Developer(s) Legend Team
Publisher(s) Legend
Platform(s) LHC
Genre(s) Horror
Release Date(s) 2020
Mode(s) Single

Rampage Tourney Team Online

Age Rating(s) T
Chainsaw is a third Person survival Horror game for the Legend Hyper Computer. The game follows the story of Sgt. Ryan Dickson as he is stranded in the desert surrounded by zombies. The game is the first in the Chainsaw series and the game will have 5 gamplay types. 


Sgt. Ryan Dickson is sleeping one night in the desert with his platoon. When all out of No were they are attacked by zombies. The zombies kill most of the Platoon Members leaving only Ryan and his private Garyson alive. The two run through the Desert when another group of zombies attack. Ryan beats most of the Zombies with a chainsaw but is in horror to see that Grayson has been zombiefied and Ryan is forced to kill him and the other zombies.

Ryan then flees to a near by town. Where he meets Elisa, a resident of the town for 22 years. She tells him that the zombies came from an Unknown mountain in the West side of the desert. After getting Gas for his Chainsaw. Ryan looks at a picture of his Sister and brother back at home. He then walks into the desert to kill the zombies.

As the story progresses. There are three roads players can take. There is the Hero Road, the Renegade Mode, and the Neutral Mode. The Ending Depends on how the player plays the game and what missions they take. 


Single Player 

Single Player is when a player plays alone. The gameplay is very wide scale, The player can go anywere on the map and can do what they want in towns. 


Wepon Disctription 
Chainsaw- Your main wepon in the game. You will have to fill it up with Gas every so often. This wepon is good for taking on any type of Zombie that Comes your way. 
Rifle- The second best wepon also good for any type of Zombie. The more zombies you kill, the more money you get to buy more Bullets. 
Tazer- Your Tazer will Paralize zombies. If you loose your other wepons. This one is a Good Get-Away wepon.
Sword- This is good for Average Zombies and is mostly a Back up Wepon. 
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