'Chibi Knight Galaxy'
Developer(s) Omegaverse Corp.
Publisher(s) Fantendo, Armor Games
Platform(s) Nintendo VR
Genre(s) Adventure/RPG/Platformer
Mode(s) Hero, Dual
Age Rating(s) E10+

Chibi Knight Galaxy is a game for the Nintendo VR developed by Omegaverse Corp. based off of the flash game, Chibi Knight.



In Hero mode, you play as a knight in a spaceship. You use the spaceship to fly to one of several planets, in which there are usually 3 different missions (and 2 secret ones) that progress in an order. On the overworld of the planet, you walk like in a standard RPG, with top-down view. However, when you encounter a monster, go into a house or village, or enter some other landmark, you switch to a platformer in which you run around, swing your sword, or cast one of 5 different spells you slowly unlock. You have mana to cast spells and when you run out of health, you go back to the last save. When entering a dungeon, however, you retain the top-down view (except when fighting). When you've fought enough, you can choose to level up either your sword, which will make it do more damage, your armor, which will give you better defense, or your magic, which will make it so spells cost less mana and the first spell, the attack spell, does more damage.


Dual plays almost identically to hero in terms of controls - however, you are fighting a different player via Wi-Fi. You cannot level up in this mode.

Planets and Missions

Chapter 1: Gillthor

Planet Information Mission(s) Boss(es)
Crator A moon planet inhabited by small moon people. An angry sand monster called Gillthor has tore about the terrain, endangering the lives of the citizens. Mini-Gillthor's Mad Rampage
Earthquake Bridge
Gillthor's Nasty Crator
Bridge Speedrun Secret
Gillthor Daredevil Run Secret
Gillthor Daredevil Battle
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