Cassia: Jump Parade is the 2015 sequel to Kaisser (Game) for the Nintendo 3DS.


After defeating Jacob the Time Lord, Kaisser and Cassia soon realised that there is left a portal from the medeval world open, so now a kingdom reigned VineVille. And the bonus future level has a portal mysteriously left open too. Jacob is creating these with his new afterlife with the Gods. A open cult from the future settle and take over the empire, stripping citizens of their jobs. Leaving agriculture and culture the only industries remaining. The group call themselves the Jump Parade and begin a celebratory march throughout VineVille. Kaisser and Stella agree to take them down and drive them out the city.

On first attempt they are mercifully defeated and march through the city and plot to destroy the meteorite for good. They two decide to decide to go to the castle for help up in the mountains but the Jump Parade have left their own set of enemies to face. Once you get to the castle you see all the former medieval citizens refuging in the castle. Queen Titania summons Caleb Barron and Constantine Monroe to take them down for the sake of their kingdom with the Cassia's.

Then the JP's movement is abruptly sabotaged and 4 of their best fighters are summoned to face the four in The Arena one by one in front of a thriving crowd and a audience with the Queen.


Similar to the last game, the raw gameplay is a 2D top-down arena fighter fought on spinning platforms and obstacles and moves to deal damage.

The Story Mode is similar to the last game with it being a open world, but this time VineVille is the only explorable area. You can talk to citizens, attack or pick up items with little gameplay change from it's sequel.

Kaisser, Stella, Caleb and Constantine are the only playable characters, thus being a four player game. The proceedings can be viewed better from a top down third person angle in multiplayer.


In Battle

Out of Battle


Their are 8 bosses in the game.


  • Due to it's short length, it was priced considerably cheaper at launch in many countries.
  • This game merges the former Fallen Crest series and the former Legacy of Freedom series into one big game.
    • This was done as LOF and Kaisser were similar concepts and the fact that? Stelios7 (tbc) had too many fighters and original projects.
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