Champions of Ascerth 2
Developer(s) Ghostrealmstudios
Publisher(s) Ghostrealmstudios
Platform(s) GhostDrive
Genre(s) JRPG
Series Ghostverse
Predecessor Champions of Ascerth (game)
Release Date(s) 2018

Champions of Ascerth 2 is an action role-playing game developed and published by Ghostrealm Studios for the GhostDrive console as a sequel to the original Champions of Ascerth game released a year prior. Unlike the original game, Ascerth 2 features an all-new setting and has little to do with the original game besides sharing a few characters and taking place within the Ghostverse.



Champions of Ascerth 2 takes place on the continent of Buzokai on the planet Ascerth, far away from the events of past projects on the planet. When magical spirits first inhabited Ascerth, some found Buzokai, and made it their "testing grounds", so to speak as they used their magical abilities to experiment with the continent, shaping landscapes and in some cases influencing the evolution of some species. Unlike the rest of the planet's magical spirits, these ones were more active and even took on physical forms reminiscent of some animals.

Over time, the locals of the continent began to worship these magical spirits, calling them Kamaki. The Kamaki took up residence within the different provinces of Buzokai, often sticking to themselves. They were venerated as gods by the residents of Buzokai, and many paid tribute to them.

Fast forward thousands of years, and an amnesiac Kaiden has arrived on the continent. What trials will he endure here?

Main Story

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Once the hero that saved Ascerth from both the krexxon invasion and the Hour of Reckoning, Kaiden doesn't have any sort of reputation here on Buzokai. Facing amnesia, he seeks to not only find out who he is, but also stop whoever caused these events to begin with. And this time, he might have to rely on more than just dual-wielding swords to get the job done.

Kaiden is the primary playable character, and the close-range damage dealer of the group. His abilities revolve around dealing damage to targets as quickly as possible, making him the best choice for those who seek to simply tear through foes.

Power Strike

Kaiden unleashes a ferocious single-target strike. Has a ten-second cooldown.


Kaiden spins his weapon around for area of effect damage, while also knocking back enemies a short distance. Has a twenty-second cooldown.

Ferocious Charge

Kaiden charges recklessly at an enemy, dealing light damage and stunning them for a second. Has a thirty-second cooldown.

Rallying Cry

Kaiden unleashes a cry of inspiration to his allies, raising their attack speed by 15% for the next ten seconds. Has a minute and a half cooldown.


For years, the nineteen-year-old Tamasha has studied magic as a shaman, primarily the magic linked to the Kamaki. She's always admired them, and sought to bask in their glory. When Kaiden washes up on the shores of Buzokai, she's eager to help out the young man in his journey, as it means she'll get to see the world and put her skills to the test.

Tamasha is well-versed in magic, primarily that of the healing variety. She's capable of providing aid to the party, but that doesn't mean she can't defend herself!

Spirit Blast

Tamasha unleashes a wave of energy at a foe, dealing damage. Has a five-second cooldown.

Healing Surge

Tamasha heals a target for 30% of their maximum HP. Has a ten-second cooldown.


Tamasha invokes spiritual power to heal two targets at once after a two-second cast time. Has a fifteen-second cooldown.

Healing Cloud

Tamasha calls upon a rain of healing to affect a target area, healing allies within the radius while damaging enemies. The cloud lasts for eight seconds, and has a one minute cooldown.

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Tamasha's brother lost his life four years ago in a magical experiment gone wrong. Yet, he decided to become a Urei, and learned from the Kamaki of War, Sentok. Eventually, when the time came, Seishan rejoined his sister and gained a golem-esque body to combat the group's enemies.

Seishan acts as the team's "tank", soaking damage and keeping the attention of enemies. His toolkit of abilities is defensively-oriented, making him a vital asset for any battle. Uniquely, Seishan doesn't rely on traditional equipment like the other characters, and instead utilizes a Rune system when it comes to enhancing his stats.

Soul Punch

Seishan unleashes a monstrous punch that deals heavy damage to an enemy. Has a twelve-second cooldown.

Hand Shield

Seishan creates a shield out of pure energy, which will absorb an amount of damage. Has a twenty-second cooldown.

War Stomp

Seishan stomps the ground nearby, dealing light damage to nearby enemies and forcing them to attack him for three seconds, while also generating more aggro. Has a fifteen-second cooldown.

Brutal Swing

Seishan unleashes a downwards hammer arm strike, stunning a target for three seconds. Has a thirty-second cooldown.


Kaiden's disappearance a few weeks after their honeymoon shook Elina. She would be devastated by his absence, but with the help of the Urei Tasuk, she'd venture to Buzokai to find him, while also discovering that she was pregnant. While this would take some time due to the meddling of Rikal, Elina would eventually find the amnesiac Kaiden, and join his team.

Elina, just like her husband, excels in straight-up damaging enemies. However, Elina's strength lies in ranged damage via her magic, making her a glass cannon that can dish out a lot of damage, but is vulnerable to attack.

Flame Sphere

Elina shoots a fireball forwards. If she presses the button again, it will explode, preventing it from covering as much distance, but dealing extra damage to her primary target while also hurting nearby enemies. Has a six-second cooldown.

Icicle Blades

Elina shoots a volley of icicles at an opponent, dealing light damage and slowing them down for ten seconds. Has a fifteen-second cooldown.

Gradual Shock

Elina lets loose a blast of electricity at a target, dealing damage to them over fifteen seconds. Has a fifteen-second cooldown.


Elina teleports forward a short distance. Has a thirty-second cooldown.


Character Info
Gakoh A Urei, Gakoh is a ghost who tends to take on the form of a simple Tokal artist to interact with the living. However, he joins Kaiden's group as a guide of sorts, offering to help him navigate Buzokai. Gakoh tends to be one to provide insightful commentary on areas and people, and in some cases has a sense of humor!
Tasuk Another Urei, Tasuk chose to go find Elina, seeing as how he knew she would want to go search for Kaiden. In several cutscenes, he can be seen adventuring with her. Unlike other Urei, Tasuk is more experimental and likes to put his skills into action.


Champions of Ascerth 2 is a real-time RPG in which the player controls a party of characters as they travel through the continent of Buzokai, fighting enemies and progressing through the storyline. Enemies are fought with a targeting system, where characters will constantly attack an enemy with auto-attacks as they target them. However, to speed things up, you might want to use each character's abilities to take out enemies. Each character has four abilities, and are designed to fulfill a certain role within the party. However, abilities have a cooldown period, so you can't just spam them endlessly. While Kaiden is the main character of the game's story, the other characters can be controlled within the game if you wish, allowing for players to pick what playstyle suits them the most.

The game takes on an open world design, with players free to explore as they wish, though the main storyline is always present. Countless secrets await the player, as well as sidequests and chances to see the world. All sorts of items can be obtained, including equipment to enhance a character's stats and even weaponry to change their fighting style. A vast customization system exists that allows for characters to be set up as you wish.

Battles happen seamlessly, with enemies wandering the world. They can be drawn into fights, and other enemies might stumble upon your battle! Winning battles earns experience points (EXP), which can allow for levelups and increased stats. Remaining at a reasonable level is key to taking on the game's challenges. Unlike other RPGs, new abilities aren't gained via leveling up.


Main Controls
Action Button Input
Move Ext3 101
Toggle Minimap Ext3 104
Camera Ext3 102
Reset Camera Ext3 105
Target Enemy Ext3 0e6
Cycle Targets Ext3 0e4 and Ext3 0e5
Pause Menu Ext3 0ef
Objective Toggle Ext3 0f0
Swap Characters Ext3 116
Items Ext3 115

(Specific items can be set to the Up and Down inputs of the D-Pad.)

Out of Combat Controls
Action Button Input
Talk/Interact/Use Ext3 0e0
Jump Ext3 0e1
Inventory Ext3 0e2
Draw Weapon

(when targeting an enemy)

Ext3 0e3
Lure Enemy Ext3 0e7
Battle Controls
Action Button Input
Ability 1 Ext3 0e2
Ability 2 Ext3 0e3
Ability 3 Ext3 0e1
Ability 4 Ext3 0e0
Focus Target Ext3 0e7


Each character has a variety of stats to utilize, which increase with each levelup.

Stat Info
HP HP, or Hit Points, influence how much health a character has. When a character reaches zero hit points, they faint and are unable to battle until revived with an item or after a battle ends.
MP MP, or Magic Points, dictate how frequently abilities can be used, and work differently for each character:
  • Physical attacking characters generally have lower MP stats, but MP recharges quickly. However, each ability takes a big bite out of a character's MP.
  • Magic-oriented characters on the other hand have a larger MP pool to draw from. However, to compensate for this, their abilities not only take more time to use, but they also recharge MP at a slower rate.
Power Power influences how hard attacks deal damage, as well as the power of healing spells.
Defense Defense reduces damage taken.
Critical Strike Critical Strike influences the odds of an attack dealing double damage.
Haste Haste influences attack speed, more specifically the speed of auto-attacks.
Cooking Cooking influences how potent the effects of food cooked by that character are.

Regions of Buzokai

Buzokai is a vast land, full of different regions and territories. Each have their own civilizations and foes to face, and some areas are even optional to visit!

Area Info
Umal Coast The Umal Coast is known for its beautiful view of the oceans. The turtle-esque Kamaki of the Seas, Kayol, watches over these beaches.
Heiyak The fertile plains of Heiyak are best-known for holding the city of Chuzan, the largest city in Buzokai. The regions outside the city however are home to long-forgotten ruins and Senshal camps, so be careful!
Moran The ancient jungle of Moran is oddly tropical, but is best-known for being the home of the Kamaki of War: the skeletal bird Sentok. However, all sorts of monsters make their home here, living below the trees.
Xolkra Wastes The barren, red-rock filled Xolkra Wastes have been torn apart by the research of the Tsubak, though dark forces seem to be working on undermining their efforts. The Tsubak city of Fijusan dominates the land, with the city's energy radiating all across the desert.
Koruda Koruda's snowy fields and dense snowstorms are treacherous. However, what's more dangerous are the ferocious mountain giants that disguise themselves as mountains.


Throughout Buzokai, there's all sorts of sidequests to go after. While there's the usual fetch quests and monster slaying tasks to complete, there's also some more meaty ones to go after.

The Ring of Trials

The Ring of Trials, located in the city of Bukan, is a gladiator ring that holds some of the toughest opponents in the game. Opponents are divided into Gauntlets, with each Gauntlet consisting of three teams of enemies and one boss. While initially there's only one Gauntlet available to challenge, others can be unlocked by defeating prior Gauntlets. These fights reward experience points and money, and in some cases rare equipment.

However, do not underestimate the strength of the opponents within the Ring of Trials. They're much stronger than monsters found out in the world, and will deploy tactics that other enemies will rarely use. This makes them both a statistical and a logical threat, so it'll take more than grinding to outsmart these enemies!

Researchers' Guild

The local Researchers' Guild has been studying Buzokian history for years, delving into ruins and uncovering artifacts. Kaiden and co. can easily help out with their research by bringing them relics from ruins scattered around the planet. Each relic has important lore tied to it, and you'll also be rewarded with money.


Throughout your travels, you'll come across all kinds of food. While it can be eaten raw, cooking is key to not only enhancing the effects of food, but also unlocking new effects gained by consuming it. Each character has a Cooking stat that determines the potency of the food they cook, making it wise to choose who you cook with.


Buzokai's inhabitants are unique, with all sorts of species. Monsters, friendly beings, cruel individuals, they're all here.

Species Info
The Tokal are the predominant race of Buzokai, known for their tribal culture. They pay tribute to the Kamaki through prayers and rituals, and are ferocious warriors when the time is necessary.
The ferocious Dokann are the most prevalent predators of Buzokai, wandering the wilds of the continent. They'll eat just about anything (or anyone!), and possess a vicious poison shot out of the spike-like bulb on its back. Some Dokann have even been trained to act as weapons of war.
The Senshal are a barbaric race that fill a similar role to the gringar species seen on the rest of Ascerth. However, the Senshal are much more brutish and tend to construct crude forts and attack travellers. Multiple senshal tribes exist, and are differentiated via the colored paint on their bodies.
Thought to be a distant cousin of the volant race, the Tsubak are an intelligent avian race known for being the most technologically adept of Buzokai's inhabitants. They've learned to combine magic with their technology to allow for advancement seen nowhere else, and hold the Kamaki of Research, Kenkya, in high regard.
The insectoid Netsak are known for their scavenger culture, often conducting mining operations and acting as the leading force when it comes to minerals. Thus, they believe in the Kamaki of Earth, Vikyor, more than any other.
Urei While not necessarily a species, the Urei are prevalent throughout Buzokai. Whenever someone dies on the continent, they are given the opportunity to become a Urei, making them ghosts more or less. They often play tricks on the living.


Champions of Ascerth 2 started development shortly after Ghostverse Stories was wrapped up. The game's initial concepts came about after the lead developer played Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and sought to make a real-time RPG in a similar vein to it. While the first game was also a real-time RPG, it happened to be a bit too ambitious for his liking. Thus, Ascerth 2 was designed to be a reimagining of the first game's gameplay.

The game at its core was primarily inspired by both Xenoblade 2 and another favorite title of Krexxal: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This would also be reflected in the game's artstyle and open-world elements, which were anime-esque but retained the cel shading techniques seen in Zelda. Because the game was on the GhostDrive and not the Nintendo Switch like its predecessor, the developers had more freedom when it came to making the game as great as possible.

One key decision made was the idea of each party member only having four abilities. This was done to keep things simple and teach players to utilize their core skillset.


  • Despite Ascerth 2 being a JRPG first and foremost, it has elements of adventure games reminiscent of the Zelda series.
  • Most of the species seen in the Bestiary section were designed within the game Spore.
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