Cartoon Network: The Great Journey is the first installment of the Cartoon Network: The Great Journey series. It is an RPG and on the Wii U and 3DS.


The evil NC has kidnapped Cartoon Network's characters! Rescue them while fighting evil enemies!


The mechanics of the game are simular to that of the Mario and Luigi series and Pokémon series. Use the Character menu to switch out and check a character's stats, attacks, held item, EXP, and HP. Special Attacks are different on each character. Super Battles are simular to the Giant Battles of the Mario and Luigi series, when CN Spirit uses special magic on a character (different depending on which Super Boss is going to be fought), making them become a larger form of themselves until the Super Battle ends.


It all starts when CN Spirit is relaxing. He hears screaming, causing him to hurry out.

When he arrives at the Ed, Edd n Eddy cul-de-sac, he finds Edd crying. When CN Spirit comforts him, Edd reveals that a "mysterious thing" just popped out of nowhere and started kidnapping the other kids and Edd reveals he managed to hide from the "mysterious thing". CN Spirit then recruits Edd, and he joins CN Spirit on his journey to save the other kids.

Venturing through the cul-de-sac, they find an NC Spirit holding a bag chasing Eddy and Gumball. When it sees CN Spirit and Edd, it tackles CN Spirit, causing a battle.

After CN Spirit and Edd take down the NC Spirit, Eddy and Gumball reveal they escaped and the NC Spirit chased them. They are then recruited.

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On the main menu, there is an option called Minigames, which if selected, takes the player to a Minigame menu. There are 10 Minigames.

Swimming Derby

The player plays as Darwin. Darwin must swim through the sea without running into obstacles. This game lasts until Darwin hits an obstacle.

Sneak and Hide

The player must hide and avoid being tagged by the other characters and tag other characters. Last one standing wins.

Rush Hour

The player runs through a lap marathon before time runs out. The character who runs the most laps before time runs out wins.

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