Chawqa is a Fire/Electric type Pokémon introduced in Generation VI. It is known as the FLAMING ELETRIC Pokémon. It appears to be a squirrel or chipmunk like Pokémon, with a tail like Furret's, and a bolt on its head. It also has its eyes usually closed. Along with its evolution, Drafeus, it is the first Genertion VI Pokémon to be officially revealed. It evolves to Drafeus at LV 40.


Height: 1"40"/0.8 cm

Weight: 23.1 lbs/10.5 kg

Special Abilities: Chawqa breathe fire from their mouths, and shoot out electricity from their bolts on their heads. It also has a signature move: Flaming Bolt.

Behaviour: Chawqa are very fond of berries.


Scratch: Start

Leer: Start

Thundershock: LV 3

Ember: LV 5

Quick Attack: LV 8

Nitro Charge: LV 13

Thunderbolt: LV 19

Wild Charge: LV 27

Flamethrower: LV 35

Lava Plume: LV 38

Discharge: LV 41

Flaming Bolt: LV 45

Pyro Blast: LV 54

Volt Storm: LV 56

Fire Blast: LV 67

Thunder: LV 70

In the anime

Chawqa first appeared in Drafeus: Legend of Fire and Thunder where it and its mother, Drafeus get abducted by the film's antagonist, Extreme X. Luckily, Drafeus, Jirachi and the shiny bird trio Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno helped it to escape from the villain. Later, it, Drafeus and their human friend Cody, go to Ritto by ship.

In the manga

Chawqa has not appeared in the manga yet.

How to obtain

Chawqa will be appearing in Sunset Forest. To get it, the player must download the event Jirachi from the movie, and talk to the girl standing near the tree. She will say that Chawqa are very fond of berries. When Jirachi is sent out, Chawqa will come down and talk to it, and the player will get a Chawqa.


  • Chawqa, along with its evolution, Drafeus are the second non-legendary Pokémon to be only available via event. The first being Zorua and Zoroark.
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