Chaos Collision
Developer(s) Lone Planet
Platform(s) Nucleo
The V²
Sohnix MechaByte
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Nintendo Switch
Nintendo DSGo
Xbox Series X
PlayStation 5
Atari VCS
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Action RPG
Media Included Cartridge/disc
Digital download

Chaos Collision is an umbrella action role-playing game developed by Lone Planet. Taking inspiration from Xenoblade Chronicles, Astral Chain, and Kingdom Hearts, it takes place in the same universe as its sister project, Synchronized Souls, albeit with a very different cast of characters overall.


Prologue: A Treasured Discovery

Despair...anger...fear...hatred...violence...doubt...pride...these emotions all seem to be negative. But why are they mentioned here?
The Avatar.

The Delvers, a band of archaeologists made up of the Avatar (name decided by the player), Falco "Revali" Lombardi, Vividria, and E-123 Omega, arrive on a ruined, yellow and purple planet known aptly as "The Junkyard". Having been led there via a map from a previous expedition, they've determined that a treasure they're after is here and could shed more light on the civilization of Endgia. Navigating the warped wasteland of the planet, they find that a decrepid old obsidian tower is still standing, and venture inside. Falco remarks about how there's nothing interesting here, to which Vividria responds by telling him that not every expedition is going to be exciting. As Falco and Vividria argue, Omega pulls the two of them apart and demands that they focus on the mission.

Delving deeper into the labyrinth, the group is ambushed by strange draconic monsters that reek of purple energy. The Delvers recognize them as Endgia-native monsters, and battle them. Heading lower down, it seems to get darker, with purple lights lighting the way. The Avatar especially is nervous, remarking to their fellow Delvers that this is nothing like what they've been through before. As they near the end of the tunnel, two purple eyes can be seen.

The eyes reveal themselves as the Ender Dragon, a monstrous creature locked away on the planet by the Endermen. The Delvers prepare to engage the beast, fighting it off as a team. At one point, it nearly overwhelms the Avatar but Falco manages to snipe it with an arrow, spitting at its corpse before the group moves forward. E-123 Omega remarks about how the dragon reminds him of the demons who built him, to which Vividria tells him to shut up about what the demons did to him. Eventually, the group reaches a large wall that features hieroglyphs depicting seven events: an Enderman crying, an Enderman shouting at another, an Enderman running fearfully, an Enderman staring at another with seething disgust, an Enderman attacking another Enderman, an Enderman thinking between two ideas, and an Enderman standing pridefully in front of others. Vividria immediately deduces that they're associated with despair, anger, fear, hatred, violence, doubt, and pride respectively. The Avatar notes that all of those emotions are negative, wondering why they're here.

At that point, E-123 Omega notices that the hieroglyph depicting an Enderman staring at another with disgust seems to have skyscrapers in the background. Recognizing them as that of the planet Coruscant, he suggests that the group head there. The Avatar replies to Omega with confusion, mentioning how they barely escaped the Stormtrooper Dees the last time they were there. Falco then mutters that there's not much else for them to do, which Vividria agrees with. The Avatar then caves and decides to head there, not knowing that they're being watched.



Astral Chain Protagonist and Akira Howard FullbodySeiko Howard

A Legionis officer cadet turned war hero, hailing from an enclosed futuristic city known as The Ark. After fighting alongside their sibling Akira and defeating the malicious alien Chimeras who brought death and destruction to their world, Seiko Howard went out on a mission to explore the greater universe, gathering a group of fellow space-time jumpers along the way. Together known as the Delvers, they scour even the most remote regions of the Exalian Realms in search of artifacts of the past. Seiko packs a lot of strength with the help of Legions they've joined forces with, able to handle multiple enemies at once as they both traverse through the area, connected by a chain that strengthens their bond.

Being a customizable character, Seiko's appearance and gender can be chosen by the player before the game begins, and you have the option to give them a different name as well. Alternatively, you can link your Nintendo account and a copy of Astral Chain to import a protagonist you have already made.

Internet explorer inori aizawa by rong-rong d6w6kio
Inori Aizawa
Art by Rong-Rong.
Microsoft Logo New

Inori Aizawa is a former member of the Mysterious Five Organization, a team of five heroes who defended multiple worlds in a reality that has now become a fractured dreamscape, a hollow shell of what it once was. As one of the survivors of this strange apocalypse, Inori has departed with her close friend Chuck D. Head and joined the Delvers on their journeys. She is a relaxed, level-headed type, but would rather not talk about her past adventures too much, believing that it's best to let the past fade away and move forward. Her fighting style focuses on a microchip connected to her brain, which allows her to generate holographic "windows" and use them as weapons or shields.

Chuck D. Head
Chuck D. Head
Decap Attack Logo

Chuck, a headless mummy, and Head, his skull-shaped companion, are an inseparable pair and cooperate as if they were a single entity. Chuck D. Head was an experiment created by the mad doctor Francisco Entéz Stine (more commonly referred to as Frank N. Stine) to save his world from the dreaded Max D. Cap, and after a failed attempt at a humanization experiment, he became Inori Aizawa's closest friend and a founding member of the Mysterious Five before the Mysteriousverse eventually died out. He has since joined the Delvers with Inori, but unlike his friend, he feels tormented by his past and constantly ponders over what he could have done better. Despite this, he continues to fight as hard as he always has, looking for an answer to his internal struggles.

Falco SSBUltimate
Falco "Revali" Lombardi
2016 Star Fox logo

A former member of a team of interplanetary star pilots and a skilled archer at heart, Falco "Revali" Lombardi left his home world behind due to rising tensions between him and his old friend, Fox McCloud. He has since joined the Delvers, seeking a new way to put his skills to the test. Cocky and sometimes arrogant, Falco can be a pain but he cares deep down. He often attacks enemies from afar with his custom-made bow and a laser pistol he's held onto for a long time.

Peni Parker

A bright young student of an advanced academy and a skilled technician, Peni Parker took on her responsibility as the driver of the Sp//dr mech after her father's death and joined a legion of other heroes like her to protect the massive Spiderverse from certain destruction. After returning to her own dimension and doing some of her own hero work, she met the Delvers and joined them to see if she could find other interesting gadgets to work with. Peni tends to focus a lot on her work, but she is overall fairly optimistic and willing to help out whenever it's necessary. She acts as the Delvers' medic, but won't hesitate to call up Sp//dr and act as the brawler.

SilverSonic Archie
Silver Sonic
Sonic logo

Silver Sonic is a robotic counterpart to the bold speedster Sonic the Hedgehog, built by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik to take him down. He was later scrapped by Eggman and replaced with the technologically superior Mecha Sonic, and eventually the sleek, modern Metal Sonic. Silver Sonic was picked up and upgraded by the Order of Noir and enlisted to assist them in their goals, but he was treated horribly by the Order and eventually surrendered to the Delvers. They took him in and granted him a place and a purpose, but he will never forget what his old masters -- both Eggman and the Order -- did to him. Silver Sonic, often nicknamed "Silvo" by his teammates, is a brutal warrior and always prepared to release his anger, but fortunately knows the difference between his allies and enemies. He is usually the one to make the first move in a battle, showing no mercy for anyone who gets in his way.


Princess Bowser
Super Mario LogoToroko2018

Bowser was once a brutal warlord who would stop at nothing to capture Princess Peach and rule the Mushroom Kingdom, but after the old Bowser realized what he had done wrong over the years, he donned a spellbound Super Crown (courtesy of old caretaker Kamek) and went on to start a new life, far away from whatever else is happening down on Mushroom World. Now known as Princess Bowser, she lives a happy life with a mighty Crystal Gem hero named Garnet, and they lead an interplanetary kingdom built around the power of love.

StevenUniverse Garnet WeddingDress
Queen Garnet
Steven Universe Logo

Garnet, a fusion of a Ruby and Sapphire couple, has always believed that even the darkest hearts could find love if they searched hard enough. This was true during the days of war between the Diamond Authority of Homeworld and the Crystal Gem rebellion, and it remained true in the new era of peace between the two sides that came afterwards. She has since retired from her warrior duties, moving on to the worlds beyond in search of new opportunities to spread her optimistic will to those who need it. After meeting the lonely Princess Bowser, Garnet taught her what love truly feels like, and they eventually got married and are now hailed as the queens of an almost utopian society of passion and TLC.

Samus Belmont
Samus Aran-Belmont
Art by Robaato.
Metroid logo 2017Castlevania logo DSSB

In a warped reality known as Rantaloupe, Dame Samus Aran-Belmont was the First Knight of the Chozo Order and a commander of the armies of an undersea land ruled by a mermaid version of Palutena. Like its parallel counterpart, the Mysteriousverse, Rantaloupe was lost in a dust of apocalyptic wreckage, leaving Samus one of the few survivors of the incident. She now resides in the Pulse Kingdom and serves Princess Bowser and Queen Garnet in their kingdom's army, but one other goal remains on her mind: to hunt down the Space Pirates and the current incarnation of Dracula, wherever they might be, just like her Aran and Belmont ancestors have done for centuries.

Reimu Hakurei
Touhou Logo

Reimu is the current maiden of the Hakurei Shrine, one of a long line of maidens who have guarded the shrine and the deity who resides in it. She doesn't speak much of her past except that her parents went off on a crusade and left her behind when she was young, leaving her an orphan after their death. She has grown kinder and more sympathetic with others over time, and believes that every living creature has a heart of its own -- but she still won't hesitate to attack an intruding Youkai within the boundaries of the Hakurei Shrine. Reimu expresses a "fight first, think later" attitude and makes her judgements by pure instinct, which has led the people of Gensokyo to distrust her and the shrine, much to its god's chagrin.


Ever since he was a child, Iizuku "Deku" Midoriya dreamed of being a great superhero like his inspiration, All Might. Despite not having a Quirk at birth, he would do anything he could to reach his goal -- even if it meant getting a little too close to the action to take notes on Quirk battles. However, when he learned the secret of All Might's strength -- a unique Quirk known as One For All -- he was miraculuously chosen as the next heir to his power, which has been passed down through several generations of heroes over the years. Although he initially had difficulties adjusting to the raw strength of his new Quirk, Deku kept practicing and has found ways to use it without causing too much damage to his body. As a student of the famous UA Academy, a school for heroes in training, he continues to improve on his fighting skills and even faces off against some villains along the way.


LWA Croix Meridies
Croix Meridies
Little Witch Academia logo dark horiz

Croix Meridies, a former student of the Luna Nova witchcraft academy, is the commander of the Order of Noir, an independent military force who plots total control of the galaxy. She is currently after the Chaos Emeralds, artifacts associated with the energy of the fallen god Annihilus, believing that his power can bring order back to a universe suffering from violence and turmoil. The Order's plan is to intentionally manipulate the people of the galaxy to bring out their strongest negative emotions, sparking the energy of the emeralds to awaken demons associated with said feelings.

Rex Dangervest
Rex Dangervest
The LEGO Movie logo (2014)

Radical Emmet X-Treme "Rex" Dangervest, an alternate future version of former Mysterious Five member Emmet Brickowski, had been abandoned for several years, left to rot in the dark depths of Anti-Space. It was apparently a story arc planned out by young Finn with LEGO toys, but he seemed to know that and planned out the destruction of his world to an extent that not even Finn himself anticipated, having accepted his miserable existence as mere plastic. Eventually, Emmet of the present time chose not to fall into the same emotional trap Rex did, and he seemingly ceased to exist... until the Mysteriousverse fell into its dreadful apocalypse like Rex himself had initially tried to push his world into. Realizing that he now has a more free will than ever before, he has joined forces with Croix Meridies and the Order of Noir, acting as an "agent of deception" to do her dirty work.

Oiram Lapis2
The Negation
Rectangle Question Block

The Negation goes by many names. Oiram, Cinos, Llabmug, Nlocnil, Adlih, Reppid, Nevele, Ironi... basically the name of any character you can think of, but backwards. Every time its negative color scheme is visible to the people around it, it serves as a reminder that no one is perfect, and their dark side is always lurking deep within their soul. It exists solely as the polar opposite of anyone it chooses to take the form of, but tends to prefer some names over others because it doesn't like sounding too eldritch-y. The Negation has chosen to work with the Order of Noir with the intention of providing a negative clone army for Croix and her followers, seeking to use the deepest, darkest secrets of their enemies against them. However, it sees the line between "good" and "evil" as a human construct and will just as easily turn on the Order if it deems they have gone too far.

Mega Man X logo

A Maverick who was hunted down after going on a streak of violence, Zero found refuge within the Order of Noir, with Croix putting him to work as the group's enforcer. While emotional at times, Zero retains his original purpose as a cold-blooded killing machine, determind to serve the intentions of the Order and exact revenge on those who have opposed his might.


Chaos Collision is an action role-playing game in which Seiko Howard, accompanied by up to three allies, ventures through the world battling enemies and making their way through the story. Combat takes place in real time and the player can move freely around the area, choosing targets to attack with their weapons and abilities. Chaos Collision takes a distinct path in terms of character archetypes with a job/vocation system inspired by the likes of Dragon Quest and Bravely Default, which allows the player to adapt to a vocation early on in the story and gain additional skills over time, unlocking sets of sub-vocations they can pick and choose from, incorporating abilities from their choices into their existing moveset.

Combat itself is akin to both the Kingdom Hearts series and Xenoblade Chronicles, in which hack and slash gameplay is combined with the skillful use of abilities and Summons to turn the tide. Summons allow for powerful figures to aid you in battle, but must be obtained by defeating said characters in a battle and proving your worth to them. As you fight enemies, your allies will fight alongside you, and they can be controlled by the CPU or other human players. Any CPU allies can be asked to perform specific actions via the Ally section in the pop-up Command menu.


Controls are listed in the default control scheme provided when you first boot up the game, and apply to all platforms unless otherwise stated. Custom input layouts can be set up and added by the player, and the Steam and Epic Store versions of the game allow the use of a mouse and keyboard as well as console-based controllers.

Universal Controls
Move Left Control Stick
Open Command Menu Push Left Stick Down
Camera Right Control Stick
Reset Camera Push Right Stick Down
Target Enemy Left Trigger Button
(hold down when in battle)
Cycle Targets Left/Right Shoulder Bumpers
Pause Menu Start/+ Button
Option Button on Xbox
View Objectives Select/- Button
Double tap Option Button on Xbox
Items Directional Pad; items can be set to each direction
Jump A/B Button (can be swapped in the Options menu)
X/Circle button on PS5
Red/Green button on V2
Out of Combat Controls
Talk/Interact/Use A/B Button (can be swapped)
X/Circle button on PS5
Red/Green button on V2
Inventory X/Y Button (can be swapped)
Square/Triangle button on PS5
Blue/Purple button on V2
Draw Weapon

(when targeting an enemy)

X/Y Button (can be swapped)
Square/Triangle button on PS5
Blue/Purple button on V2
C Button on Onyx
Lure Enemy Right Trigger Button
Battle Controls

(with weapon drawn)

X/Y Button (can be swapped)
Square/Triangle button on PS5
Blue/Purple button on V2
Character Abilities Left/Right Trigger Buttons
Vocation Abilities Hold right trigger down, then use D-Pad and action button to use an ability
Open Vocation menu with inner trigger buttons on Nucleo and V2
Quick Dodge Action Button + tilt left control stick


Within Chaos Collision, there exist multiple Specializations that act as the game's "class system" for the Avatar. Up to five of them can be equipped at once along with one Base Specialization, each of them granting two abilities, preferred and disliked weapons, and two passive traits. Each Specialization has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you'll need to skillfully plan which ones you want to use. In a way, you make your own class in Chaos Collision.

Specializations are learned in multiple ways.

  • Several Specializations are rewarded as part of the story.
  • Specialization Manuscripts can be looted from enemies and treasure chests, and teach you that Specialization.
  • Some NPCs will teach Specializations for a fee.
  • Some Specializations are sidequest rewards.

Base Specializations

Base Specializations essentially define the base class you play. While they have no major disadvantages, they don't have much in the way of major advantages. Use them to help build your character.

Anyone can pick up a weapon and use it, and Fighters are no exception. This is more or less the "default" specialization you start with, and it has some nice beginners' abilities to ease you into the game.
Preferred Weapon: Any melee weapon Disliked Weapon: Any ranged weapon
Armored Up
Being up close and ready to battle allows Fighters to gain a 20% increase to their damage resistance.
Close-ranged fighting often necessitates the use of parrying enemy attacks up close. The Parry trait gives Fighters a chance to block a single close-range attack, but only every fifteen seconds.
Leap straight towards a foe and stun them upon arrival.
Deal heavy damage to a target at 20% or less health.
Magic is a prominent force that can be used for good and evil. It makes life easier, but it can also be weaponized. Using it to fight is often viewed as a necessity.
Preferred Weapon: Wands, Staves, Tomes Disliked Weapon: Swords, Axes, Spears
The ability to use magic offensively grants Mages an increase in the range from which their attacks can be used.
Magical Aura
Being a user of Magic, all harmful magical effects last for 10% less time on a Mage, due to their innate magical powers.
Teleport a short distance.
Ice Block
Freeze yourself in a block of ice, granting damage immunity but preventing you from taking any action for ten seconds.


Sub-Specializations are the non-Base specializations in the game, and up to five can be equipped. However, they tend to have more disadvantages, but greater advantages.

Zebesian Pirate
Those who pursue the path of the Zebesian Pirate are masters of hit and run tactics, raiding invididuals for their belongings and retreating when possible. Captain Ridley is said to execute any Zebesian Pirates he finds "weak", and only demands the best of the best.
Preferred Weapon: Plasma Cannons Disliked Weapon: Swords
Gain 20% more Gold from any enemies slain and treasure chests found due to the greedy nature of the Zebesian Pirates.
Death Before Dishonor
The natural instincts of a Zebesian Pirate to fight until the very end hinders their ability to flee from battle, with enemies causing a 30% reduction in movement speed for five seconds if they hit you while you're attempting to flee.
Kraid's Fury
Unleash a barrage of spikes forward that pierce through enemies for decent damage.
Ridley's Vengeance
Fire off a barrage of fireballs in front of you that leave behind flame residue. Enemies caught in the residue suffer damage over time.
Death Knight
After a war with the forces of Palpadede's Galactic Empire, the undead Scourge fractured and several of its death knights became independent from it. They sought to teach their ways and show that undeath could be a force for good. Plus, who doesn't want to raise zombies?
Preferred Weapon: Runeblade Disliked Weapon: Staves
Cold to the Touch
Death Knights are also warriors of frost, and as such they have a chance of Freezing enemies with their regular attacks, leaving them vulnerable briefly.
Unholy Aura
The energies surrounding a Death Knight are similar to those of being undead, and as such they are unable to utilize certain abilities and items that possess holy energies, due to exposure to holy magic being painful to them.
Raise Dead
Summon a ghoul to your side that will attack your current target. After a minute, the ghoul explodes in a blast of body parts and deals a large burst of damage.
Death Strike
Slash forward with unholy energies, dealing damage and healing yourself for 20% of all damage taken in the last five seconds.
Alolan Wrestler
Pokémon culture is known for its various sports, and wrestling is no different. Alolan Wrestling in particular was pioneered by the Incineroar species and widely adopted years later, relying heavily on grabbing foes.
Preferred Weapon: Any fist weapons Disliked Weapon: Firearms
Iron Grip
Alolan Wrestlers are powerful users of throws and grabs, and as such any abilities that involve keeping enemies in place or tossing them aside receive a power boost of 20%, as well as a cooldown reduction of 20%.
When an Alolan Wrestler misses an attack, they have a tendency to not be able to prepare for the next move as efficiently. As such, when an ability you use misses, the endlag is increased by one second.
Alolan Whip
Grab a foe and throw them into a temporary wrestling ring rope. Depending on the ability you use next, a certain amount of damage will be dealt.
Darkest Lariat
Spin with your arms outstretched for five seconds, damaging nearby enemies. If used when an enemy collides with you after Alolan Whip is used, you'll perform an even stronger lariat.
Jedi Knight
The Jedi Knights once protected the galaxy and preserved peace and justice. Using the mystical power known as the Force, they could do a wide variety of things. However, the Sith, led by Emperor Palpadede, massacred the Jedi and left them to die.
Preferred Weapon: Lightsabers Disliked Weapon: Any other weapon
Force Reflexes
Projectile attacks such as spells have a 10% chance of being pushed back towards the user, hitting them with the attack and its effects.
Path to the Dark Side
Depending on the other Specializations it's combined with, the Jedi Knight specialization may transform into the Sith Lord specialization, changing its arsenal in both positive and negative ways.
Force Push
Damage and knock away enemies in front of you. Against bosses, it briefly stuns them instead of inflicting knockback.
Saber Throw
Throw your lightsaber like a boomerang in an arc in front of you, damaging multiple enemies. However, during the throw, you cannot utilize any melee attacks.
Sith Lord
While the Jedi use the Force to protect others and for knowledge, the Sith use it for their own ends, drawing power from its strength. They hunger for more power, which in turn leads them to betray their masters. Their power comes at a cost.

The Sith Lord Specialization is an "evil" variant of the Jedi Knight, only coming into existence when certain Specializations are combined with the Jedi Knight.

Preferred Weapon: Lightsabers Disliked Weapon: Any other weapon
Unlimited POWER
Whenever a Sith Lord kills an enemy, they instantly regain 30% of their health.
Return to the Light
The Sith Lord Specialization can only exist alongside certain other Specializations, and will revert back to the Jedi Knight specialization should none of these be present.
Force Lightning
Ravage an enemy with electricity from your fingers, dealing brutal damage and stunning them briefly. However, this ability has a lengthy cooldown.
Force Choke
Incapacitate an enemy by choking them. If used right after Force Lightning, they're stunned for longer.


Within the universe of Chaos Collision, there lies many worlds the Delvers will visit, grouped within Sectors.

Endgia Origin: Minecraft/Fire Emblem

An ancient civilization spread across the universe, Endgia is inhabited by the Enderman race. Many of them are part of the mysterious Shulkerleal clan, which is dedicated to reawakening the ancient Ender Dragon. However, rumors speak of a warrior storming their lands with a single shoulderpad and an upwards sword-throwing technique.

Galactic Empire Origin: Kirby/Star Wars/Batman

Once a prosperous republic, Chancellor Palpadede created the Galactic Empire after he and his apprentice, the mysterious Darth Galaxia, purged the Jedi from it. From there, he'd tighten his grip over the territories he held, with his Stormtrooper Dees ensuring that his reign goes unopposed.

Despite all of this, Wayne Enterprises remains a prominent organization within the Galactic Empire from its headquarters on Coruscant. Recent rumors however have spoken of a caped crusader taking out Stormtrooper Dees in the Coruscant underworld, one shrouded in black.

Hyrule Origin: The Legend of Zelda/Splatoon/Team Fortress 2

A wasteland full of junk, machinery, and ruined buildings, Hyrule is a technological landscape warred over between two factions: Mann Co., led by the enigmatic, strong-armed businessman Ganaxton Hale and his robot armies, and the Inkling resistance movement led by Link, a silent, yet powerful warrior. The Inklings simply desire a place to call home, while Mann Co. needs space for its industrial developments, more specifically a mission to send the monkey Poopy Joe to the Moon. Why you ask? Nobody knows.


Ender Dragon SSBGR
Ender Dragon
Origin: Minecraft

Sealed away by the Endermen of years old, the Ender Dragon remained imprisoned on the world known as the Junkyard until the Delvers stumbled upon its nest. Filled with raw End energy and nothing but a lust for violence, it may be more than they bargained for.

The Ender Dragon is the game's first boss, but is still quite a challenge. Its attacks primarily consist of firing purple fireballs onto select spots on the ground, flying through your party, and summoning Shulkers to defend itself.


  • The overall aesthetic of Chaos Collision was designed as a parallel to the world of Synchronized Souls.
    • While Synchronized Souls is primarily based around a retro '80s movie aesthetic inspired by Stranger Things, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the works of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, Chaos Collision adopts a notably more futuristic, cyberpunk style, with plenty of influence coming from the likes of Astral Chain, Gurren Lagann, and Space Patrol Luluco.
    • This is also shown in the game's soundtrack, which primarily consists of modern electronic music, whereas Synchronized Souls is mostly backed by old-school tunes inspired by Star-Lord's Awesome Mixtapes in the Guardians movies (albeit with some '90s/2000s hip-hop, pop, and metal to match up with Deadpool, Panty & Stocking, and Spawn, respectively).
  • A lot of the characters in the game were added with Exotoro (tbc) (a.k.a. Helena Harper), a close friend of the game's director Heronimbus (tbc), in mind. Princess Bowser and Queen Garnet in particular were inspired by Helena's own relationship with FuchsiaPanacea (tbc) (a.k.a. Athena), and how Nimbus was able to learn from it that no matter how different two people might be, they can still find a middle ground and become a great couple because of that.
    • Nimbus also brought Inori Aizawa, Chuck D. Head, and Dame Samus Aran-Belmont into the fold as a homage to the Mysterious X Project series, a collaboration he was able to participate in with Helena and a few other friends. The series was a golden opportunity for Nimbus to do some early bonding with Helena, and it played a decent role in stirring up some nostalgic feelings within him and teaching him to branch out to other interests besides what he was already familiar with.
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