Checkpoint Flag
Checkpoint Flag SM3DL
Appearance of the Checkpoint Flag in Super Mario 3D Land
First Appearance New Super Mario Bros.
Latest Appearance Super Mario 3D World
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The Checkpoint Flag, also known as the Midway Flag or the Halfway Flag, is a flag found in the Super Mario series. They are located halfway through every level and if the player dies they will respawn at the flag instead of the start of the level. They are similar to the Midway Gates in Super Mario World.

In open-world games, Checkpoint Flags allow for a fast-travel system where Mario can warp to any activated Checkpoint Flag in the current level.

Before being passed, the Checkpoint Flag depicts Bowser's face on a black background. After passing it, the checkpoint turns red with the Mario symbol on it. If passed as Small Mario, the flag will restore Mario to Super Mario.


Super Mario Moose

Checkpoint Flags make an appearance in Super Mario Moose. As usual they serve as a checkpoint when the player dies.

Super Mario Moose Deluxe

Checkpoint Flags return in Super Mario Moose Deluxe, acting the same as in the previous game.


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