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Developer(s) Iceboys12co.
Publisher(s) Rampage Riot
Platform(s) Wii, 3DS
Genre(s) Fighting Platformer
Release Date(s) TBA 2011
Mode(s) single players, multiplayers
Age Rating(s) T for Teen
Media Included Wii Disk, 3DS Game Card
Chaos Empire (混沌の统治:質量帝国 The Reign of Chaos: The Mass Empire) is an upcoming fighting game for the Wii and 3DS. It was developed by Iceboys12co., and it was published by Rampage Riot. It's a first game to the Chaos Empire series. It will feature the main protagonists and main villains, Aeon(Heroic), Jinna(Heroic), Hades(Corrupted), Nedrik(Corrupted), saving/taking over the Masgrad kingdom.


The Gameplay is similar to Super Smash Bros Brawl. Each of 2 have either a Heroic/Corrupted side with them. If you choose a Corrupted characters, the angel heroes(and the human heroes too) will attack you in attempt to save Masgrad from harm. If you choose a Heroic characters(Which is advised, the main storyline), the demon villains (and the human villains too) will attack you in attempt to destroy Masgrad. As the Corrupted story progesses, a resistance squard is formed, which consists of 4 humans, Kaile, Narma, Ninja, Syname. They will be one of the Level Bosses, and will defeat you. However, Sieli, Nedirk's/Hades' squire, wishes to be free from the nightmare of being Nedirk's/Hades' slave, so he secretly works with the squad. But, In the last part of the Corrupted story, they turned into Angels.



  1. Grass Field (Boss: Fire Hound, D-Lord Jr. )
  2. Strange Forest (Boss: Hades, Death Eyes)
  3. Mamga Maze (Boss: Orochi, Nega-Beast)
  4. Poisionous Junkyard (Boss: Bone-Hound, D-Lord)
  5. Forezen Pole (Boss: Demon Snowman, Hades (2nd))
  6. Sand Desert (Boss: Mad-Bull, Arch-Nemesis)
  7. Dark Station of the Sun (Boss: Revived Death Eyes, Revived Nega-Beast, Revived D-Lord, Revived D-Lord Jr., Nedirk, Hades and Nedirk)
  8. The Death Hole (Boss: Arch-Nemesis (2nd),Orochi (2nd), Ultimate Orochi)

Special: Hyrule (Boss: Dark Link, Ganondorf)

Special 2: The Mount of Heroes (Boss: Hades and Nedirk (2nd))


  1. Grass Field (Boss: The King, Ninja)
  2. Strange Forest (Boss: Yoshimaru, Yoshimaru (2nd))
  3. Mamga Maze (Boss: Post-Beast, Bobobo Nanana)
  4. Poisionous Junkyard (Boss: G-Lord, Narma)
  5. Forezen Pole (Boss: Sieli, Aeon, Syname)
  6. Sand Desert (Boss: Jinna, Kaile)
  7. Dark Station of the Sun (Boss: Angel Ninja, Angel Narma, Angel Syname, Angel Kaile, Aeon and Jinna)
  8. The Death Hole (Boss: Revived Sieli, Starlina, Ultimate Starlina)

Special: Hyrule (Boss: Link)

Special 2: The Mount of Heroes (Boss: Angel Sieli, Aeon and Jinna (2nd))


Heroic Ending

Orochi have been sucked into the Death Hole and vanishes, Aeon and Jinna runs and with the help of the Resistance Squard, rescuses their mother, Starlina from the Death Hole. After doing so, they comes back to the Kingdom, and everything back to normal. They have settled down and live happily ever after.

After the credits we see Starlina at a museum stopping for a moment to look at the picture of Aeon, Jinna and herself saying "Good job my children. Good job." then leaves as the camera pans to the picture.

Corrupted Ending

Starlina have been defeated and the dead bodies of the Resistance Squard was eaten by the Death Hole. Hades and Nedirk escape the Death Hole and the Masgrad guardians sucked into it... Aeon and Jinna saves Starlina, who are badly injuried before the hole sucked her. While Hades and Nedirk escapes, laughing at them, and the Masgrad Kingdom, and the World.

When Hades and Nedirk returns to Masgrad, the villains see the Castle's ruins, and they're now being Orochi's expert knights.

After the credits we see Orochi at the high hill saw the castle ruins saying "Humph, When Mankind fell into a long age of darkness and gloom..." then leaves the scencry.


Aeon, You must protect the king from getting murdered!

I don't care of how peaceful this patehic Kingdom is. I've just destroy it.
Hades, when defeating The King

Time to have some fun! This is gonna be Awesome!
Bobobo Nanana, before fighting Hades/Nedirk

Hades/Nedirk! You won't get away with any of this! You'll get executed for this!
Sieli, before Narma fight with Hades/Nedirk.

Well that's two down and now it's two more to go.
Nedirk, after defeated Narma.

You foolish humans! I'm all mighty D-LORD!! FEEL MY WRATH!
D-Lord, before fighting Aeon/Jinna

I don't know if "Arch-Nemesis" destroyed this part of the kingdom, but...I feared for the worst
Syname, when Aeon/Jinna completed World 5

See you in the under-world, coward!
Hades, when using his super attack.

!!! Now The King is forced to work with Hades/Nedirk?! Man, This isn't right!
Yoshimaru, When Hades/Nedirk's intro in World 2

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Orochi. The Ultimate leader of all evil.
Orochi, Before fighting Orochi as Aeon/Jinna


Well, get ready for the devil rush.

The villains is getting worst! There's must be the way to defeat them before they conquer Masgrad!
Kaile, When Hades/Nedirk's intro in World 6

Aeon! Jinna! You must save your mother before Orochi could threaten to kill her! The entire world is in your hands!
Ninja, When Aeon/Jinna's intro in World 7

Aeon, when get hurt.

Damn... It's can't be... Orochi...
Sieli, When Aeon/Jinna's intro in World 4

What?! You're helping us?! Not like, destroying us? Like these demon?!
Aeon, When Aeon meets Sieli in World 3


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