Caster is the main villain of Ella Metals and Spaces Between. He is a masked magician who turns Ella into her forms in that game.


Caster is cheeky and cynical. He is gulliable but is a great small talker and believable. He has a haunting but soft voice. He is often subject to temptation and loves to imitate.


Caster is a short, stubby figure who has a rather wide build. He wields a black and white-tipped magicians wand, purple top hat suit and tie and a large red carnation covering his breast. He has a pale face with yellow-tinged eyes and large, red, sausage-like lips.


Ella Metals and Spaces Between

Caster lurks around VineVille and sets a spell on Ella where she wakes up as a ball form in a grey factory. Caster's puzzlebox. Which Ella navigating and using her powers is powering his ship, unbeknownst to Ella, as Caster plans to take over the universe.

Ella-Metals vs. Battle of Bracelets

Caster is the last unlockable playable character for Ella's side.

Stelios Scramble

Caster is a boss in the VineVille area after the story is completed where The Grey Factory resides and the area is cleared and the stage where he is fought is unlocked with him.


Ella Metals

Caster is clearly jealous of Ella's fame, and wants to ham up his dislike of her to scare her. But she plays it down as she knows that he is trying to get a mental edge over her. He calls Ella a "mere dummy", and is now his "lab rat and motivator" for his evil plan. Because of this, Caster shares less hatred to Ella as he initially thought.

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