The robot genius.
Full Name Cheepel
Current Age Programmed to behave like a 10 year old.
Gender Programmed to be male.
Location Unknown (born in a lab)
Current Status Alive
Class Helper
Main Weapon(s) Gadgets
Ability/ies Machines, missiles, robot abilities.
Vulnerable To He takes every hit equally.
First Appearance Robo Madness (2011)

Cheepel is a next generation robot created to support Scyplo. He is a mechanical genius with great abilities at controlling big machines.


Cheepel was created as a less powerful, more technical version of Scyplo with great abilities at handling fellow robots. After he was awaken by the scientist in need of someone to help Scyplo, he quickly learned how to handle machines, and instructed Scyplo on how to manage a ship.


Cheepel is intelligent, even more so than Scyplo, and is shown to have one of the greatest minds in the world. However, his programmed age and childlike behaviour makes him like tricks and jokes, and he tends to be distracted easily. However, when in serious problems, he can be courageous and demonstrate his true abilities, riding great and powerful machines.

He has a prototype version of the emotion system, and as so sometimes may display altered emotions.