Cassiopeia is an upcoming 4X strategy game in development by Seacastles (tbc) for Steam. The game is slated for a release in 2022 and will have three expansion packs releasing in the subsequent years: Event Horizon, City-States, and Viva la Revolución. The game is majorly inspired by Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri and Civilization: Beyond Earth and the developers intend for it to be a spiritual successor to the titles.

In Cassiopeia, players will take control of a real-world nation as they expand their borders to an uninhabited planet 100 light years away. The year is 2400 and Earth is plagued with severe planet-wide droughts and complete scarcity of resources causing intense violence and inequality. The most powerful nations of the world decide that, to preserve their nations and their people, they must harvest resources from this new planet which is untapped by human life.


The gameplay is very similar to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. Upon landing on the planet, the player will start with one colony-- their capital colony. The goal is to expand their borders outwards and to maintain their colonies by allowing them to grow. However, conflict is inevitable and warring will likely take place between the nations of this new planet as time goes on.

The Event Horizon expansion pack adds orbital functionality. Cities, stations, satellites, and units can be placed in lower orbit for a large variety of purposes.

The City-states pack adds nations which are simply cities on Earth but can grow to become empires on the new planet. Furthermore, this expansion adds the vassalage system which allows nations to become overlord to other nations' colonies, gaining 25% of that colony's yields.

The Viva la Revolución expansion pack increases diplomatic functionality with other nations, as well as adding revolutions and civil wars.


There are a total of 26 playable nations in Cassiopeia. Each nation has a unique ability and a unique government type. The unique government type will determine what kind of benefits they gain from their leader and how often elections will take place, if they do take place. Unique abilities give inherent bonuses to nations and make each nation have a particular lean for which type of playstyle they are best suited for.


The initial release of the game included 13 nations.

Nation Description Colony Names
USACCassiopeia United States of America and Canada

The two neighboring powers of North America united as one to form the largest nation in the world, dominating the west hemisphere. The U.S. was among first world superpowers to reach manned spaceflight, and the first to land humans on the Moon. In the present, the USAC believe they will have no struggle maintaining their first place position once in the stars.

The USAC is a Unitary Republic. The USAC governs nearly 100 states, but each state has a local government which may govern by their own means. In the stars, each newly established colony will eventually become a state after growth. When it comes election time, the USAC will elect a president, but their electoral system is unconventional. Each state is represented with an electoral vote, thus colonies must be swung in elections.

A unique aspect of the USAC is the States' Rights. Colonies will become states once they reach a certain size (scaled by how many colonies the nation has established). When a colony becomes a state, it will develop 150% of all industrial yields for its own improvement, but 75% of its total output will be put back into the development of the state.

★ Jefferson
San Romero

MexicoCassiopeia Mexico

★ Alma

CubaCassiopeia Cuba

★ Che

BrazilCassiopeia Brazil

★ Lasiandra

GreatBritainCassiopeia Great Britain

While Great Britain once made up the largest empire of all of human history, that power has since declined. Nonetheless, its position on the world stage has been significant as its military and economic power were not matched by many nations. When the Brexit happened, Britain moved on to develop their own space program which soon rivaled NASA. GB now intends to rebuild the glory of the British Empire.

Great Britain's government is supervised by the Parliament. The electoral system is determined by political parties and coalitions which each vote for the prime minister. Each colony becomes a unique constituency or constituencies of the parliament, and thus will vote towards a certain political party with each election.

Great Britain's unique ability comes from an old saying about the empire, The Sun Never Sets. Great Britain may place colonies in tight spots close to other colony borders. Great Britain also has a +33% combat bonus against nations with inferior technology. With Event Horizon, Great Britain can place orbital stations over neutral/enemy territory. With City-states, Great Britain can become overlord to 2 extra nations.

★ Baron

FranceCassiopeia France

★ Aidelle

GermanyCassiopeia Germany

★ Freiheit

RussiaCassiopeia Russia

★ Aleksandr

ArabiaCassiopeia Arabia

★ Jamnhl

PersiaCassiopeia Persia

★ Faravahar

IndiaCassiopeia India

★ Ekata

ChinaCassiopeia China

★ Aiqing

JapanCassiopeia Japan

★ Koto

SouthAfricaCassiopeia South Africa

★ Mandela

Event Horizon

The Event Horizon expansion added 4 new nations to the roster.

Nation Description Colony Name
ScandinaviaCassiopeia Scandinavia

★ Margrethe

NigeriaCassiopeia Nigeria

★ Agida

EthiopiaCassiopeia Ethiopia

★ Mekidas

IndonesiaCassiopeia Indonesia

★ Kaeda

City-states Pack

The City-states pack added 5 new nations to the game. While each of these nations represent either a very small region or simply a city in the real world, their empire can expand to be countless colonies on the new continent. However, their government types will reflect the fact that they are a city back on earth.

Nation Description Colony Names
NYCCassiopeia New York City

NYC has historically been one of the biggest economic centers of the world. Considered an international city, people from all over come for business opportunities. During the diplomatic crises of the 21st and 22nd centuries, New York City officially would declare itself an independent country. Looking to grow its economic strength and its industries, New York City would turn to the stars as well.

NYC is simply governed by a city council. The legislative system is fully democratic as such, with the citizens having a say in nearly every legal aspect of their nation. Every electoral season, New York City will elect a mayor. The mayor's position is mostly ceremonious and symbolic, but New York City's biggest businesses frequently interfere in mayoral elections for publicity.

NYC's unique ability is named Caput Mundi. NYC has the unique ability of carrying its industries over from Earth to the new planet. Only one industry may be built in every colony, but it will increase the revenue of that colony by 20%. Industries can be expanded to other nation's colonies as well, and doing so direct that nation's revenue to NYC.

★ Rockefeller
New Manhattan
New Queens
New Brooklyn
New Bronx

VenetoCassiopeia Veneto

★ Augita

JerusalemCassiopeia Jerusalem

★ Wahda

HongKongCassiopeia Hong Kong

★ Kaijing

ZanzibarCassiopeia Zanzibar

★ Utajar

Viva la Revolución

The Viva la Revolución expansion added the final 4 nations to the game's roster.

Nation Description Colony Names
GreatColombiaCassiopeia Great Colombia

¡Viva la revolución! A revolution has taken place in South America. While the average citizen was suffering through starvation and riots, the aristocrats maintained comfortable living conditions through imports from spacefaring powers. The people of Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama then staged a revolution. Great Colombia was formed, looking to the stars to simply provide to its people.

Great Colombia is a Revolutionary Republic. This government is entirely provisional due to the revolution. While GC is still in the process of removing the stench of the bureaucratic regime from its nation, it still expands to the stars. GC will adopt the government type of a neighboring nation quickly after arrival. Meanwhile, they will elect presidents.

Great Colombia's history of revolutions gives it the ability Los Libertadores. Firstly, Great Colombia can create a new nation by liberating enemy colonies. When Great Colombia has denounced another nation, it gains a casus belli which allows it to capture colonies with no penalties so long as at least one colony is liberated.

★ San Bolívar

TurkeyCassiopeia Turkey

★ Yevet

ANACassiopeia Arabic North Africa

★ Muqad

KoreaCassiopeia Korea

★ Goseong

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