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Cehariha Female
59kg lbs
19 years old Human
FULL NAME Cehariha
POWERS Magic staff

Cehariha is a playable character in Untitled Community Fighting Game created by erictom333.


Cehariha is usually a kind and caring person, although she does not respond well to stressful situations (sometimes destroying things in the process). Since receiving a magic staff, she has been more inquisitive than usual trying to find how it works.


Cehariha was born and raised in Duluth, Ontonagaon. At an unknown date, she was gifted a magic staff by an Alien Space Bat for no apparent reason.


Cehariha is a 19-year-old girl with light skin, long (roughly twice as long as her head is tall, from her shoulders down) lilac-colored hair tied in two ponytails, and large pink anime-styled eyes. She wears a pink shirt and shortish dress with her emblem, consisting of the Minecraftian syllables for tseh and ar crossed with a stylised flower above, in purple displayed prominently.



  • Magic Staff - Cehariha primarily wields a magic staff consisting of a pink orb held in place by a golden rod.
    • Alpha Beam: Cehariha emits a continuous stream of alpha particles from her staff.
    • Discharge: Cehariha emits an electric charge (manifesting as a beam of lightning) from her staff, which discharges person or conducting object, or the ground if there are none nearby.
    • Fireball: Cehariha emits a fireball from her staff, which bounces on the ground like in Mario games.
    • Ice Barrier: Cehariha uses her staff to erect a wall of ice.
    • Laser Beam: Cehariha emits a violet beam of light from her staff, which travels in a straight line and behaves how light would.
    • Pure Energy: Cehariha rests the orb of her staff on an object, imbuing it with some sort of energy. Usually it heats things up (often to the point of melting).
    • Rainbow Reflect: Cehariha creates a rainbow-colored forcefield around her, protecting her from most projectiles.
    • Singularity: Cehariha charges up a sphere of an unknown material, which explodes into a shower of quarks, gluons, leptons, photons, and other elementary particles.



Untitled Community Fighting Game

(Character by erictom333 (tbc))
Cehariha is an ordinary 19-year-old girl who was gifted a staff capable of magic powers by an ASB for no real reason.

Cehariha's home stage is ?.
Forward Attack:
Back Attack:
Cehariha casts a damaging fireball forwards that travels in a straight line. Cehariha casts an iceball that freezes opponents.
Up Attack:
Down Attack:
Cehariha jumps into the air and creates a gust of wind that propels her upwards. Wait I thought this was Smash Cehariha creates a rainbow-colored forcefield around her, protecting her from most projectiles.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul

Cehariha is a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul.

Debuted in Untitled Community Fighting Game.
Character owned by Erictom333.
Cehariha is a 19-year old human girl from a town called Duluth in the nation of Ontonagaon. Originally just a regular girl, Cehariha was one day gifted a magical staff by an Alien Space Bat. She does not know why she was granted this gift, but seeks to find out, whether she is part of some sort of prophecy or whether the staff was a reward for something that she did. She is a kind and caring person though often struggles under pressure and becomes clumsy and reckless when using her staff in these situations. Cehariha once participated in an intergalactic tournament.
In Fantendo Smash Bros. Soul, Cehariha is a middleweight fighter who is somewhat of a glass cannon. Though her speed is middling, her attacks are very powerful if properly utilized. That being said, Cehariha is often held back by her very low defences, leaving her prone to being launched around easily. Furthermore, many of her attacks require a charging phase for their strength to be properly realized, meaning sometimes Cehariha can struggle to find an opportunity to land an attack in the midst of a chaotic battle.
Neutral Special:
Alpha Beam
A chargable attack where Cehariha holds out her staff, before firing out a concentrated beam of alpha radiation which appears as a bright pink beam. If used without any charging, this attack will fire out a singular large projectile, which deals heavy damage. If held, however, the attack will fire out a solid beam of energy which travels outwards from Cehariha and reaches about half way across the stage when fully charge, dealing repeated damage to anyone within its path. Though a long charging phase is required to reach this point, which leaves Cehariha vulnerable, it is extremely powerful if executed properly.
Side Special:
Cehariha fires out a bouncing iceball projectile from her staff. Strongly affected by gravity, this ice ball will bounce three times before dissipating on impact with the ground for the fourth time. If a foe is hit by the iceball once, they will become briefly slowed down and take damage, and if they get hit by the iceball again, they will be frozen solid. One of Cehariha's faster attacks, she can use it repeatedly to send out multiple iceballs, however if she tries to shoot more than 3, the oldest one will dissipate immediately.
Up Special:
Cehariha emits an electric charge from her staff, which manifests itself as a bolt of lightning which appears from below her and launches her upwards on impact. Though Cehariha will take amount of damage from this attack, it grants her quite a lot of height, and the conjured lightning bolt will also damage enemies. After being launched, however, Cehariha will be vulnerable to attacks until she reaches the ground again.
Down Special:
Rainbow Reflect
Using her staff, Cehariha casts a rainbow-coloured force field around her. Though it won't do anything to stop close-range attacks, the force field has the special perk of reflecting any projectile that hits it, charging it with rainbow energy in the process to double the reflected projectile's velocity and damage. This makes Cehariha difficult to deal with as a projectile user, however due to the starting lag when setting up Rainbow Reflect, Cehariha often has to make a bold prediction as to whether she thinks she will get hit, as once she casts the forcefield, she will be unable to do anything else until it disappears several seconds after.
Fan Finisher:
To activate her Fan Finisher, Cehariha must first launch an attack, which is executed in the form of firing a black energy sphere from her staff, which travels horizontally at a very high speed until it hits a foe. On contact with an enemy, the sphere will then explode violently, dealing extremely high damage to the unfortunate target and creating a shower of sparks and particles which fill the screen, flying around and damaging any opponent that touches them.