CatZeti Crossover Racers
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Genre. Kart Racing. Crossover
Developer. CatZeti inc. Sega
Animator. Studio Ghibli (Cutscenes) Titmouse Inc (US Commercials) Plastic Wax (Gameplay)
Classifactations.  USA E. EU 3. AUS G. JPN A. GER 0.

CatZeti Crossover Racing is A Kart Racing game For The gamehub and Nintendo Switch Systems. The Game feature's An Original Character, CatZeti an orange Feline Zeti Hybrid with Fierce loyalty to The Deadly Six Holding A Kart Racing Tournament Alongside Series Such As SEGA 's Sonic the Hedgehog Including The Deadly Six, Nickelodeon's SpongeBob SquarePants, Titmouse inc's T.O.T.S , Fox's The Simpsons, Activision's Crash Bandicoot And Skylanders, Level 5's Yo'Kai Watch, Bandai's Digimon etc.  The Game Has A Sequal.


On the Lost Planet Hexagoza. An Orange Feline Alien Named CatZeti. Has found Strong support for An ABDL Foundation. And Decided to Fund them To Make them More Widespread, At First she Spread Video's Of Her Sucker Use onto The Internet. The Support Charity She Got Was not Enough, So She Decided to Host a Racing tournament Around Earth And Lost Hex. CatZeti Sends out a Message to Some of her Favourite Pop Culture Series to Race For the Gold. In this Way, CatZeti Hopes to Raise Enough Funds to Keep The Adult Baby Charity afloat. ALL PAWS ON CLUTCH!


The Game Plays Somewhat Similar to Mario Kart And Crash Team Racing Nitro Feulled. Characters Race in 8 Person Races And Whoever was in 1st place after 3 Laps Wins!. Victory in a Race gives you Star Coins. Star Coins can be Used to Buy New Karts, Character Skins and Tracks.

Playable Characters
Image Name Kart Type Mask Voice Actor Biograph
CatZeti JPN
CatZeti All Round Velo Mask Emma Watkins The Star Of the Show and Our Racing Host. She may be Reggressive Dianosed with a Case of C.O.S.U (Continued Orthodontic Soother Use)  but that won't Stop her! CatZeti Is Ready to get things Started
Zavok Speed Velo Mask Travis Willingham The No Nonsense Red Leader of the Deadly 6 and CatZeti's Most Effective Bodyguard, Expect his Incredible Strengh To Cause Some near expected Victories 
Zazz Acceleration Velo Mask Liam O Brian This Pink Zeti Is Quite (scratch that extremaly) Insane. His Short tempered Metalhead personality make him reckless, Even on the Racetrack..
Zomom Speed Velo Mask Patrick Seitz With a Black hole Stomach, Any amount of food will satisfy this Big Yellow Zeti, no matter how foul It may look too you
Master Zik Handling Velo Mask Kirk Thortan At over 78 Species Years, This Blue Zeti is no Abe Simpson and is Still Very Nimble, Zik is the Sensei of the Zeti World
Zeena All Round Velo Mask Stephanie Sheh This Feisty Green Girl think's She is so Beautiful, So Much so that she Shows it off to her Team Daily, Don't ruin her Style, Just Don't Ok
Zor Handling Velo Mask Sam Reigal As Much as a Downer as this Lilac Zeti is, Zor knows the saying, Zeti Stick Together, So He is in the Tournament alongside his leader and teamates
SpongeBob CCR
SpongeBob All Round Aku Aku Tom Kenny Living in A Pineapple Under the Sea, He isThe Krusty Krab's Fry Cook. Everyday is an Adventure for SpongeBob and His Freind Patrick
Patrick CCR
Patrick Speed Aku Aku Bill Faggerbake SpongeBob's BFF, Not the Brightest Bulb, Patrick does NOT Like being called Rick.
Squidward CCR
Squidward Handling Aku Aku Roger Bumpass This Grouchy Squid thinks This Race is the Best way to get away from SpongeBob. He Is SO Wrong
Mr krabs CCR
Mr Krabs Speed Aku Aku Clancy Brown Money Money Money! That's What mr krabs is all about, The Question is, Where is he keeping it all? in his Matress? In A Safe away from plankton?
Plankton CCR
Plankton Handling Uka Uka Scott Lawrence This little Devious One Cell organizem Has Many plans to steal the Krabby Patty Formula, Does he Succeed? Never. he Fails every time.
Homer CCR
Homer  Speed Aku Aku Dan Castellineda D'oh. a dumb Yellow man From the Town of Springfeild, Don't let him Drive into walls due to his Dopey and Sloppy Condition.
Bart CCR
Bart  All Round Aku Aku Nancy Cautheright Ay Carumba! This 10 Year old boy makes mischeif wherever he goes, Who Knows what he will do in the race when Homer is not looking, 
Lisa CCR
Lisa Handling Aku Aku Yeardly Smith Diagnosed As Gifted at the Age of 3. Lisa Simpson Has the brains to top the charts in this tournament, Think So?
Abe Acceleration Aku Aku Dan Castellenada (Who Also Voices Homer) An Old man who remembers the war when the Japanese And German Where after him, But he Can't Remember what happened Yesterday.
Sonic CCR
Sonic Speed Aku Aku Roger Craig Smith The Fastest Thing alive, Sonic Must drive a Kart to keep things Fair. But he's Still one of the Fastest Drivers Here
Tails CCR
Tails Handling Aku Aku Caleen Shaoughessy This is a Rare occasion of A Birth defect being a benifit. Miles prower has double tails that he can use for Flight. Odd but Incredible
Amy All Round Aku Aku Cindy Robinson Amy Rose is Very, VERY Attracted to Sonic, But that Hyperactive Hedgehog is Too Fast, Now That Amy is Karting, will she finally Hold hands with Sonic?
Eggman CCR
Eggman Acceleration Uka Uka Mike Pollock Always looking for a way to Open Eggmanland, Robotnik's Daily Scheduale at the Moment is Go to the Lost hex, Get the Tar beaten out of you by Zeti, Rinse and Repeat.
Crash CCR
Crash All Round Aku Aku Jess Harnell Our Bandicoot Superstar is Back in The Driver's Seat. The Lucky ones might even Get to see him do his Signiture Dance on the Podium
Fake Crash CCR
Fake Crash All Round Aku Aku Brendan o Brian A Failed attempt of cloning a Bandicoot, Fake Crash wants to be real Crash so he Dances in the Background for Fun, Blast the Horn to get his Attention
Pura CCR
Pura Handling  Aku Aku Misty Lee Hailing From The Beijing Nature District, Pura is an Agile Tiger Cub. Strong enouth to Carry Coco On his back, Pura Has Ran Up And down the Great wall 4 Times.
Cortex CCR
Cortex All Round Uka Uka Lex Lang A Sceintific Criminal Genius. His army of Mutated Animals are Attemping to hunt down Crash Everyday. They Don't do well.
Spyro CCR
Spyro Speed Sparx Tom kenny (also Voices SpongeBob) The Rare purple Dragon With a Legend, Due to his Mastery of Fire, Electricity, Ice And Earth, Spyro has the Tittle of Natural Elemental Guardian.
Cynder CCR
Cynder Acceleration Sparx Christina Ricci In Her Past. this Black Dragon was Corrupted By Dark Magic, she Was freed after Spyro Defeated her in Battle. But the Sinister Elements Of Poison, Fear and Shadow as Well as Wind still Flow through Her
Chen CCR
Chen Handling Sparx Undetermined A Chinese Dragon from the Eastern Kingdom, He Has Recently Met Spyro and Cynder and Formed the Elemental Trio. Chen's Elements are Light, Water, Nature and Magic
Sonic Boom CCR
Sonic Boom All Round Sparx Lani Manilla Under the Effect of the Sinister Spell, Sonic Boom is an Air Elemental Skylander with a Loud Voice and Newhatched Sidekicks
Jibanyan Handling Aku Aku Alycian Packard This Charming cat Yokai Was A Live Feline, until he was hit by a truck, since then he was been waiting to get revenge and punch a Moving veichle, Lets hope he Does'n't cause any Jaywalking.
Komasan Handling Aku Aku Melissa Hutchison Oh my Swirls! Komasan's old shrine was Condemmed, so he has been exploring the city, Unfortunatly it's not the right place for the Charming tribe Bumpkin
Usapyon Acceleration Aku Aku Katie Leigh Once an Otter named Chibi Who was a victim of a spacecraft accident,  this Shady yokai in a rabbit space suit always dreams of making a galactic Discovery.
Nyanses the Second CCR
Nyanses 2 Handling Aku Aku Sound Effects A Decendent of Egyptian Pharohs and Guards, Nyanses 2, As a heartful Yokai is Always ready to help someone in need, Because he thinks their related to him. Just don't Question the Soother.
Agumon CCR
Agumon All Round Aku Aku Tom Fahn Orginally a Koromon, This Rookie Digimon Can Evolve into the Powerful Greymon Or the Firepowered Meramon
Gabumon CCR
Gabumon Speed Aku Aku Kirk Thortan (who Also voices Zik) Usually Shy, Gabumon feels protected when wearing the Fur pelt of its Garurumon Ancestors
Biyomon CCR
Biyomon Handling Aku Aku Tifanie Cristasun After Evolving from the Plant like Yokomon, Biyomon always looks to Better her Flying ability and one day evolve into the great Birdramon
Gatomon CCR
Gatomon Acceleration Aku Aku Edie Mirman This Champion Digimon Wears a magic ring on her tail, Without it, Her powers are Diminished.Treasure Hunts Seem to be a hobby


Every Character has Four Universal karts and one Seires Exclusive Kart, Some Characters Even have An Exclusive Kart.

Image Name Colours Exclusive To
Standred Varied All Character


MKT Icon PipeFrameOrange
Pipe Frame Red, Orange, Yellow, Chartreuce, Green, Blue, Teal, Pink, Purple, Brown, White, Black,  All Characters
Bumper Kart Red, Orange, Yellow, Chartreuce, Green, Blue, Pink, Magenta, Purple, Violet All Characters
Electroneer Orange
Electroneer Red, Pink, Yellow, Teal, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue All Characters
Z Force ZV
Z Force Red, Pink, Yellow, Teal, Green, Purple, Orange Deadly Six
Spongebob in Land Boat Kart
Land Boat (Flags) Yellow Square, Pink Star, Blue Circle, Red Triangle, Brown Heart, Green Diamond. SpongeBob Characters
Car Built For homer
Homer Car Static Coloured Simpson Characters
Sonic in Cyclone
Cyclone Static Coloured Other Sonic Characters
Crash Tag Team Racing Bandibuggy
Bandibuggy Static Coloured Crash Characters
Charming Spirit Ride Kart
Spirit Ride Brave Red, Mysterious Yellow, Tough Orange, Charming Pink, Heartful Green, Shady Blue, Eerie Purple, Slippery Teal. Yo Kai Watch Characters
Digimobile. Blue
Digimobile Courage Orange, Freinship Blue, Love Red, Sincericy Green, Knowlage Purple, Reliability Grey, Light Pink, Hope Yellow Digimon Characters

To See who uses what Colour, Click Here


At First Only 2 CCR Grand Prix Cups are Advalible, As you progress, New Tracks will unlock

Topaz Cup
Topaz Cup
Jade Cup
Jade cup
Emerald Cup
Emerald Cup
Sapphire Cup
Saphirre Cup
Ruby Cup
Ruby Cup
Diamond Cup
Diamond Cup
CCR CZ Circuit
CZ Circuit
CCR Sakura Lake
Sakura Lake (Japan)
MRM Swamp

MRM Swamp

CNK Barin Ruins
CNK Barin Ruins
CCR Ancient Temple
Ancient Temple (China)
CCR Shining River
Shining River
N64 Mario Raceway
N64 Mario Raceway
GCN Baby Park
GCN Baby Park
CCR Lucky Garden
Lucky Garden (Ireland)
Wii U Shy guy Falls
Wii U Shy Guy Falls
CCR Mount Singed
Mount Singed
3DS Ice world
3DS Ice World
CCR Coast Street
Coast Street (Australia)
CTR Coco park
CTR Coco Park
Wii Toads Factory
Wii Toad Factory
CCR Coralquarium
TSR Sand Road
TSR Sand Road
CCR Silk Range
Silk Range (Armenia)
CTR Slide Colloseum
CTR Slide Colloseum
CCR Twisted Tunnels
Twisted Tunnels
CCR Server Cave
Server Cavern
CCR Wolf Alpines
Wolf Alpines (USA)
DS Shroom Ridge
DS Shroom Ridge
CNK Assembelly Lane
CNK Assembely Lane

Sparky's hints

  • Sparky The Hyena (Voiced By Paul Paddick) Is CatZeti's Most Trusted Mechanic. He might be Short, But He Knows A LOT About Kart Racing. If You Need Help Call Him In the Pause Menu  

All Characters have A Kart Type. All Round. Speed, Acceleration And Handling. Using the Right Racer For the Job Can be A Big Help.

You Can Get a Hang time Turbo From Trick Hopping off Ramps with the ZL Button, The Longer You're In the Air, The Bigger turbo boost you Get When You Land.

When You get a TNT Mine on your kart, Start hopping Immediantly, If you react fast and Hop Enough times, The Mine Will Fall Off your kart Before it Explodes.

You Can Shunt other Racers by Ramming into them, Depending on this Size Of your Character, The Effect may change, the Smaller racer may be Knocked back by the Larger one.


  • Worldwide Before the Game Was Released, CatZeti Crossover Racers Has hyped up With Advertisements, Toys and Even A Soundtrack CD. 
  • Posters Were Placed Throught Theme Parks Around the World Including Dreamworld (Australia), Alton Towers (UK), Fuji Q Highland (Japan), Kings Island (USA), Galaxyland (Canada), Walabi Chain (Belgium, Netherlands and France), Gabaland (Azerbaijan) Etc. Mascot Characters Of CatZeti, members of The Deadly six, Spongebob and Crash Even Appeared At The Parks, a Prototype of this poster was used in an update for The VR Game, Job Simulator, It can be found in all the Levels
  • Toys. Bandai Was Given the License to Craft Diecast Figurines Of the Playable Characters in Their karts and Sold them for about 5 Dollars Each.
  • The Soundtrack CD Was Released 4 Days before the Game and Features the Main theme and the Music from The Racetracks, Not only that but covers of Favourite Songs from the Playable Characters Appear Such As SpongeBob Sings Dancing Lasha Tumbai, Homer Sings I Was made For Loving you,  and Sonic and Tails Sing Do The Proppeller! 


  • The 20th Century Fox Startup Feature's Homer Standing In The 0 and D'ohing The Fanfare. this spawns an Internet meme called 20th Century Annoyed Grunt
  • The Japanese Version has Diffrent Character Icons Than other Versions
  • This Game Has more Translation Than Any Racing game so far being Dubbed into English, Japanese, French, Dutch, Azerbaijani, Korean, Irish Gaelic, Serbian, Swahili, Hindi, Spanish Just ot Name A Few
  • This Game Was The First Kart Game to Feature The Entire Deadly Six Team
  • This Is also the First Racing game that Yo Kai Watch Characters Appear.
  • Some characters have Specific Quotes in each track, For Example in GCN Baby park, Sonic Someties says "So that's what i looked like"
  • Disney's T.O.T.S Is the Only series to be Leaked but not to Be Revealed Yet
  • One of the Sponsors on DS Shroom Ridge and CZ Circuit Have Promos for An Avacado brand Called Avaca- Annoyed Grunt
  • See, List of Updates

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