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SPECIES God of Destruction
AGE At least millions of years old.
HEIGHT 6' 7"
WEIGHT ??? lbs

Charcoss is the God of Destruction of the Fantendoverse, in charge of destroying planets ever now and then to keep balance to the universe.


Charcoss, being a God of Destruction, is a arrogant and dangerous person who destroys planets without care. While he does have soft spots for certain planets, Charcoss will put aside any friendships if they come into conflict with his job. Unless someone as strong as him or his own personal attendant, Ginnig, stops him, nothing can stand between Charcoss and his role in the universe of destroying planets.

Outside of his job, Charcoss is a prideful and friendly being who, while a bit arrogant to others, easily makes friends with people on planets he doesn't destroy. He often enjoys fighting strong opponents, and occasionally holds small tournaments to look for people similar to him in strength (despite currently not finding anyone besides his attendant strong enough compared to himself).


Charcoss is a flame-like being standing in at 6 feet and 7 inches, mainly having a small metallic head and a flaming body. Charcoss's head is a big iron body with various protruding horns protruding from the top half of the body. The metal on his body is colored orange due to the constant heat his body goes through from creating the rest of his body.

The rest of his body is a complex and mysterious flame that changes color with Charcoss's mood, though usually the flame is green. His hands, though while usually shaped like claws, are capable of turning into regular hands for certain situations. While he does not have feet, he does have a small appendage to slide around on.


Charcoss is exceptionally strong due to his role as a God of Destruction, being capable of casually destroying planets and stars, though his full power is capable of barely destroying a universe. He is capable of destroying lesser beings at will by simply gesturing at them and saying the word "Destroy", and he can endure attacks capable of destroying galaxies.

Charcoss is also capable of tapping into a infinite well of Godly Ki, a power source that allows him to create beams of extreme power which compare to his base physical strength. He mainly uses this Godly Ki for his signature Charcoal Eruption Technique, where he combines his Godly Ki with heat to create a giant fireball to launch at the opponent. Besides his Charcoal Eruption technique, he can also launch various other kinds of energy attacks. While Charcoss may seem invincible, he is however slightly weak to water, as it can stun him by putting out his flaming body for a few seconds.