The game's cover.
Developer(s) MGX Studios, Keyhole Gaming, and 1-Up Inc.
Publisher(s) MGX Studios
Platform(s) Nintendo Silver, Nintendo Immerse, Nintendo Epsilon, Nintendo IC, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS Advanced
Genre(s) Racing
Predecessor N/A
Successor N/A
Release Date(s) April 25, 2013
Mode(s) 1-4 Players (Nintendo Silver)

1-5 Players (Wii U)

1-8 Players (Immerse, Epsilon, 3DSA, IC)

Age Rating(s) E10Rating7RatingCERO A
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, heroes and villains, CN and Nintendo characters... START YOUR ENGINES!!
The Announcer, the E3 2013 trailer of the game.

Cartoon Network vs. Nintendo: Grand Prix is a crossover racing game created by MGX Studios, in cooperation with Keyhole Gaming and 1-Up Inc., for Nintendo SilverNintendo Immerse, Nintendo Epsilon, Nintendo IC, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS Advanced. It will feature characters from Cartoon Network and Nintendo franchises, both old and new. It takes most of its cues from the Mario Kart series and Cartoon Network Racing. The Wii U version makes good use of the Wii Wheel, and the 3DS Advanced version can be played in first-person mode with the gryoscope.


Cartoon Network vs. Nintendo: Grand Prix plays like the Mario Kart series, with some additions from Cartoon Network Racing. Each player chooses a character to race as, and then selects a kart pre-made for that character. (Custom karts can also be made when you pay for parts with Coins.) But this time, characters can knock each other off of their karts using shells, Bullet Bills, etc.

Double Dash Mode

In this mode, which is based off of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, the players choose two characters: a driver and a co-driver. The driver... well, drives the kart, and the co-driver not only uses items and weapons, but also punches and kicks to help the driver stay ahead.

Bike Mode

This mode is basically the same as Normal Mode, but if a character falls of off his/her kart, he/she can call forth a motorbike to easily get back into the race.

Conversion Mode

This mode is the same as Double Dash Mode, but the driver and co-driver can split their kart in half and convert it into another vehicle, such as a dune buggy, monster truck, etc., so they can take advantage of their surroundings. For example, monster trucks are capable of getting across bumpy hills easily.

Elimination Mode

This mode is like Normal Mode, except when a player gets knocked off his/her kart, they are eliminated.

Story Mode

In this mode, you play as characters from the Cartoon Network and Nintendo franchises to stop Mandy from winning a mysteriously powerful trophy that grants the winner's wishes so she can rule the universe.

Playable Characters


Cartoon Network

Character Name Series Description Stats
1ATFinnStand Finn the Human Adventure Time

A young man who loves adventures. In his universe, he is the last of his species.

Mario has challenged him to a go-kart racing tournament, and he's ready. Like soooooo ready he's excited.

  • Speed:6/10
  • Acceleration:6/10
  • Drift:6/10
  • Turbo:5/10
JakeTHEDOG Jake the Dog Adventure Time Finn's shape-shifting pal has entered the race as well! N/A
200px-GumballSeason2 Gumball Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball This mischievious feline pre-teen has a racing video game in his house, and he's dreamed of being a real racing star. And his wish just might come true if he wins the gold trophy! N/A
189px-DarwinSeason2 Darwin Watterson The Amazing World of Gumball Who says fish can't drive? Darwin's ready to race when he gets a challenge letter from Kirby. N/A
Mordecai character Mordecai Regular Show Mordecai and his friends own a golf kart. It just might help him win... or may it? N/A
Rigby character Rigby Regular Show He's built his own racetrack, called the Rigby Route. And he'll race anyone on it! N/A


Character Name Series Description Stats
MarioNSMB Mario Mario The hero of the Mushroom Kingdom does a lot of things. He saves princesses, plays sports, and (apparently) goes karting. When he is given a chance to compete in the tournament, he says, "Why not?" He's brought various Mario Kart items into the tournament.
  • Speed:6/10
  • Acceleration:6/10
  • Drift:6/10
  • Turbo:6/10
Donkey Kong1 Donkey Kong Donkey Kong He's brought barrels onto the racetrack, so you better watch out! N/A
240px-Skyward-Sword-Link Link The Legend of Zelda He's not used to kart racing. At all. But who cares? Who doesn't want to see this Hyrulian hero in a race? N/A
Kirby&Warp Star Kirby Kirby The little pink puffball has brought Warp Stars in! N/A
Pikachu render by hikarichan95-d4jr57z Pikachu Pokémon Shockingly shocking! Pikachu has entered the race too?! N/A
Bowser HUGE1 Bowser Mario The King of the Koopas is ready to conquer the competition. And he'll do whatever he can to do so! N/A


Cartoon Network

Character Name Series Description Stats How to Unlock
Reg skips Skips Regular Show N/A
  • Speed:9/10
  • Acceleration:2/10
  • Drift:6/10
  • Turbo:8/10
Beat him and Muscle Man in Mission 2-1
Reg muscleman Muscle Man Regular Show You know who likes racing? MY MOM! N/A Beat him and Skips in Mission 2-1
Adventure Time Fionna Fionna Adventure Time She may be from Ice King's weirdo fanfiction, but Fionna is ready to race! Hey, I wonder if she could beat Finn in a race... N/A Race as Finn 30 times.
Cake Cake the Cat Adventure Time Cake the Cat is Fionna's best bud, who'll stick with her through anything! The two of them are one unstoppable team! N/A Race as Jake 30 times.
Bloo-and-Mac-the-great-cartoon-race-31020448-1000-667 Bloo and Mac Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Ever wondered what Bloo looks like driving? Now's your chance to check it out! N/A Complete 100cc Skull Cup.
Dexter-dexters-laboratory-13130849-445-567 Dexter Dexter Laboratory The young scientist himself has recently built a technologically advanced engine that just might help him earn the gold trophy. But what if it malfunctions...? N/A Complete 50cc Star Cup.
Tumblr mb2j3t7dSU1qgfc86o1 250 Cow and Chicken Cow and Chicken These rather unlikely siblings are here to race together! With Cow's udder lack of driving skill and Chicken's shrill voice yelling at Cow to drive better, they might have a shot at the gold trophy. N/A Complete 150cc Fire Cup.
103px-Ben 10 AF Ben Ben Tennyson Ben 10 N/A N/A Complete 100cc Crystal Cup.
128px-Grim CN Grim Reaper The Grims Adventures of Billy & Mandy N/A N/A Earn 1 star or higher in all four default cups.
B&M Mandy Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy A young but evil girl who dreams of being a "dark and terrible queen". She'll do anything to get that trophy so her wish will come true. *Speed:7/10

  • Acceleration:8/10
  • Drift:9/10
  • Turbo:6/10
Complete Story Mode.


Character Name Series Description Stats How to Unlock
Luigi3-CaptainSelect-MSS Luigi Mario Mario's lil' bro has never competed against the CN crew before. Now he's ready. N/A Complete 100cc Ice Cup.
Fox Fox McCloud Star Fox Fox use the Barrel Roll in races! N/A Complete 150cc Sword Cup.
Meta Knight KRTDL1 Meta Knight Kirby Don't be fooled by how short he is—he'll knock you straight out of the battlefield! N/A Complete 50cc Barrel Cup.
71px-LucasBlank Lucas Earthbound / Mother You've seen him fight in the Super Smash Bros. series—now you'll see him race! N/A Beat him and Ness in Mission 3-4.
Ness Ness Earthbound / Mother This guy knows his PSI powers, and will take advantage of them to win the race... if he can, that is. N/A Race as Lucas 50 times.
Wariow Party 6 Title Wario Mario Wario Time. Enough said. N/A Complete 150cc Backward Mushroom Cup.
GameandWatchBell Mr. Game and Watch Game & Watch His son would rather rock himself to death than listen to his bleeps and blaps. But now he's left, so Mr. Game and Watch is free to do as he pleases without his son interrupting him with heavy metal. What's the first thing he does? Enter the tournament! N/A Complete 100cc Star Cup.
180px-Marth Marth Fire Emblem The prince of Altea, in Marth's veins runs the blood of champions. He is a master swordsman and a master racer. N/A Complete 150cc Backward Skull Cup.
Mewtwo x two equals this image Mewtwo Pokémon The legendary Mewtwo is here to race with the best of the best! He can switch between forms- will this prove useful in getting the golden trophy? N/A* Complete 100cc Crystal Cup.
R.O.B. R.O.B. Nintendo The robotic icon who doesn't come from any specific series is ready to race! N/A Earn 1 star or higher in all four unlockable cups.

* - First stats are for first form, second for his other form. |}


Character Name Series Description Stats Platform
ZapDZolt4 Zap D-Zolt The electric mascot of Keyhole Gaming has joined the race! N/A Nintendo Silver
Volt3 Volt VOLT This brave Sparkling, created by Pablo de Pablo (tbc), is ready for the big championship! N/A Nintendo Immerse


Nitro GP

Sword Cup Mushroom Cup Ice Cup Barrel Cup
Candy Palace Ice Castle Elmore Speedway Kong Temple
The Park Waluigi Pinball Rigby Route Hyrule Field
Mario Circuit Bridge of Eldin Pokemon Stadium Green Greens
50m The City Halberd Elmore Dump

Turbo GP

Skull Cup Star Cup Fire Cup Crystal Cup
Endsville Graveyard Shroom Ridge The Foster's Home KND Moonbase
ACMEVILLE Town Dexter's Lab WarioWare, Inc. Galaria Mall
Flat Zone Stormalong Harbor Mung's Kitchen Bowser's Castle
KND Treehouse White Forest Camp Kidney Rainbow Road

Retro GP

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup
CNR Cow & Chicken's School N64 Toad's Turnpike CNS Edopolis SNES Vanilla Lake 2
Wii U Mario Circuit CNR The Theme Park GCN Daisy Cruiser CNS Movie Mayhem
CNS Bravo Brubs Wii Grumble Volcano CNR Middle of Nowhere 3DS Neo Bowser City
DS Tick-Tock Clock CNS Construction Derby GBA Ribbon Road CNR Outer Space Chase

Unlocking Criteria

Cup Name Criteria
Ice Cup Gold Trophies in Sword and Mushroom Cups
Barrel Cup Gold Trophy in Ice Cup
Fire Cup Gold Trophies in Skull and Star Cups
Crystal Cup Gold Trophy in Fire Cup
Leaf Cup Gold Trophies in Shell and Banana Cups
Lightning Cup Gold Trophy in Leaf Cup

Items and Weapons




Banana Peel Causes a character to spin out upon driving onto it.
Triple Banana Peel Same function as single Banana Peel, but the amount of peels is tripled.
Mushroom Gives the character a speed boost.
Triple Mushroom Same function as single Mushroom, but the amount of Mushrooms is tripled.
Golden Mushroom

Allows the character to use as much speed boosts as he/she needs within a limited time.

Fire Flower The character can toss fireballs at opponents that cause them to spin out.
Super Leaf The character's kart gets a tail, which can be used to attack other characters' karts. It makes air glides longer as well.
Bullet Bill The character's kart turns into a Bullet Bill that zooms through the course at high speeds until it reaches a certain position or runs out of energy.
Green Shell Bounces across the course until it hits a kart.
Red Shell Locks onto the kart in front of it.
Triple Green/Red Shell Same function as Green/Red Shell.
Blue Shell Locks onto the character in first place.
Spiny Shell Like the Blue Shell, it locks onto the character in first place. However, it soars through the air and cannot be stopped. It causes an explosion when it hits a kart.
Black Shell Acts like a Green Shell, but when it hits a kart, it causes an explosion.
Ice Shell When it hits a kart, the affected character freezes for five seconds.
Pie It can be tossed at other karts. When it hits a kart, the affected character can't see and loses control.
Blooper Similar to the Pie, but it squirts ink which covers the screen. In other words, it is the player, not the character, that is unable to see.
Boo Makes the character invincible to attacks and steals another player's item for you.
Bob-omb Causes an explosion after a brief span of time or when another kart comes near it.
Lightning Bolt Shrinks all players except you.
POW Block After some time, it causes all players except you to spin out.
Ocarina of Time Slows down all players except you.
Barrel Rolls across the track and flattens players that it hits.
Pokeball Spawns a certain Pokemon that helps you win the race somehow.
Poltergust 5000 Its vacuum holds back any players that come near it.
Mega Mushroom Makes the character huge, allowing them to flatten other characters.
Warp Star Takes the character to a certain location.
Invincibility Star Makes the character invincible.
Millenium Star Takes the place of the Lucky 7 in Mario Kart 7. It gives you seven items.

Bonus Edition

The Bonus Edition of the game will be released July 27, 2013.


Character Name Series Description Stats
Iceking Ice King Adventure Time N/A
  • Speed:8/10
  • Acceleration:3/10
  • Drift:4/10
  • Turbo:8/10
Ice Climbers Ice Climbers Ice Climbers N/A N/A
96px-Miis Mii Nintendo You can race as your Mii in the Bonus Edition. Unlike in the Mario Kart series, the Mii is available by default. *Speed:5/10

  • Acceleration:5/10
  • Drift:5/10
  • Turbo:5/10



Remixes and Rips

  • The main theme of the game is a remix of the main themes of Cartoon Network Racing and Mario Kart DS.
  • The theme of Candy Palace is a remix of the main theme of Adventure Time.
  • The themes of Mario Circuit, Waluigi Pinball, Bridge of Eldin, and WarioWare Inc. come from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • The theme of Elmore Speedway is a remix of the main theme of The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • The theme of Pokemon Stadium is a remix of the Pokemon main theme.
  • 50m's theme is a remix of its theme in Donkey Kong.
  • The theme of Halberd is a rock remix of Meta Knight's Revenge from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • The theme of Green Greens is a hip-hop remix of its theme in Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • The theme of Endsville Graveyard is a remix of the main theme of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.
  • The theme of Flat Zone comes from Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • The theme of KND Treehouse is a remix of the main theme of Codename: Kids Next Door.
  • The theme of Shroom Ridge comes from Mario Kart DS.
  • The theme of Dexter's Lab is a remix of the Flat Zone theme and the main theme of Dexter's Laboratory.
  • The theme of The Foster's Home is a remix of the main theme of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • The theme of Bowser's Castle is a rock remix of the castle theme of New Super Mario Bros. 2.
  • The theme of Rainbow Road comes from Mario Kart DS.


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