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Chaotic Arms are weapons created using the power of magical beings, usually after their defeat. They often grant the holder special powers based on the being used to create the weapon. Depending on the sort of being used to create the weapon, they may sometimes also be known as Angelic Arms, Demonic Arms, or Aeserian Arms.

Creation and Use


List of Chaotic Arms

  • Angelic Sword Strafe (A sword created from the Strafe of the 4th Dimension upon his defeat. Wielded by Nebuel Chadnezzar.)
  • Demonic Halberd Belial (A halberd created from the demon Belial upon his defeat. Wielded by Magdalene Magog.)
  • Aeserean Umbrella Baldr (A lance with umbrella-like capabilities created from the Aesir Baldr upon his death. Wielded by Lurky Laufeydottir.)
  • Chaotic Blades Jormungandr (Twin poisonous whip swords that Jormungandr can willingly transform into. Wielded by Lurky Laufeydottir.)
  • Demonic Arm Fenriswolf (A stone prosthetic arm created from the frost demon Fenriswolf using Aesir's Blood. Wielded by Tyr Hymirson.)
  • Demonic Cloak Roc (A falcon-feather cloak created from the bird demon Roc upon his defeat. Wielded by Freyja.)


  • The basic concept for Chaotic Arms was heavily inspired by the Devil Arms from the Devil May Cry series.