Boxart of Cartoon Fighters for Wii U.

Cartoon Fighters is a fan-made fighting game developed by BlueYoshi Studios and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo Wii U. Please do not edit this page.


Cartoon Fighters follows a battle system that is much like that of the Super Smash Bros. series. Players can choose from a vast selection of cartoon characters and attempt to defeat opponents by the method of fighting upon many different arenas. When the battle begins, characters start out with 0% damage, although the value rises when characters receive attacks from their enemies. Usually when the damage percentage is higher than 100%, characters are sent flying off the arena. The goal of the game is to be the last one standing and to knock your foes off of the stage.


  • A button- Allows the character to punch, kick or slap.
  • B button- Uses a special attack that is unique to the character.
  • Control Stick- Moves the character around the arena.
  • X or Y button- Allows the character to jump.
  • L button- Acts as a limited shield for the character.
  • R button- Allows the character to grab another character or a nearby ledge.
  • D Pad- The character performs a unique taunt.

Starter Characters

Picture Name Series Description

Mickey Mouse

Mickey and Friends

Disney's mascot has joined the fray! Mickey is a well balanced character with quick attacks.


Bugs Bunny

Looney Tunes

Bugs Bunny is a quirky, yet smart, rabbit who  uses cartoony weapons to attack his foes with.


Popeye the Sailor

Popeye is a strong sailor who can really pack a punch whenever he eats a can of spinach!




SpongeBob is an optimistic yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. He uses bubbles and karate moves to attack.



The Powerpuff Girls  

Blossom is a child superhero who fights crime in the city of Townsville along with her two sisters, Buttercup and Bubbles.


Twilight Sparkle

My Little Pony

Twilight is a booksmart unicorn who is trying to learn about the magic of friendship. She uses her magical powers to fight in battle.


Fred Flintstone

The Flintstones

Fred is a caveman from the town of Bedrock and uses primitive resources to fight with.


Pooh Bear

Winnie the Pooh

Who said that this silly ol' bear couldn't join the fight? Pooh Bear uses honey pots, balloons, beehives and more to attack his opponents with!


Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry

Usually, this cat and mouse duo are gunning for each other, but this time, they're working together as a team to defeat their opponents in battle. Tom and Jerry use comical weapons, such as mousetraps to fight with.




Snoopy and his inseparable friend, Woodstock join the fight! Snoopy uses a variety of attacks, ranging from using a guitar to becoming the Flying Ace himself!




Garfield, the lazy, lasagna loving, and fat cat is very slow, but can pack a punch by using common household items or by unleashing his claws at his unsuspecting opponents.


Agent P

Phineas and Ferb

Agent P, otherwise known as Perry the Platypus, is a quick attacker who uses spy gadgets, such as a grappling hook and a laser gun, to fight with.


Dipper and Mabel

Gravity Falls

Dipper and Mabel are two twins who are spending their summer vacation with their Grunkle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon. The duo fights with objects they've encounted with on their adventures, such as Dipper's mysterious number 3 book and a packet of Smile Dip.



Adventure Time

Finn the Human loves to go on adventures, fight evil villains and restore righteousness in the Land of Ooo. Finn mainly uses his sword to attack his opponents.



Regular Show

Mordecai is a die-hard slacker who just wants to have fun in life by hanging out with his best pal, Rigby, and playing video games. Mordecai uses Death-Kwon-Do for his attacks, but utilizes other elements seen in the show, as well.


Papa Smurf

The Smurfs

The head of all Smurfs joins the fray! Papa Smurf can call in his Smurflings to fight for him and can use a variety of potions to spice up the battle with. 



Felix the Cat

Felix, the happy-go-lucky cat, uses his magic yellow bag in combat to retrieve whimsical items to fight with.

Unlockable Characters


Picture Name Series Description

El Tigre

El Tigre The Adventures Of Manny Rivera

El Tigre Is  a well-rounded character who uses his the to help him in combat by using their attack powers.

Billy Mandy

Billy & Mandy

The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy

Billy Mandy, is just as much of a slacker as he is, if not more. Even so, Billy Mandy can be determined when he wants to be and fights with his keyboard he found in The Power, along with other techniques.

Megaman X (Project X Zone)

Mega Man X

Mega Man X

MegaMan x has always played second fiddle to Mega Man X, but that doesn't stop him from joining the Mega Man X! Dld is a well-balanced character who can jump slightly higher than other fighters.


Shaggy and Scooby


Shaggy and his loveable dog, Scooby-Doo, join the fight. As a team, they fight using basic combat and use snacks as subsitutes for normal weapons, such as using a sub sandwich rather than a sword.



My Little Pony

Applejack, the honest, hard-working farm pony uses her hooves and assorted farming tools to attack her opponents with.



Adventure Time

Jake the Dog is Finn's best buddy who goes on many adventures with him in the Land of Ooo. Jake mainly uses his stretchy powers in battle.

Zero (Project X Zone)


Mega Man X

Zero are two step-brothers who try to make the most of their Crossover Fighting Game by inventing crazy gadgets to pass by the time. In combat, they use some of their "great ideas" to fight with.




Patrick's one lazy starfish who loves to play with his pal, SpongeBob. He fights using a variety of attacks, ranging from belly bumps to cartwheels.



The Powerpuff Girls

Bubbles, along with her sisters, fights crime in Townsville using her superpowers, ranging from her super-sonic scream to the ability to fly across the screen.


Homer Simpson

The Simpsons

Homer, Bart's ignorant father, joins the fight using various items found in The Simpsons, such as the inanimate carbon rod and the dreaded insanity pepper.


Daffy Duck

Looney Tunes

Daffy Duck, unlike Bugs, is quite stubborn and doesn't typically use his wits to get out of situations. Daffy uses different cartoon-styled weapons to attack his foes with and can even fly a short distance on command.



Winnie the Pooh

Tigger is Pooh's excitable and bouncy friend. He uses his fists, as well as pouncing on foes, to fight. Tigger can bounce quite high on normal jumps and is the only character not to have an Up B recovery.


Mac and Bloo

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Mac and his inseparable imaginary friend, Bloo, join the fray. Mac and Bloo combined are well balanced fighters who can really pack a punch with Bloo's paddleball strikes and Mac's sugar rushes.


Rainbow Dash

My Little Pony

This tomboyish pegasus can fly at the speed of light and unleashes quick, powerful attacks onto her opponents using her various flying techniques, including the legendary Sonic Rainboom.


Rocky and Bullwinkle

Rocky and Bullwinkle

Rocky, the flying gray squirrel and Bullwinkle, the goofy moose, join the fight. Together, they are of average speed and strength, but can rack up combos easily.




There's no need to fear, Underdog is here! Underdog uses punches and kicks to attack his enemies with, as well as the aid of comical weapons, such as a frying pan.



Regular Show

Benson, Mordecai and Rigby's stern boss, has a short temper and can use that to his advantage during a fight. Benson mainly uses his rage to attack enemies with, among other things.



Mickey and Friends

Mickey's lovable goofball joins the fray. Goofy, like others, uses unique comical weapons to fight with. Although slow, he is quite powerful in attacks.


Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker is a quick, lightweight fighter who can use his wings to glide for a short time.


The Animaniacs


The wacky Warner siblings, Wakko, Yakko and Dot fight using their own unique weapons, ranging from water guns to blasting hairdryers.


Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Phineas and Ferb

The evil Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz joins the fight, using some of his failed "inators" to defeat his enemies with.




Sandy is a fast and powerful fighter who uses karate moves, along with some other gadgets, to battle with.


Ice King

Adventure Time

The Ice King, ruler of the Ice Kingdom and sworn enemy of Finn and Jake, joins the fray using his magical powers, as well an army of Gunters, to fight his opponents with.



The Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup, the toughest Powerpuff Girl, fights just like her sisters, but is more powerful in her attacks. She specializes in creating green tornadoes to sweep up her enemies as well as creating green lasers to stun them.


The Tasmanian Devil

Looney Tunes

The Tasmanian Devil, or Taz, is a speedy character who uses twisters to move himself quickly across the stage. He uses attacks dealing with these powerful cyclones, as well as using other methods, such as burping, to fight his enemies with.


The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is a well-rounded fighter who uses fast-paced attacks to defeat his enemies. The clever feline can also use assists from the series, such as the Little Man and the Ant and the Aardvark to help him fight in battle.


Scrooge McDuck


The wealthiest duck in all of Duckburg, Scrooge McDuck joins the battle using his pogo-cane, money bags and other items to attack his foes with.


Mojo Jojo

The Powerpuff Girls

The token nemesis of the Powerpuff Girls, Mojo Jojo, uses his inventions, such as a laser gun, a jetpack and a freeze ray to aid him in combat.



SpongeBob SquarePants

Plankton, Mr. Krab's rival and enemy to the residents of Bikini Bottom, joins the fray. He sits inside and controls a robot suit, due to his small size in comparison to the other fighters. Plankton uses the robot suit to crush his enemies by using its fists to pound them or by shooting them with powerful laser beams.


Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck

This masked hero is the last fighter in the game to be locked. Darkwing Duck uses numerous gadgets found in the television series to fight his foes with, such as his gas gun and a grappling hook to reach onto nearby objects and ledges.

Starter Stages

Picture Name Universe Description
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Mickey Park  Mickey and Friends Mickey Park is a calm arena with no gimmicks whatsoever. It is a great starting stage for beginners.

Green Forest

Looney Tunes

This usually peaceful forest has been transformed into an arena for fighters. It is very basic in design, making it another good choice for starting players.

Popeye's Boat

Popeye the Sailor

Popeye has anchored his boat in the middle of the ocean for this battle! As the boat sways, characters are able to fight upon the boat's main deck.





In this restaurant under the sea, players will fight inside the building, with crates and tables being items at hand to use against opponents.



The Powerpuff Girls

Fighters will find themselves on top of high buildings in the city of Townsville, where they must try to attack their foes while keeping their balance on top of skyscrapers and other towers.
253569 Ponyville Library

Ponyville Library

My Little Pony

In Twilight's Library, flying books and all sorts of other magical items will try to get in your way of fighting. The layout of the library is simple, but every so often a cerberus will crash through the tree, which takes the characters to the top of the tree to continue fighting.

Itchy and Scratchy Land

The Simpsons

Welcome to the "violentest place on Earth!" Here at Itchy and Scratchy Land, killer robots depicting the cat and mouse duo will occasionally appear to attack you. Also, shops will also randomly throw out food items to help heal taken damage.
The Flintstones House by fabriciocampos


The Flintstones

In this relatively simplistic stage, characters will fight outside of Fred Flintstone's house, with different prehistoric animals occasionally joining the brawl to serve as platforms for the fighters to fight on.


Winnie the Pooh

Step inside of a storybook to explore the 100 Acre Woods and fight through scenes from the book, including on top of the honey tree, the inside of Owl's house on the blustery day, in the snow when Tigger comes along or just in the middle of the 100 Acre Woods itself.

Kitchen Hijinks

Tom and Jerry

Inside of this quaint kitchen, fighters must be aware that plates, forks and knives and even the kitchen sink can be used against them in battle. Falling plates from cupboards will also occasionally appear to smash upon a character's head.

Paris Nights


On this stage, the players fight on top of a large platform, resembling Snoopy's doghouse, as it chases after the Red Baron in Paris. In the background, sights of the city of love and the Red Baron's plane itself can be located.

Big Top Binky


Welcome to the circus, hosted by Garfield's favorite clown, Binky! At Binky's Big Top, flashing lights and stunning performers are seen frequently. The layout of the stage is simple, but the most noticeable aspect is the gigantic Binky billboard in the middle of the stage, which can be used as a platform.
Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated

Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated

Phineas and Ferb

Inside of Doofenshmirtz's lair, you'll find gadgets waiting to blast you to bits, floating science fiction inspired platforms and even Norm the robot in the background, waving to the crowd.
MysteryShack MAINREF

Mystery Shack

Gravity Falls

Outside the shack, mythical creatures roam around in the background as Grunkle Stan counts his money and Soos dances dressed as Questiony the Question Mark. Also, Blendin Blandin shows up every so often to teleport the fighters back in time to one of five different stages related to specific episodes of Gravity Falls.


Adventure Time

In the Nightosphere demons and other unruly creatures surround you as you fight in fiery pits surrounded by pools of lava. Its platforms are based off of solid rock and every so often, Hunson Abadeer himself appears to create chaos.
Park view

Park Grounds

Regular Show

Even though it looks quite regular at first, looks can be deceiving. After a bit of fighting on park grounds with Margaret and Benson in the background cheering fighters on, the arena soon transforms to match scenes from different episodes of Regular Show. 


Smurfs' Village

The Smurfs

In the Smurf's Village, little blue creatures clad in white and brightly colored mushroom houses greet fighters. Everything seems to be oversized here, as if the characters in battle were as small as the Smurfs themselves. It is a fairly easy stage to battle on.

Pk stadium

Pokemon Stadium

Pokemon Stadium

Just like in the Super Smash Bros. Melee, the original Pokemon Stadium changes its climate according to one of four elements (fire, air, water and earth) found in the Pokemon series.


Construction Site

Felix the Cat

Just like in the old cartoons, this construction site is very hazardous. Falling bricks, tossed dynamite sticks, and constant destruction of the platorms makes this stage a hassle to fight on. The most interesting feature, however, is that the stage is fully in black and white.

Unlockable Stages


Fairy World

The Fairly Odd Parents

Fight on top of clouds and upon rainbows as fairies float on by in Fairy World. Every so often, Jorgen Von Strangle will appear on the stage to blast away at some of the platforms. 


The Moon

Regular Show

The layout of the stage is quite simplistic, although the moon has very low gravity, making it an easy stage to recover on. Also, the Moon Monster makes occasional appearances, wreaking havoc on anyone who gets in his way.

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Ghost's Manor

Mickey and Friends

Hailing from the 1937 Disney cartoon, Lonesome Ghosts, this stage brings a ton of fun and fright as ghosts roam about in the background while the mansion's furniture and layout mysteriously changes from time to time.


Mystery Travels


Take a ride on top of the Mystery Machine as Fred, Daphne and Velma drive through a series of spooky settings, such as the haunted lake and the abondoned mine. Along the way, various monsters from the series will try to sneak into the battle, harming anyone they touch.

Sweet apple acres by pvt llama-d51nl48

Sweet Apple Acres

My Little Pony

On this hospitable farmland, characters fight in an apple orchard and are able to pound onto the trees to try and get apples, which heal the player once obtained. It's a fairly simple layout and it's always good to see Applebloom, Granny Smith and Big Macintosh enjoying the battle from the sidelines.


Tree Fort

Adventure Time

Inside of Finn and Jake's tree fort, fighters battle outside on the grounds, but can use the branches and the tops of the trees to their advantage. Occasionally, Tree Trunks and BMO will visit the fort in the background, cheering the characters on.


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Assist Trophies

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