This a game, kind like Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. It features a whole slew of characters from a variety of different realities and realms. This game will have 4-Player capabilities, and has DLC's for characters that are in the game, but don't belong to me.

Certain Victory: Supreme Arena
Developer(s) Sony
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Distributor(s) Cartoon Network
Designer(s) Xeraidiant
Writer(s) Xeraidant
Platform(s) Wii U, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Genre(s) Fighting, Adventure, Platforming
Series Certain Victory
Predecessor None
Successor TBA
Mode(s) Story Mode (1-2 Players), Battle Mode (1-4 Players), Adventure Mode (1 Player), Challange Mode (1 Player),Vault
Age Rating(s) E-10+
Media Included DVD
Cost 39.99

Main Plot

When the corruption of Multiverse V.7 is at stake, Ale'Xander must traverse the many worlds, gather forces, and fight against the forces of evil, to stop the uprising evil that is Domination. Domination is a being that destroys multiverses. Not the Multiverse. Destroys MULTIVERSES. Meaning there's more than one. They must strike at the heart to save their fair worlds. But, tat might be harder than it seems... Click here to see a more detailed story mode.


This roster will be huge, due to the wide variety of characters, so you might be a bit overwhelmed. The roster will be updated. It will update as I update the story page for this. This is assorted by worlds, no matter what phase.

Character Bio Appearance Level Acquired Moveset (Mainly Signatures) Sync Partner and Attack Nature (Or Element)
Ale'Xander A 15 year old human soldier that is trained to fight against any inter-dimensional crises. His main weapons are two electric batons and his rhodium tipped boots.He's especially quick for a starting character too. TBA First Available Character Standard: Voltage Shot- A chargeable burst of energy.

Side: Energon Rifle- He pulls out a gun and shoots a series of energy shots to the left or right.

Up: Rocket Boost- His shoes will shoot out bursts of fire, propelling him upwards.

Down: Hyper Beam- He connects his electric batons, and jams them into the ground, cause a beam of electricity to shoot upwards.

Action Time!: SWAT Mode- Ale'Xander equips his SWAT suit, making his attacks alot stronger that what they usually are.

Madam America- Ale'Xander and Madam America start to shoot around the stage. Ale'Xander flies around the stage with his Energon Rifle, while Madam America stays stationary with her Freedom Canon. Electric
Paint A 2nd grader who had bio-genetic paint enter his bloodstream, allowing him to paint in the air, and use his paint blood to fight. TBA Atropos City (Human World) Standard: Color Yellow- He forms a sphere of yellow around himself. It will expand and explode.

Side: Color Red- Paint throws two fireballs made of red in front of him.

Up: Color White- He uses a burst of white to launch himself up into the air. It also has the hover effect.

Down: Color Green- He slams his hands on the ground, and two pillars of green grow out on either side of him.

Action Time!: It's Rainbow Time!- He covers himself in the colors of the rainbow, and dashes around the screen, hurting anyone that comes in contact with him.

Devil Dog- He and Paint with combine their powers and shoot a ball of Dragonese letters and signs into the ground, and it expoldes into a colorful display. Ink
Yo-Yoi Yet another 2nd grader with amazing skills. Able to take down armies with just two yo-yo's. It might be an exaggeration. MAYBE. TBA Atropos City Square (Human World) Standard: Walk the Dog- She throws her yo-yo's out in front of her, and draws them back towards her, also dragging whoever was caught in the attack back to her as well.

Side: Round-About- She spins her yo-yo's in wheel like motions.

Up: Helicopter- She spins her yo-yo's around, like propellers.

Down: Creeper- Her yo-yo's slowly, yet they roll quickly along the ground, dealing heavy damage.

Action Time!: Razor Ravage- Her yo-yo's gain razors, and slash through anyone who is in her line of sight.

Clover the Luck Dragon- Clover will cover Yo-Yoi's yo-yo's with luck dust, causing them to be more powerful. Combat
Rinen The fastest girl in this multiverse. Able to traverse through universes by just sprinting on some roller-blades, which is pretty fast. She is possibly also one of the most powerful being in this multiverse. TBA Yonder Forest (Human World) Standard: Vortex Attack- Rinen spins her arms around in circles, causing vortexes to form around them. She sends them out in front of her.

Side: Charge Dash- She revs up her roller-blades, and dashes forward. Dealing quick damage to anyone in front of her.

Up: Tornado Jump- She spins one her arms, slams it on the ground, and a vortex propels her upwards.

Down: Drill Attack- She spins around like a top and drills into the ground, and pop up somewhere else.

Action Time!: Super Charged- She super charges herself, and creates a field of unrecognized energy. Anyone who touches it, supposedly disintegrates.

Valerie - Rinen and this fair Valkyrie dash in a horizontal straightway, hurting anyone that's in their dash path. Speed

Achimite Laboratories Executive Notability

Goal: Help the Human Race by draggig them into the future. Kicking and Screaming.

A.L.E.N is a robot made of hexatronic holograms, meaning his body is made of a bunch of hexagons. This also allows him to attach different weapons to his body.

TBA Achimite Labs Phase 2 (Human World Phase 2)

Standard: Widget Attack - What ever widget is attached, there will be a different standard signature.

Side: Techno Dash - An array of green hexogon holograms shoots out his back, propelling him forward.

Up: Rocket Boots - Fire shoots from out under his metal feet, and shoots him upwards.

Down: Widget Change - This allows his widget to change. The system being; Wings, Arm Blade, Arm Canon, Arm Saw, and back to Wings.

Action Time!: Mutant Bombardment - A hoarde of mutan ts come onto the stage and attack all opponents.

Snake Eyes - He and A.L.E.N start to target your opponents from across the stage, each with their respective guns. Techno
Sunspot TBA TBA Sahara Desert (Human World Phase 2)

Standard: Fire Charge - He charges his energy up, so he can release a burst of heat.

Side: Comet - He dashes past the competition like a comet.

Up: Helium - He starts to save the helium in his body, allowing him to float.

Down: Fire Shield - He summons a shield of fire to protect himself.

Action Time!: Supernova/Black Hole - This attack will vary. If anyone is in his "Stellar Vicinity", he goes supernova and explodes. Of course he comes back though. If no ones in his vicinity, he turns into a black hole, which means instant K.O for anyone who gets sucked into his gravitational pull.

TBA Fire/Solar
Dante West TBA TBA The Wild West (Timerge World)

Standard: Bullet Count -

Side: Lasso -

Up: Hurrdle Jump -

Down: Sweep Kick -

Action Time: Stampede! -

TBA Combat
Himiko TBA TBA Bamboo Forest (Timerge World)

Standard: Kunai Count -

Side: Sleeve Grapple -

Up: Pulley -

Down: Smoke Bomb -

Action Time!: Master of the Bamboo -

TBA Magic
Kuro TBA TBA Xaolin Temple (Timerge World)

Standard: Ninja Star Count -

Side: Quick Slash -

Up: Doton Technique -

Down: Counter -

Action Time!:

TBA Combat
Captain Lantis TBA TBA Shipwreck Seayard (Timerge World)

Standard: Fists of Vengance - 

Side: Shield Buster -

Up: Spirit Portal -

Down: Shields Up! -

Action Time!: Hands of the Dead -

TBA Of the Risen Dead
Chupa TBA TBA Valley of Seranae (Dragon World)

Standard: Sonic Howl - Chupa sends out a sonic howl, giving damage to anyone in the vicinity. Charge it enough, it comes with a paralysis effect.

Side: Chain Whip -He slashes anyone to the side of him with a chain whip.

Up: Backflip - He preforms an evasive backflip, causing him to jump on any nearby plaforms.

Down: Spindash - Everyone knows this move. I don't even need to explain it.

Action Time!: Chupadyna - Chupa the Chupacabra becames Chupa the Chupadyna for a short amount of time.

TBA Combat
Centurion TBA TBA Seranae Skies (Dragon World)





Action Time!:

TBA Metal
Erik TBA TBA Rogue Territory (Dragon World)

Standard: Bow of Fire -

Side: Claws of Water -

Up: Flail of Wind -

Down: Axe of Earth

Action Time!: Ragnarok's Wrath

TBA Combat
Tropic TBA TBA Sakura Outskirts (Dragon World)

Standard: Lightning Bolt

Side: Lightining Dash -

Up: Cumulus -

Down: Thunder Shield -

Action Time!: Hurricane -

TBA Storm
Maribelle TBA TBA Outer Sakura Woods (Dragon World)

Standard: Flick -

Side: Boulder -

Up: Earth Pillar -

Down: Shockwave -

Action Time!: Earth Armor -

TBA Earth
Beshi TBA TBA Outer Sakura Woods (Dragon World)

Standard: Air Ball -

Side: Shield Throw -

Up: Flight -

Down: Air Shield -

Action Time!: Tornado -

Mariah TBA TBA Inner Sakura Woods (Dragon World)

Standard: Fire Slash -

Side: Flame Trail -

Up: Fire Foot -

Down: Eruption -

Action Time!: Solar Destruction -

TBA Water
Lizzia TBA TBA Inner Sakura Woods (Dragon World)

Standard: Ice Burst -

Side: Water Surf -

Up: Misty Uplift -

Down: Pyschic Shield -

Action Time!: Blizzard -

TBA Fire
Nadai TBA TBA Tomb of Artifacts (Dragon World)

Standard: Sakura Gather -

Side: Sakura Drive -

Up: Branch Spiral -

Down: Flower Shield -

Action Time!: Nature's Call -

TBA Nature
Sarè The Leader of the Kitsunian Guard. She usually puts on a derpy outlook when she's off duty. But, when she needs to go out to war, she is on the job like a huntress. TBA Greece (Kitsune World)

Standard:Bow of Light -

Side: Piercing Thrust -

Up: Grappling Hook -

Down: Axe Charge -

Action Time!: War Queen -

TBA Weapon Summoner
Kiara The Queen of the Kitsunian Amazons. She is the worn protecter of the world, as well as those who inhabit it. TBA Royal Palace (Kitsune World)

Standard: Energy Beam -

Side: Lightning Charge -

Up: Tail Helicopter -

Down: Kiara SMASH!!! -

Action Time!: War Goddess -

TBA Elemental


Human World -

  • Atropos City Square
  • Atropos City Rooftops
  • Yonder Forest
  • Achimite Labs
  • Sahara Desert

Timerge World -

  • The Wild West
  • Bamboo Forest
  • Xaolin Temple
  • Lantian Shore
  • Shipwreck Seayard

Dragon World -

  • Valley of Seranae
  • Seranae Skies
  • Rogue Territory
  • Outer Sakura Woods
  • Inner Sakura Woods
  • Tomb of Artifacts
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