Cartoon Network Resort
Developer(s) Phazonworks Engineering Division
Platform(s) RiiVolution Advance
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, Open World, Hack-n-Slash, Platforming, Role-Playing Game.
Series Cartoon Network Games
Age Rating(s) Teen (Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief)
Media Included RiiVolution Advance Game Cartridge,
Special Download Code (Pre-Order Bonus).
Cost $49.99

Cartoon Network Resort is a Action-Adventure, Open World, Hack-n-Slash, Platforming Role-Playing Game released exclusively for the RiiVolution Advance and licensed by Cartoon Network; set in an extremely extravagant vacationing resort populated by some familiar faces, Cartoon Network Resort dives into one of the biggest vacation seasons at the world's most popular spot featuring some very popular patrons and staff.

Ever wonder where the stars and supporting cast members of your favorite Cartoon Network shows go to when their series either end or get cancelled? Well, they go to work at one of the biggest resorts in the known world - the Cartoon Network Resort, probably the biggest vacationing resort of the world that has both inconsistent weather and the widest cast of faces from older Cartoon Network shows ever seen; this relaxing and exciting resort has a wide variety of areas and activities to keep its visitors occupied all year 'round regardless of the weather (even though it doesn't change much all year round save for the occasional storm or blizzard from the nearby mountain) and they're usually occupied/owned/ran by classic Cartoon Network characters.

Usually, the resort is a big success, raking in millions of people and succcessfully making well above the average cut of dough; with all the attractions and famous faces, it has a little trouble keeping up with all the fuss and hustle, leaving their crew seeking for more faces to hire on and make the job easier - but the latest hire will prove to be one of destiny's strange twists, as they're in for what could be the most exciting career of their lives...


Though the cast is very familiar, being comprised of various characters from old Cartoon Network shows, there is one new face who is in for a much more exciting job than anyone realizes; aside from the small cast of regular faces, there's plenty of other familiar faces from the myriad episodes of Cartoon Network's now-defunct TV shows - whether they were cancelled or finale-ed.

Character Data Description
New Kid on the Block
  • Hometown: Cartoon City, California, USA.
  • Occupation: Resort Assistant Intern (Paid)
  • Debut: Cartoon Network Resort
  • Traits: Quick Thinker, Snarky.

A 16-year-old kid from the nearby Cartoon City, the Avatar's just an ordinary teenager, and the most recent hire at the Cartoon Network Resort, thanks to their parents pulling some strings and getting them their first job; though they'd rather spend their time at school or on the internet, they're at least interested in meeting the celebrities they saw on TV when they were younger - even if they're not as famous now.

The Avatar is a fully customizable link to the world of Cartoon Network Resort, often referred to as "the New Kid" or "New Guy" and other names along those lines; players can name them whatever they please, choose their starting attire (with the ability to purchase anything else they don't choose later in the game), skin tone, hair color, eye color, gender (this is important), even their favorite off-air CN show.

Chris McLean
Everyone's Favorite Reality Host
  • Occupation: Resort Activities Director
  • Debut: Total Drama Island
  • Traits: Self-Centered, Vain.
Though this Canadian TV show host has hosted many seasons of the hit show Total Drama, Cartoon Network made the questionable/irresponsible choice of putting Chris McLean in charge of the Resort's activities and events, due to his showman's attitude and great acting skills; as activities director, Chris is the one who hands out missions to the Avatar and the one who often decends into instant panic when some major threat looms over the resort.
Courage the Cowardly Dog
Watchdog with Nerves of Butter
  • Occupation: Guard Dog
  • Debut: Courage the Cowardly Dog
  • Traits: Scared, Good-Hearted, Loyal.
Though this dog screams his lungs out at anything even remotely scary, Courage is loyal, persistent and determined - good traits for a watchdog; while he wears the standard security officer uniform, he's a guard dog that occupies the main gate but goes elsewhere when needed. Though often times trouble finds him, Courage does what he can to protect the resort, even if his nerves turn to jelly.
Johnny Bravo
Macho Mamma's Boy
  • Occupation: Bellhop
  • Debut: Johnny Bravo
  • Traits: Showy, Terrible with Women.
Though his "mojo" with women isn't as good as he thinks (it's exactly the opposite), Johnny Bravo's muscle mass comes in handy around the resort, provided it doesn't mess up his hair; his trusty Bellhop Cart and Luggage Lifter can handle any heavy object the resort has to offer, and he has plenty of unwanted advice to give as well.
Boy Genius
  • Occupation: Technological Manager
  • Debut: Dexter's Laboratory
  • Traits: Inventive Mind, Genius-Level Intellect.
Still a genius even though his mid-teenage years are well in effect, Dexter's been involved with the technological side of the Resort since its inception as a blueprint he crafted with the help of the Test Sisters Susan and Mary; with his computer and inventing prowess, he's been renovating both the resort and its systems to make it both cutting edge and efficient for every guest and employee, and will never stop doing what he loves the most to improve the job he's had the most enjoyment from.
Samurai Jack
Man Out of Time
  • Occupation: Combat Dojo Master
  • Debut: Samurai Jack
  • Traits: Noble Warrior, Advanced Longevity.
A samurai warrior prince who faced a powerful demon in the days of feudal Japan, Jack was thrown in to the future by the demon lord Aku into a future where his word was law and evil reigned supreme; in current times, he trains those who seek his instruction in the ways of combat. He even has a dojo in the Resort Plaza for those who need to brush up on a new type of weapon, or just refresh themselves on old styles, and he welcomes all people, visitor or staff.
Ed, Edd 'n Eddy
Cul-de-sac Misfits
  • Occupation: Go-Kart Maker/Specialist(s)
  • Debut: Ed, Edd 'n Eddy
  • Traits: Lovable Superstrong Moron (Ed); Brilliant but Weak (Double D); Scheming and Loud (Eddy).
Though these three misfit preteens are often willing to scam unsuspecting kids, the three Eds from Peach Creek's famous suburb run an actual un-scammy business in the Resort Plaza; with some cash and parts of questionable quality, they will build the Avatar (and other willing customers) a custom made Go-Kart, from 4 different required parts in several different classes - a useful way for getting around the resort without walking.

Voice Talents

For the full list of voice actors and actresses behind the characters in CN Resort, click "Expand".
  • Taylor Gray - Avatar (Male)
  • Erica Lindbeck - Avatar (Female)
  • Christian Potenza - Chris McLean
  • Jeff Bennett - Johnny Bravo.
  • Marty Grabstein - Courage.
  • Frank Welker - Scooby-Doo, Fred Jones.
  • Grey DeLisle - Daphne Blake, Yumi Yoshimura, Sofía Toucan, Ingrid Giraffe.
  • Matthew Lillard - Shaggy Rogers.
  • Kate Micucci - Velma Dinkley.
  • Janice Kawaye - Ami Onuki.
  • Keone Young - Kaz Harada.
  • Matt Hill - Ed.
  • Samuel Vincent - Edd.
  • Tony Sampson - Eddy.
  • Jason Marsden - Rikochet.
  • Kimberly Brooks - Buena Girl.
  • Candi Milo - Dexter, The Flea.
  • Phil LaMarr - Samurai Jack, Bull Sharkowski.
  • Tara Strong - Bubbles, Truffles.
  • Catherine Cavadini - Blossom.
  • E.G. Daily - Buttercup.
  • Rob Paulsen - Brick, Boomer.
  • Roger L. Jackson - Butch.
  • Greg Eagles - Grim.
  • Kathleen Barr - Lila Test.
  • James Arnold Taylor - Johnny Test.
  • Maryke Hendrikse - Susan Test.
  • Ashleigh Ball - Mary Test.
  • Ian James Corlett - Hugh Test.
  • Nika Futterman - Mike Mazinsky, Adam Lyon.
  • Tom Kenny - Jake Spidermonkey.
  • Rick Gomez - Windsor Gorilla, Slips Python.
  • Nancy Cartwright - Lu.
  • Nicky Jones - Chowder.
  • Dwight Schultz - Mung Daal.
  • John DiMaggio - Schnitzel, Zombozo.
  • Cree Summer - Frightwig.
  • Jeff Doucette - Thumbskull.
  • Dee Bradley Baker - Og, Acid Breath.
  • Niki Yang - BMO.
  • Jennifer Hale - Sam.
  • Andrea Baker - Clover.
  • Katie Leigh - Alex.

Main Story


Though the name would suggest it was just a luxurious hotel, the Cartoon Network Resort is possibly the biggest in the world, having multiple areas to explore with multiple locations and numerous familiar faces to greet you at every turn.

Area Locations Description
Cartoon Paradise Avenue
Road to Relaxation
  • The Bus Stop
  • Paradise Avenue
  • Resort Gate
  • Parking Lot
The Cartoon Network Resort is one of the biggest and most well-known in the world, so the road leading up to it is no less grandiose; though Cartoon Paradise Avenue, as it was named, starts off of a countryside road from nearby suburbs of Cartoon City, with a bus stop nearby for the people to use if they don't have access to a car, from that bus stop is the actual Paradise Avenue, lined with trees and woodlands on both sides that slowly become more tenuous as the Avatar reaches the resort until they meet at the Resort Gate where people pass security; after that, it's just a short road to the Parking Lot, where the Resort truly begins.
Cartoon Resort Hotel
The Lap of Luxury
  • Hotel Lobby
  • Lower Floors
  • Upper Floors
  • Penthouse
  • The Three Pools
Though it's only a smaller part of the much bigger area, the Resort Hotel is the fist thing visitors and new employees will see of the greater area; the Hotel is a 12 floor resort with a penthouse to die for, and 3 different pools outside for the 3 different audiences of the resort - but all this luxury and technological comfort comes at a very steep price (range), so Resort-goers have the option to stay elsewhere on the grounds if need be.
Resort Plaza
Entertainment Center
  • Sunny D's All-Night Disco
  • BMO's Classic Arcade
  • Ed's Go-Kart Stop-n-Shop
  • Pakmar's Gear Shop
  • Daphne Blake's Styling Salon
  • Jack's Combat Dojo
Not too far down the path from the Resort Hotel, the Resort Plaza is a veritable source of entertainment for people day and night in the Resort or those who want to change their attire; several essential stops for the Avatar are here within the plaza, including the Go-Kart and Gear Shops, Daphne's Styling Salon for those who want a different hairstyle, and Samurai Jack's Combat Dojo will teach people the important arts of self-defense - or educate those who want to know the basics of a new weapon. It's rumored that there's a secret entrance to the Resort's very heart lying somewhere beneath an area in the plaza, but as far as anyone knows, it's a secret to everybody.
Restaurant Mile
All You Can Eat
  • Skippy's Burger Joint
  • Talking Dog Coffee Shop
  • Mung Daal's Family Dining
  • Cow & Chicken's Country Kitchen Buffet
  • Pie-in-the-Sky Pizzeria
  • Mr. Smoothy's
  • The Candy Barrel
When you gotta eat, you gotta eat - that's the foundation of words on which Restaurant Mile was built; though only 5 eateries line this boardwalk, there are plans to add plenty more, including areas of the boardwalk that remain under construction to add more choices to the resort's guests. Each place has its own appeal and food selections, as well as a staff of familiar faces manning the stations; and there's a restaurant for every type of hungry patron, no matter the taste and preference.
Network Nexus
Heart of the Matter
  • Main Nexus
  • Water Facility
  • Power Generator
  • Trash Incinerator
  • Internet Server
  • Security Grid
  • The Virtuaverse
A resort that rivals the world's finest needs a lot of maintenance, power, water and security to run at the efficient level it needs to, which is why the Network Nexus, the Cartoon Network Resort's very heart and soul, was the very first part of the Resort constructed, built in a cave system beneath the resort that reached even the sea; the Nexus runs the resort on entirely clean energy from a variety of methods, whether that be incinerating trash or burning special fuel blocks from trash ash and seawater minerals. Water is filtered in a large treatment plant, for both seawater and sewage so that water will flow to every corner of the resort; couple that with a high-tech state-of-the-art Security Grid and the Resort's very own high-speed Internet Server, and the Nexus lives up to the reputation of being the lifeblood of the entire resort.
Silent Forest
Untamed Wild
  • Forest Road
  • Woodland Cabins
  • Crystal Lake
  • Nature Trails
  • Deep Woods
  • Ruined Zoo
For those who hate the technology-laden part of the resort, the cabins in the Silent Forest provide a quiet and relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of the big city and modern civilization (meaning Dexter wouldn't be caught dead out here), and the nature trails and wildlife offer so much for those who simply want to relax and get away from their worries; Silent Forest's cabins and facilities used to be part of a summer camp, and just like one, it comes with plenty of ghost stories and secrets surrounding it.
Snowslope Mountain
Slip-Sliding Fun
  • Winter's Lodge
  • Black Diamond Hills
  • Snowball Battlefield
  • Icefall Pass
  • Summit
For those not fond of the heat and the sunshine that summer provides, Snowslope Mountain is great for those who feel like bundling up and doing some winter weather sports; though you have to take a Sky Tram from the Silent Forest, Snowslope Mountain allows for all kinds of frozen fun, including skiing, snowboarding and sledding - there's even a battlefield made for snowball fights. Like all mountains, Snowslope Mountain has some unreachable areas that few have dared to tread for fear of falling, avalanches or even sightings of Yetis in and among the blizzard-blinded heights; but for those who make it to the summit, they would have an unobstructed view of the entire resort - should they be capable of making it up that far.
Cartoon Cartoon Beach
Surf, Sand and Sun
  • Cabana Huts
  • Umbrella Row
  • Volleyball Court
  • Hollywood's Boat Rental
  • Black Sand Beach
  • Lost Sand Castle
Every oceanside resort has one: a big luxurious beach that attracts over a hundred thousand tourists each day, regardless of season or weather; and the Cartoon Cartoon Beach is no exception - comfy cabanas for those who want to spend nights by the beach, an umbrella row where people can set up the beach chairs and coolers for daytime fun, the Volleyball Court for those who want a healthy round of beach fun, and even a boat rental for those who want to go to the nearby island chain. Though it's mainly owed up to conspiracy theories, there's rumored to be a long-lost, super-sized sand castle underneath the beach, with a secret treasure hidden somewhere within it...
Gulf of Animation
Big Blue Sea
  • Shoreline Shallows
  • Open Ocean
  • Sharkowski's Reef
  • Phantom's Shipwreck
  • Continental Shelf
  • Abyssal Ruins
Where there's a beach lined with sand and tourists, that usually means an ocean isn't very far from it and the beaches at the Cartoon Network Resort are no exception; but the Gulf of Animation is not an everyday beachside ocean - typically most beaches don't have a colorful coral reef, a supposedly haunted shipwreck, a dropoff overlooking the open ocean, and an underwater ruin lost from an ancient civilization, but the Gulf does. People can't really see them, though, unless they use some kind of scuba gear or something that helps them stay underwater for long periods of time.
The Archipelago
The Islands Where Nobody Goes
  • Visitor's Village
  • Unurban Jungle
  • Brimstone Path
  • Mount Pyrotemix
  • Skull Island
  • Crab's Cove
This chain of islands is one of the more remote parts of the resort, but it's also one of the favorite spots for those who love the more tropical side of the world; the Archipelago has a village for those who visit from the resort, where the Darwin Alumni and the Albonquatines will greet any tourists who come to see the main island. But there are areas of the chain where few dare tread - Mount Pyrotemix is an active volcano that leaks more than a poorly glued strainer, Crab's Cove is home to some really unfriendly crustaceans, and nobody who's ever set foot on the shores of Skull Island ever comes back to talk about it; hostile? Yes. Potentially dangerous? Yes. Possibly full of rewards and dangerously hard-to-reach treasures? Yes!


  • Cartoon Network Resort is based on Cartoon Cartoon Summer Resort, a series of old Adobe Shockwave games that had you playing as different characters to solve problems around a resort occupied by fan favorite Cartoon Cartoon characters.
    • The more crossover and Action-RPG elements were based on Fusionfall, an action-adventure MMORPG that cross-connected several Cartoon Network shows together.
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