Developer(s) Pokeyfan49
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Ninkancho Display
Genre(s) Platformer, Run'n'Gun, Metroidvania
Release Date(s) 2016
Age Rating(s) E10Rating

Cave Story 0 is a run-and-gun platformer game for the Display. In the game, you explore the caves until you reach the ending. You can also save the game and continue from where you left off.


The gameplay is similar to the original Cave Story. The player controls Arthur the Mimiga, and must clear various levels to get to the end of the game. Arthur can jump and move around, and he can also use a multitude of weapons.

Many strong enemies and bosses will get in Arthur's way. Defeating an enemy will cause yellow EXP triangles and other items to appear. Collecting enough of these triangles will gain the player a weapon upgrade.

The game's story is broken up into six episodes, with an interlude after each that takes place on the Surface with the player controlling Curly Brace rather than Arthur.


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6



Artwork Name Description
Cave story arthur
Arthur He is a heroic Mimiga who is determined to investigate the strange happenings around the various caves.
Curly brace
Curly Brace Any self-respecting Cave Story fan knows who Curly Brace is... I mean, come on!


Artwork Name Description
Red ogre
Red Ogre A creature dwelling inside the Floating Island in search of some grub to eat. The Red Ogre is the reason for the disappearances of Mimigas in the village and around the caves. Can Arthur defeat this monstrous foe?
Ame-X A strange, robotic cat who seems to be involved with the war happening on the surface. What could her plan be?
Citation Ame-X's right-hand man. A charming, mysterious Surface unit robot.
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