Chain Chomp is an Chain Chomp like boss from Mario drawn World as seen on Super mario sunshine.

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Mario Drawn World

Chain Chomp are called Whip Chomp was found in Chain Chomp's bath.

[{Chain Chomp ().png}]
mario drawn world
Full Name Chain Chomp (Whip Chomp)
Current Age as seen on Super Mario Sunshine.
Date of Birth nope (Also some squirted by F.L.U.D.D.)
Zodiac Sign a specie of a dog like giant Chain Chomp.
Gender Male
Species Chain Chomp
Location Pianta Village
Align the code is: 654335655667546.
Current Status the classification is very red and blue
Class none
Main Weapon(s) Shoop da whoop.
Ability/ies will jump to 25m to kill Mario
Height 23m
Weight 28m (it's so giant)
Sexuality Nope.
First Appearance Super mario sunshine
Latest Appearance Mario Drawn World
Series Super Mario

also Squirted by F.L.U.D.D., can Cause a Situation of Angry in 5 Minutes to calm.


Funny Language

MP9 Chain Chomp Bust

the Chain Chomp talk funny and a Bark for Jump.