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Chiamomo Female
50 lbs
50 years old Dolluhan
Chiamomo, the Chiamomo-est Chiamomo
FULL NAME Chiamomo
BIRTHDAY August 4th
ALIGNMENT Galactic Gals (formerly)

Mindy Starlane (close friend)


Chiamomo, Chiamomo, Chiamomo


Chiamomo, Chiamomo, Chiamomo



Chiamomo is a Dolluhan that works alongside Mindy Starlane and makes her debut in World Tournament. She can only speak in a simplistic langauge consisting entirely of the sound "Chiamomo", and the only people able to understand her are Mindy, Obena, and oddly enough, Nycho Invalidez. The character was created by Exotoro as a friend for Mindy Starlane as well as to help flesh out the story of World Tournament.

Chiamomo is a partner to Mindy Starlane, working as her body guard and friend. She is only able to communicate through a simplistic language consisting of saying "Chiamomo". She has the ability to turn her limbs into functioning weapons and to completely disassemble herself into a bunch of limbs hopping on the floor. She is Mindy's only friend and while she may appear very comical, takes herself completely seriously.


Chiamomo is a small character with blue skin and green hair. She wears a Chinese style martial outfit with pants and shoes. Her limbs are able to transform into weapons such as swords, guns, axes, and more, although she cannot match the firepower or strength of specific weapons. She also wears thick glasses and typically has her eyes closed. When using guns for instance, the bullets are made from the same hard flesh material the rest of Chiamomo is made of.


Not much is known about the elusive Chiamomo, who speaks exclusively with one word, which is just her name. Despite this, much can be inferred about her conversations with people who are able to understand her, like Mindy Starlane or Obena. With her conversations with Obena, it's made clear that she is apparently just cursing all the time and uses rather foul language in a rather descriptive way.

Chiamomo carries herself rather aggressively and seriously. She doesn't smile very often and treats every fight like a life or death situation. She is close to immortal, with her age being specifically rather young for her species.

She is able to put up with Mindy Starlane, her best friend, far longer than anyone else in Mindy's life and serves as support, even though she's not the best equipped to deal with it. She has been stuck with a toxic individual for most of her life but her focused mind causes it not to be as stressful as it could be.


World Tournament

Powers and Abilities

Chiamomo has the ability to shift her limbs into any weapon she desires, such as swords, guns, axes, and more. Guns are weaker than they would seem due to the bullets being made out of the same material as her hardened skin. She cannot match the specific powers of weapons, just the shape and basic function of certain devices.

She can also pop off her limbs and control them independently. She could pop off her head or hand and control it remotely, even miles away. However, these limbs are stuck with the sense that they have- a hand cannot see in another location but it can feel around.

Specific Powers


  • Weapon Morphing - Chiamomo can morph her limbs into weapons. She could technically morph it into anything she puts her mind to, but she only uses this ability for combative purposes, as there's a certain limit as to how much she can shift her body.
    • Chiabuster - Chiamomo turns her hand into a Gatling gun, firing bullets made out of the same material as her skin. They have about the same strength as a BB bullet, meaning most characters will not be badly hurt by the attack but it will still deal a lot of damage. Chiamomo won't have to reload the gun as she produces the bullets from her skin, which is indefinite in supply, but still costs energy for her to produce.
    • Chiablade - Chiamomo morphs a hand into a nub with a blue blade, also made of her skin. She can physically sharpen it with her mind, but it will still not be as hard or sharp as a real blade. However, in a pinch, it can still cut through wood or human skin.
    • Chiaxe - Chiamomo morphs her hand into an ax blade. Like Chiablade, she can sharpen it with her mind but it doesn't compare to an actual axe in terms of maximum sharpness. However, it can still cut through wood or skin.
    • Chiashield - Also known as Skin Shield, Chiamomo can create a shield that can guard against attacks, hardening in response to what's thrown at it. Chiamomo can also use it to capture projectiles by folding the skin shield around it, or even cause it to curve off by bending the skin shield.
  • Pop Off - Chiamomo can pop off limbs from her body, able to separate her legs, arms, torso, and head from each other. She can also move them independently of each other regardless of distance, able to move her arm miles away from the rest of her body. However, she's locked to the senses that the body parts would naturally have, as in she would not be able to effectively spy unless she popped off her head exclusively.
    • Chiatrap - Chiamomo can transform one of her popped off limbs into a trap provided she has a good enough sightline to do so. This can be a ankle weight or in the case of her torso, a cube that traps both arms or legs, morphing around the victim.


Mindy Starlane

They have a close friendship, with Chiamomo being the only of Mindy's friends still with her. They fight together, often going on mercenary missions in order to pay for Mindy's vices or whatever debt she owes. Mindy is one of the few people that can understand Chiamomo, so it's possible Chiamomo feels obligated to stay with her because she's the only person that can even give her company to begin with. Chiamomo attempts to help Mindy with her problems but is ill-equipped to actually deal with them.



  • Chiamomo's design was inspired by Chiaotzu from Dragon Ball, while her speech pattern was influenced by Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy.