#803 Cerebog
Category Guardian Pokémon
Original Region Lindlora
National Dex Nr. #803
Lindlora Dex Nr. #006
Generation Alpha
Pokémon Color Black
Type(s) Fire/Ghost
Ability/ies Blaze, Flame Body
Evolves From Duorine

Cerebog (Bukiken in Japanese) is a dual-type Fire/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation Alpha.

It evolves from Duorine at Level 38. It is the final form of Firine.


Cerebogs are four-legged tall beasts, more mature than their younger counterparts, the Firines. Whilie Firines are more reckless and tend to pick fights with others, Cerebogs are more cautious and attempt to avoid fights if possible. They are usually the leaders of their groups and protect them from potentional danger. They often sneak around at night with their ability to blend into the darkness thus making their target unaware of their presence.

Cerebogs often appear to be transparent during the day, with normal people being able to see through them. They are often friendly with other species that don't show harm to them and are also protective of them.

Game Data

Pokedéx entries

Game locations

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Base Stats

Type effectiveness


By leveling up

Level Move Type
1 Growl Normal
1 Bite Dark
1 Ember Fire
1 Double Team Normal
3 Confuse Ray Ghost
65 Blazing Eclipse Fire


By Breeding

By Move Tutor




Country Name Description
Flag of USA English Cerebog From Cerebus and dog.
Flag of Japan Japan Bukiken From bukimina and ryõken.
Flag of France France Tuteien From tuteur and chien.

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