Cell Split is a 3rd person shooting game. You control a spider-based robot through a laboratory. It was created in 2014 by Overclocked.


You control a spider based robot named a Archnadroid throughout a laboratory facility. The Archnadroid is equipped with plasma guns, which don't run out of ammo. You can also create acidic web, which can be used to swing around or to create traps.

The game is very non-linear, meaning you can explore every floor or just head to where the next objective is. As you progress, bigger and tougher Archnadroids battle you.

Each Archnadroid has a Controller behind it, although destroying a Archnadroid does not mean the end for the Controller. Enemies can respawn within minutes, and so what you want to do is find the Controllers.

Additionally, you need to protect your own Controller room. Located in the first room of the game, if Archnadroids find it, it's game over. If your Archnadroid dies, you simply respawn  in the first room. You can gather the loot from the previous Archnadroid, but you will have to face the same enemies that it faced before it's death.


Fuchsia was kidnapped and enlisted into a laboratory experiment. Called the Tarantula project, it involves putting Controllers behind the machines called Archnadroids.


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