Chaos Arms is an upcoming game in Summer/Fall 2017 that will be released in WiiU and Nintendo 3DS.


A weapon dealer, Xavier, took a quest from the King to stop the terrorist army that are taking over Duevia Empire. However, the real reason that Xavier took the quest is to kill the terrorist's leader, Hallien Engrum, the man who killed Xavier's mother.


For the past 4 years; there is a war between the Duevia Empire and the terrorist army, The Sentinel Rebels of Engrum, lead by the former commander of the Duevia Empire, Hallien Engrum. He dislike the king and wanted to have domination over Duevia Empire as his own.

The king decided to put up a quest on any warrior of the Duevia Empire to stop the Rebels and the reward is to whomever captures Hallien and bring him alive will have the chance to marry one of his daughters.

One of them who's taking the quest is Xavier. He's the son of a human father who's been missing since age 2 and a mother who is the legendary demonic dragon of chaos, also named as Vinora, and was killed by Hallien.

There was a love-hate relation between Xavier and the people of Duevia Empire cuz of his mother's death. But, Xavier wanted to take this quest in order to kill Hallien for his mother. As Xavier travels the whole continent of the Duevia Empire, he encounters good and bad obstacles.



Xavier Chaotic - He's a weapon dealer who sells weapons at his adopted father's weapon shop. He's half human and half dragon, due to him having a left dragon arm and a left dragon eye. He has a hatred towards the Duevia Empire and it's king for killing Xavier's mother. He take the quest to stop the Rebels.

Isabelle Ruvia Torence - One of the king's daughters and the oracle of the Duevia Empire. She has an interest on Xavier for some reason.


Lendon Houndar - Xavier's adopted father.


Chaos Arms is an open-world, hack 'n' slash game. The gameplay is mixed with Legend of Zelda, Onimusha, and DMC.

Duevia Empire

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