards (except for Toucan and his teammates).





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