| Imagine what would happen if a Charizard and a Blastoise had a kid... Why you would be thinking that? Anyway this would happen. Pretty cool right.

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Charizard - Mother like figure

1.10.Charizard flying

Blastoise - Father like figure

Pikachu - Wonders how a weakling gets so much attention

Bulbasaur - Wonders why someone would pick this as starter pokémon

Wartortle - Reminds of his teenage years with his ears and tail

Charmander - Agrees that Charmander has been voted as the best starter

Squirtle - Likes the shell idea as use of defence

Pichu - Thinks that Charizard should take his spot in Super Smash Bros. and Pichu would be Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon instead

Charmeleon - Reminds him of days in School when people would call him a different Pokemon 


Venusaur - Thinks that he ate to much and looks very weird

Ivysaur - Actually looks ok

Plusle & Minun - thinks they are "clones of eachover and clones of pichu"

Eevee - Has to many too evalutions

Jolteon - Looks cool but is quite weak.

Flareon - Reminds him other the other 2 original evalution and that you can only have one main quality

Vaporeon - Has a lot of health but is ugly 

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