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Cass Lyst (formerly known as Nedra)
Cass Lyst, the Comet of Change
CLASS Comet Champion

Cass Lyst is a comet being (also known as Comet Champions) that is held inside by the Comet Nedra. She is part of Vokkskar's Comet collection and there is not exactly a way to tell to when she will come. She is always followed by the comets Bozork and and Fizza, who happen to be her romantic partners as well.

Cass Lyst was known as Nedra (which is her comet name as well), but changed it to Cass Lyst after a misunderstanding with one of the planets Fizza and Bozork joined her on, where they were called the Catalyst Comets.


Vokkskar decided to introduce three beings (Comet Champions) into three underdeveloped planets to help them cultivate their potential. Things went well until the Comet Champions found out that they would be doing this for eternity and did not seek that kind of life. They united and fought against Vokkskar, demanding lives free from an endless cycle of helping planets. Vokkskar, with much disappointment, granted them free lives. They now roam the universe looking for the perfect place to live.


Cass Lyst is a semi-transparent being who can float around but is still bound by solid surfaces unless she distorts her molecules to go through walls. She has big white eyes and pink "fizzy" hair that is constantly circling around the surface of her head. She wears a red top that cuts off at her stomach and pants that resemble her comet's surface.


Cass is a free spirit who loves surprises and the concept of love itself. She generally keeps reserved to those she doesn't know but tends to open up easily. She is very picky about where she calls home and it is for this reason that she has searched for thousands of years to find a place called home.



Bozork is one of her romantic partners and it is clear that they trust each other very intensely. Bozork is a bit frustrated with her inability to be happy with any home they find, but he also understands that it's something very important to her.


Fizza is her other romantic partner and while she tend to bicker with Cass Lyst more than she does with Bozork, it is evident that she still loves her. She tends to groan whenever she gets settled down somewhere and has to leave because Cass doesn't find it perfectly up to her vision but she doesn't tend to complain after they find a new planet, even if it is worse than the one they were just at.

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Cass Lyst
Fantendo - Showcase: Volume 1 "Comet Champions" (2015)

Cass Lyst is a free spirit who loves suprises and love. She, along with her two loves, were created by Vokkskar to cultivate the potential of underdeveloped planets. Wanting to escape the eternal cycle, they fought back and won and are now on the look out for a home, of which Cass is very picky about.


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