Chen is a character in LEGO Free For All. He is the master of the Tournament of Elements from Ninjago.

His staff allows him to use almost every element from the Ninjago universe, including fire, ice, earth, lighting, water,  form, and metal.


Standard/Tilted Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Attack Chen swings his staff.
Side Attack Chen shoots a poison bolt.
Up Attack Chen uses fire to make an ark.
Down Attack Chen uses earth to make a ground-shaking stomp.
Dash Attack Chen uses speed to charge forwards.

Smash Attacks

Move Description
Side Smash Chen turns into metal and punches.
Up Smash Chen uses nature to make a group of roots jab upwards.
Down Smash Chen turns into Cole and punches the ground.

Aerial Attacks

Move Description
Neutral Aerial Chen turns into Unikitty and jabs with her horn.
Forward Aerial Chen shoots lightning bolts out of his hands.
Backwards Aerial Chen flips and shoots a fireball behind him.
Up Aerial Chen uses Gravity to fall upwards briefly.
Down Aerial Chen turns into the Rock Monster and falls.

Floor/Edge Attacks

Move Description
Floor Attack (front) Chen gets up and does a flaming kick.
Floor Attack (back) Chen gets up and makes sound beams around himself.
Floor Attack (trip) Chen turns into a shadow and then slams his staff on the ground.
Edge Attack Chen turns into smoke then swings his staff.

Grabs and Throws

Move Description
Grab Chen picks the opponent up with his mind.
Pummel Chen throws a bone at the opponent.
Forward Throw Chen launches the opponent with a sonic scream.
Backward Throw Chen spins then shoots water out of his hands.
Upward Throw Chen reverses the gravity of the opponent, making them fall upwards.
Downward Throw Chen blinds the opponent with a flash of light then stomps on them.
===Special Attacks===
Move Name Description
Neutral Special Ice Bolt Chen shoots a bolt of ice. It freezes the opponent, but not for long. It also has a long cooldown (no pun intended).
Side Special Rock Throw Chen pulls a rock out of the ground and throws it.
Up Special Blaze Boost Chen sets himself on fire with his elemental powers and flies upwards.
Down Special Lighting Strike Chen calls a lighting bolt down from the sky above himself. It cannot pass through platforms.





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