Chef Kawasaki
コックカワサキ / カワサキ
ChefKawasaki SSBUltimate
Chef Kawasaki
AGE Unknown
CLASS Chef, Cook
WEAPONS Saucer Pan
Makiko Ohmoto
When they get a taste of this, I'll be the hottest chef in town!
Chef Kawasaki

Chef Kawasaki (sometimes called Cook Kawasaki or just Kawasaki) is a character in the Kirby series, debuting in Kirby Super Star as a mini-boss. In later appearances he appears as an ally or friend to Kirby.

Physical Description

Chef Kawasaki is a tall, orange egg-shaped character dressed in a apron with a blue striped pocket. He also wears a chef hat ontop of his head. He has red feet similar to Kirby. He is usually carrying a frying pan in his hand, which sometimes has a metal ladle. A tougher version of Chef Kawasaki debuts in Kirby Star Allies with white skin and a black pocket apron and chef's hat. When he becomes a ally, he gains a star on his chef hat just like Cook Kirby.

Fanon Appearances

Kirby: Dream Land's Hope

Chef Kawasaki returns as a mini-boss in Kirby: Dream Land's Hope, mostly unchanged from his appearance in Kirby Super Star.

Kirby: United

Chef Kawasaki appears as an ally in Kirby: United, running the shop in the game where Kirby can buy items or have Chef Kawasaki cook recipes for the party. When Kirby and his party get Chef Kawasaki to cook the ultimate recipe, he will join the party as a support character. He serves as a healer and a tank with his high defense and cooking skills. In order to cook and attack properly, he needs to monitor the Heat and Water in his massive pot.

Kirby: Nova Zoo

Chef Kawasaki appears in Kirby: Nova Zoo as one of the four Dream Allies unlocked from the start of the game, joining Kirby on his adventure to escape the titular Nova Zoo after Susie convinces him to work with Kirby. He has a greatly expanded moveset based off his Kirby: Star Allies appearance as well as some moves inspired by Kirby: United, with some brand new moves added to the mix as well.

Powers and Abilities

Chef Kawasaki is portrayed as having two main abilities:

  • Extending his ladle forward to catch Kirby, which drags him back and lets the chef fry him up, dealing damage.
  • Throwing dishes as projectiles.

He also tends to attack using his strength out of rage, jumping up and down as he does. In Kirby Star Allies, he now throws cups and spoons in addition to the plates and a harder version of Kawasaki has the ability to extend his ladle across the entire screen. This harder version also has a new attack where he throws plates, cups, and spoons from the air as he spins. As a ally, he is able to use the Cook ability and has to wait for the cooldown to end before performing the ability again.

Dream Ally Moveset

In Kirby: Nova Zoo, it is possible for a second player to play as Chef Kawasaki and control him, allowing players to use a wide movepool of moves for him.

Move Controls Description Element Damage
Pot Slam B Chef Kawasaki slams his pot into the opponent on the head, dealing some moderate damage. Cook 15
Pot Grab Side + B Chef Kawasaki extends his pot to grab foes and then cook them up when he brings them close to him. Some enemies will become drop food items when he cooks them up! Cook 25
Heat Up Dash + B Chef Kawasaki becomes engulfed in flames as he dashes forward, dealing damage to those in his way. Fire 11
Salt It Hold B Chef Kawasaki dashes some salt onto his opponent, dealing some quick damage that can rack up quickly. Cook 5 per shake
Cook Potluck Down + B (when cooldown is over) Chef Kawasaki brings foes, allies, attacks, and even mini-bosses into the pot to cook them up and deal damage, before releasing a bunch of soup that can do damage to bosses and food items everywhere. After this, a two minute cooldown period will begin. Cook N/A
Quick Pot B (near enemy) Chef Kawasaki quickly grabs the foe and puts them in a pot with a lid as he cooks them up, doing a quicker version of his pot grab. Cook 20
Dishes and Spoons B (Midair) Chef Kawasaki releases a flurry of dishes, spoons, and cups while in the air. Cook 7 per object
Super Pepper Down + B (Midair) Chef Kawasaki eats a Super Pepper, which surrounds him in a flaming shield that will damage those who touch him while he's in the air. Fire 15

Star Team Heroes

Despite his victory against Kirthar, He's one of the victims of the Kirthar's Snap Finger.



  • Chef Kawasaki is the only enemy to give the Cook ability aside from Mix.
  • In Kirby Super Star, if Kirby uses the Copy copy ability on Chef Kawasaki, Kirby will get a random ability, despite Chef Kawasaki offering the Cook ability when inhaled regularly.
    • This was fixed in the remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra.
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