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Champions of Kama is a 2D indie fighting game developed by Squeak Interactive for the LooseClaw and Nintendo Switch, inspired by Super Smash Bros.


Similar to its inspiration, Champions of Kama revolves around various adventurers that can be played by up to 8 players fighting each other in multiple areas set in stages. Each fighter has their own set of moves, statistics, and abilities in battle. A fighter is eliminated from the battle when they lose all their health, depicted either by hearts or percentages depending on the mode.


  • Jab/Jab Combo - The most basic of attack that are quick in nature but are often weak and have short range. However, press at the correct time after the first follows up to an additional two jabs.
  • Range Hit - Has long range and can fire in a side-to-side angle, but can only fire in the targeted position and can easily miss.
  • Strikes - These attacks deal plentiful of damage but incredibly weak knockback. There are usually four types of strikes: upper, lower, forward, and side.
  • Grab - When their opponent is grabbed, fighters have a bar that would reset when the opponent is released. The other opponent temporarily stays in place until the bar runs out, the other player throws them, or they manage to break free. Grabs cannot be blocked or shielded.
    • Throw/Slam - While grabbing an opponent, a fighter is able to throw or slam them as long as their Grab bar lasts. Throws have longer range, whereas slams deal more damage.
  • Aerials - Attacks like these are performed while mid-air, and has three types, similar to the strikes (upper, lower and side.)
  • Shield - A special energy bubble or forcefield that circles around the user for a few minutes and can block nearly all attacks. When held for too long or sometimes attacked too much, the shield breaks and stuns its user for a few seconds. In addition, it also takes about 10 minutes to recharge.
  • Counter - This move used to block and deflect attacks and damage to the attacker. Unlike shields, this has less amounts of time to recharge and only works on one side.
  • Special - Unique moves that stay essential to the character and each set of specials are distinct between each fighter. Once again, there are five types of specials: forward, back, upper, lower, and final.


There are five different statistics that each alter a fighter's movement and moveset in a varied position. These include Power, Defense, Speed, Endurance, and Wits. Each stat can go up to 50 points. The following list shows how each stat alters said fighter.

  • POWER: This affects how strong or effective the fighter's attacks are in both damage and accuracy. Fighters with high attacks deal large amounts of damage, but can also be slow and heavy in movement.
  • DEFENSE: This affects the fighter's ability to protect themselves and their assists with items or other defensive moves. Fighters with low defense are less likely to survive longer than those with high defense.
  • SPEED: This affects how quick and fast-paced a fighter is through motion and moveset. Fighters with high speeds are able to move quickly and are light on their feet yet sometimes hard to control.
  • ENDURANCE: This affects the lifespan and protection of a fighter overall, usually in the form of health or strong resistance. A fighter with high endurance is able to block easily and has a long-lived amount of health.
  • WITS: These affect the brains of a fighter in a battle, which can be told by using advantages against others with traps and other tricks.

Soul Assists

Similar to Assist Trophies and later Spirits, these are spirit replicas of side characters in the game's universe that would help the main fighter in multiple ways. Soul Assists take about 1 or 2 minutes before disappearing and recharging themselves to be used again, and only 3 different assists can be used at a time.

Soul Fighters

These special fighters are customized and named by the player with unique gear that can be obtained in the Emporium or Journey mode. Every soul fighter created has a level and XP bar, and is increased by a chosen stat every time they level up. They can also be shared online in the Kama Central mode or Emporium for a certain price.

In Journey mode, the selected soul fighter is said as the newest member of an organization known as the Gold Alliance, whose job in Kamair Isle is to bring justice and help those in need of an emergency.



The main mode of the game. This mode's matches can be set into three categories: Health, Timed, and Points. In HP matches, the last survivor onboard wins. Timed matches have a timer that will set the end of the match when it reaches zero, and the last survivors at that time will earn the most Harts. If all fighters in a match survive, then they will all have a quick Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament and the champion wins.

Point matches also have a timer but will give each fighter a number of points. If a fighter dies, they lose a point and vice versa. The fighter with the most points in the end wins. Similar to the timed matches, two or more fighters go through a quick match of Rock Paper Scissors if they both earn the same amount of points.


With online data needed to access this mode, tournament-like matches happen here called Servers, in which side-matches occur and a champion is declared in the end. There are three levels of sub-matches: Rival, Trio, and Final. Rival matches are often set into three on each side, and the loser of those matches are eliminated.

The winners of all the three matches on a side would then fight in a single match called Trio. Often, two Trio battles would occur at once in a server. The two winners of each side's match, the Final match occurs. The winner of that match is placed as champion, and the server ends.


Set in a flat, sketch-like area, this often acts as a practice or test area for new fighters. The setup of a training session is based on the player's selected character and there are two types of sessions that they can select from, known as Classic and Mystery. Classic is set with various minigames manually set for the selected fighter.

Mystery, on the other hand, would randomly generate their set of minigames yet still uses the fighter's needed items and preferences. Both of these types would end off in a boss that rivals with the playable character's theme. For Soul fighters, Mystery is the only session type and the boss is also randomly generated.


Here, the player is able to work on multiple creations using Harts, such as custom stages and Soul fighters. Each creation is set with a name, type, creation date, and share date if it's ever published on Kama Central or the Emporium.

Champion's Journey

Also nicknamed Journey, this acts the game's story mode, where the Kamair Isle is at the brink of collapse when a strange organization is known as The Crimson Tree gathers the six guardians' energy and uses it to erase the world and replace it with a new one and an evil guardian called by the group as Arkarus.

The player is able to choose which character in the Kama universe to play as, including one of their own Soul fighters. Each character has slightly different gameplay than others, though all of them end up with stopping the Crimson Tree.