Cartoon All-Star Rumble 3DS is a fighting game in the Cartoon All-Star (Series), and the counterpart to Cartoon All-Star Rumble for the Wii U. This version of the game contains fewer characters and features then the Wii U version due to the limiations of the 3DS. The game will be most likely released in 2015.


Cartoon All-Star Rumble plays in a very similar way to the Super Smash Bros. Series. The point of the game to knock your rival off of the stage. When the battle starts all characters start out at 0% damage. Depending on the type of attacks executed, damage will increase at the bottom of the screen. Usually when a character gets up to 100% or higher they can be knocked off of the stage or can be sent flying in the air for a "Rocket K.O.". The highest percent of damage a character can get up to is 999% where then the character is the easiest to knock off of the stage. All characters have four special attacks that can be used against other opponants on the stage. Players need to complete specific objectives in order to recieve more extras. (characters, stages, trophies, music, etc.)


16px-Def A svg.png - Basic Punch, Kick, or Slap
16px-Def B svg.png - Use special attack, and/or call out Pokemon (Pokemon Trainers only)
16px-Def Stick svg.png - Move around the stage.
16px-Def X svg.png - Jump
16px-Def Y svg.png - Jump
16px-Def L svg.png - Shield
16px-Def R svg.png - Grab/Dodge
16px-Def Pad svg.png - Tuant


Image Name Description Ultamite Finisher Series
Mickey Mouse TBA Socerer Mickey MickeyMouseFranchise.png
Spongebob Squarepants TBA Goofy Goober Rock SpongebobFranchise.png
Bugs Bunny TBA TBA LonneyTunesFranchise.png
Homer Simpson TBA Gummi Homer SSB Simpsons.png
Fred Flintstone TBA Rock N Roll The Flintstones
Popeye TBA Spinach Can PopeyeFranchise.png
Garfield TBA Lasanga Madness GarfieldSeries.png
Sailor Moon TBA TBA SailorMoonFranchise.png
Peter Griffin TBA TBA Family Guy
Moka Akishiya TBA Inner Moka Rosario + Vampire
Italy Veneziano  TBA Hatafutte Parade HetaliaFranchise.png
Twilight Sparkle TBA TBA My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Shrek TBA TBA Shrek
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo TBA TBA Scooby-Doo

Secret Characters

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