Cartoon Universe is a multi-platform, MMO game created by Maxwell Gaming. The game takes place on Cartoon Planet, an alternate reality to Earth where cartoon and video game characters are real (but mostly game characters). 

Cartoon Universe (game)
Release Dates PC: October 21,2014

MS3: November 10,2014

MS4: July 6,2015

Mobile: May 17,2016

XBOX One: February 26,2016

PS4: February 28,2016

Switch: April 10,2017

3DS: Unknown

Ratings E 10+ for Cartoon Violence

Online Interactions not rated

Pricing Coming Soon

Account Creation

After buying one of the versions of the game, the game prompts you too either log in or create an account (you can also do it on the official website). When creating an account, you have to enter the following: Username, password, date of birth, language, country, email (or parent email, or both), and any parental controls (if needed or under the age of 12). Once finishing account creation, the game prompts you to create an avatar (described later). Then, there's a tutorial (which can be skipped), and then you can explore!


Gameplay is open-ended, meaning that the player is free to do whatever they want in the world.

The Hub

The Hub is where the player starts and respawns at (unless changed). The Hub is built upon a small asteroid currently orbiting Cartoon Planet. The Hub has many areas, including:

  • Entrance: A circular teleporter pad where players start (unless change). It is located in the center of the Hub, but also allows teleportation to the sister game, Society (purchase required)
  • Teleporter Area: Located next the eastern exit, this allows players to get to the planet (unless a player owns a Spaceship
  • Department Stone: This store is north of the Entrance. Here, players can purchase many items such as clothes, characters, furniture, and weapons in this three-storied emporium.
  • Bank- Located next to the Store, it allows players to store money, items, and even by a house on an asteroid!
  • Battle Arena (Formerly Battle Hub)- A place to battle up to 19 other players in a variety of showdowns! Next to the western exit
  • Party Palace (Formerly Party Hub)- You can find or throw a variety of parties! Across from Battle Arena
  • News Desk- Just to the right of the Party Palace. Find out all the events happening in Cartoon Universe and beyond (upcoming game releases)
  • Minigame Arena- Also to the right of the Party Palace. Play mini games with up to seven people.
  • Quest Giver- Across from Teleporters. Gives out daily quests.
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