Charnelon the Blue Ninja (series)
Developer(s) The Tris Company
Publisher(s) The Tris Company
Genre(s) Fight
Spinoff(s) None
First Game Charnelon the Blue Ninja
Most Recent Game Charnelon the Blue Ninja 2
Nintendo Silver
Charnelon the Blue Fight game maded by The Tris Company.


Image Name Description
Charmelon The Blue Ninja
Charnelon the Blue Ninja A ninja quiet with many skills and can also attack enemies with your Water Shuriken
Shara the Yellow Ninja
Shara the Yellow Ninja A fast and skillful ninja who seeks his mother
Solid Ninja
E-188 The Solid Ninja A weapon designed to kill may disappear everywhere
Vlack Longos
Vlack Longos A legendary dragon that uses the powers of darkness
Rod The Red Ninja
Rod the Red Ninja A Ninja with an ability to melt
Black Ninja
Black Ninja A very mysterious ninja with the ability to copy the movements of others.
Sir Larry Spiny
Sir Larry Spiny A rider who has another dimension movements Ninjas
Shadow Rod
Shadow Rod Rod was transformed into its shadow now he crosses the walls
Two Faces Man
Two Faces Man None


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