Chef Puff is a character in the Barker and Quack series.

He serves a both a playable character and Shop Owner.


In Barker's Adventure, he is the owner of Puff's Yummy Store. He will sell you many foods, which add to your health points, in exchange for Ice Cream Sprinkles, which you can find 10 of in each level. In Barker's Adventure 2- 8 Worlds, he still owns Puff's Yummy Store, but if you are able to get 500 Ice Cream Sprinkles, you can buy him as a playable character, where he shoots apples with a sling shot and gets everything half off. He is also playable for A.C.G Arena, if you buy his DLC Package. In Baby Barker and Baby Quack, he is playable as the younger version of himself, after completing Level 4.

Appearence and Personality

Chef Puff looks like a normal Puff, but also wears an apron and a Chef Hat. He also has hands. He is a Puff, so he can only be either Happy, Surprised, Scared, Sad, Curious or Brave. He is good friends with Munk Googoo and Honker, as well with Sage Gaagaa, Barker, Quack, Stomp, Cherry, and Quackla.


  •  He is the only Puff to ever be a hero and playable character.
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